Obie Benz

Obie Benz Filmography

movie 2003 Ashtanga, NY
tv movie 1995 The History of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 6
movie 1989 Heavy Petting
movie 1982 Americas in Transition
movie 1982 The Atomic Cafe

Obie Benz on Youtube

Amnesty International's 40th Anniversary video, shown at the Media Spotlight Awards in 2002. Honorees included Paul McCartney and Ted Koppel. Directed by ...

Levon Helm talks about Bob Dylan and song writing, standing in front of Big Pink. The Band sings Cripple Creek in 1967. From MY GENERATION by Obie Benz.

Santana interview by Obie Benz in 1994. Intercut with his SOUL SACRIFICE performance at Woodstock. This clip from Benz's film MY GENERATION.

Shown at Amnesty International's Media Spotlight Awards in 2000. Honorees included Harrison Ford, Danny Glover, and Rolling Stone Magazine. Directed by ...