Olin Howland

Olin Howland (February 10, 1886 ? September 20, 1959) was an American film actor. From 1909 to 1927 he appeared on the Broadway stage while balancing a career in silent movies. In 1921, he appeared in the play Two Little Girls in Blue with Oscar Shaw. In 1924, he was in Janice Meredith with Marion Davies. He appeared in 200 films between 1918 and 1958. ... more on Wikipedia

Olin Howland Filmography

tv movie 2003 Complicated Women as Himself
video movie 1986 Horrible Horror as In clips from 'The Blob'
movie 1982 It Came from Hollywood
movie 1958 The Blob as Old Man
movie 1957 Bombers B-52 as Joe, Cafe Proprietor
movie 1957 The Spirit of St. Louis as Surplus Dealer
movie 1957 The Storm Rider as Will Collins
movie 1955 The McConnell Story as Sam - Postman
movie 1954 A Star Is Born as Charley
movie 1954 Them! as Jensen
movie 1953 So This Is Love as Mailman
movie 1953 Wagon Wheels as Bill O'Leary
movie 1952 Gobs and Gals as Conductor
movie 1952 The Fabulous Senorita as Justice of the Peace
movie 1951 Fighting Coast Guard as Desk Clerk
movie 1951 Santa Fe as Railroad Fireman Dan Dugan
movie 1950 A Ticket to Tomahawk as Railway Conductor
movie 1950 Charlie's Haunt as Storyteller on Bench
movie 1950 Father Makes Good as Milo Williams
movie 1950 He's a Cockeyed Wonder as Hotel Clerk
movie 1950 Never a Dull Moment as Hunter
movie 1950 Rock Island Trail as Saloonkeeper
movie 1950 Stage to Tucson as Chantry
movie 1950 The Nevadan as Rusty
movie 1949 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court as Sam, the Postman
movie 1949 Anna Lucasta as Station Master
movie 1949 Bad Men of Tombstone as Store Proprietor
movie 1949 Grand Canyon as Windy
movie 1949 Hellfire as Bartender
movie 1949 Leave It to Henry as Milo Williams
movie 1949 Little Women as Mr. Davis - Schoolteacher
movie 1949 Mr. Soft Touch as Skinny Santa Claus
movie 1949 Top o' the Morning as Barfly
movie 1948 I Walk Alone as Ed the Watchman
movie 1948 Isn't It Romantic? as Hotel Clerk
movie 1948 Last of the Wild Horses as Remedy Williams
movie 1948 My Dog Rusty as Frank Foley
movie 1948 Relentless as Horse Doctor
movie 1948 Smoky Mountain Melody as Lum Peters
movie 1948 Station West as Cook
movie 1948 The Dude Goes West as Finnegan
movie 1948 The Paleface as Jonathan Sloane, undertaker
movie 1948 The Return of the Whistler as Jeff Anderson
movie 1947 Angel and the Badman as Bradley
movie 1947 Apache Rose as Alkali Elkins
movie 1947 Easy Come, Easy Go as Gas Man
movie 1947 For the Love of Rusty as Frank Foley
movie 1947 Keeper of the Bees as Customer
movie 1947 Living in a Big Way as The Morgan Gardener
movie 1947 The Fabulous Texan as McGinn - Storekeeper
movie 1947 The Trouble with Women as Mr. Pink
movie 1947 The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap as Undertaker
movie 1947 Wyoming as Cowboy Wanting Herd
movie 1946 Colonel Effingham's Raid as Painter
movie 1946 Crime Doctor's Man Hunt as Marcus Le Blaine
movie 1946 Home, Sweet Homicide as Luke
movie 1946 She Wrote the Book as Baggage Master
movie 1946 The Strange Love of Martha Ivers as Newspaper clerk
movie 1946 Three Wise Fools as Witness
movie 1945 Captain Eddie as Census Taker
movie 1945 Dakota as Devlin's Driver
movie 1945 Fallen Angel as Joe Ellis
movie 1945 Her Lucky Night as Prince de la Mour
movie 1945 Incendiary Blonde as Interior Decorator
movie 1945 It's in the Bag! as Dr. Greengrass's Doctor
movie 1945 Santa Fe Saddlemates as Dead Eye
movie 1945 Senorita from the West as Justice of Peace
movie 1945 She Gets Her Man as Hank
movie 1945 Sheriff of Cimarron as Pinky Snyder
movie 1945 Sing Your Way Home as Zany Steward
movie 1944 Allergic to Love as Sam Walker
movie 1944 And Now Tomorrow as Customer
movie 1944 Bermuda Mystery as Gas Station Owner
movie 1944 Can't Help Singing as Bigelow
movie 1944 Goodnight, Sweetheart as Slim Taylor
movie 1944 I'll Be Seeing You as Train Vendor
movie 1944 In the Meantime, Darling as J.P. 'Hiram' Morehousse
movie 1944 Man from Frisco as Eben Whelock
movie 1944 Nothing But Trouble as Painter's Foreman
movie 1944 Sing, Neighbor, Sing as Joe the Barber
movie 1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain as Riverboat Southerner
movie 1944 The Town Went Wild as Bit Part
movie 1944 Twilight on the Prairie as Jed
movie 1943 A Stranger in Town as Homer Todds
movie 1943 Dixie as Mr. Deveraux
movie 1943 Jack London as Mailman
movie 1943 Lady Bodyguard as Mr. Saunders
movie 1943 The Falcon and the Co-eds as Goodwillie, Bluecliff Driver
movie 1943 The Falcon Strikes Back as Sheriff
movie 1943 The Good Fellows as Reynolds
movie 1943 The Sky's the Limit as Driver
movie 1943 Young and Willing as Second Cop
movie 1942 Almost Married as Bright
movie 1942 Blondie's Blessed Event
movie 1942 Dr. Broadway as Professor
movie 1942 Henry and Dizzy as Mr. Stevens
movie 1942 Her Cardboard Lover as Frank - Casino Manager
movie 1942 Home in Wyomin' as Sunrise
movie 1942 In Old California as Undetermined Minor Role
movie 1942 Joan of Ozark as Game Warden
movie 1942 Mr. and Mrs. North as Undetermined Role
movie 1942 Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch as Jacob Diezal
movie 1942 Orchestra Wives as Dance Ticket-Taker
movie 1942 Ridin' Down the Canyon as The Jailer
movie 1942 Sappy Birthday as Mr. Plantem, Cemetary Plot Salesman
movie 1942 Secrets of the Underground as Oscar Mayberry
movie 1942 Ten Gentlemen from West Point as Carpenter
movie 1942 The Man Who Wouldn't Die as Chief of Police Jonathan Meek
movie 1942 This Gun for Hire as Blair Fletcher
movie 1942 When Johnny Comes Marching Home as Trullers
movie 1942 You Can't Escape Forever as Cemetery Organist
movie 1941 Belle Starr as Jasper Trench
movie 1941 Buy Me That Town as Constable Sam Smedley
movie 1941 Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring as Dr. Williams
movie 1941 One Foot in Heaven as Train Station Master
movie 1941 The Great Lie as Ed, Arizona Ranch Hand
movie 1941 The Shepherd of the Hills as Corky
movie 1941 Two-Faced Woman as Frank
movie 1941 You're in the Army Now as Pa - The Farmer
movie 1940 Chad Hanna as Cisco Tridd
movie 1940 Comin' Round the Mountain as Pa Blower
movie 1940 Just a Cute Kid as Dr. Clump
movie 1940 Lucky Partners as Tourist
movie 1940 The Doctor Takes a Wife as Hotel Clerk
movie 1940 Young People as Station Master
movie 1940 Young Tom Edison as Telegrapher
movie 1939 Ambush as Radio Actor
movie 1939 Blondie Brings Up Baby as Encyclopedia Salesman
movie 1939 Boy Slaves as 'Cookie' the Camp Cook
movie 1939 Days of Jesse James as Muncie Undersheriff
movie 1939 Four Wives as Joe - a Policeman
movie 1939 Gone with the Wind as A Carpetbagger Businessman
movie 1939 Made for Each Other as Farmer
movie 1939 Nancy Drew... Reporter as Sergeant Entwhistle
movie 1939 One Hour to Live as Clerk
movie 1939 The Kid from Kokomo as Sam, the Whittler
movie 1939 The Return of Doctor X as Undertaker
movie 1939 Zenobia as Attorney Culpepper
movie 1938 A Trip to Paris as Fred
movie 1938 Brother Rat as Slim
movie 1938 Kentucky Moonshine as Tom Slack
movie 1938 Little Tough Guy as Baxter
movie 1938 Merrily We Live as Jed Smith
movie 1938 Mr. Moto's Gamble as Deputy Sheriff Burt
movie 1938 Sweethearts as Appleby
movie 1938 Swing Your Lady as Hotel Proprietor
movie 1938 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer as Mr. Dobbins - Schoolmaster
movie 1938 The Girl of the Golden West as Trinidad Joe
movie 1938 The Mad Miss Manton as Mr. X
movie 1938 The Old Raid Mule as Ben Cole
movie 1938 When Were You Born as Peter Finlay
movie 1937 A Star Is Born as Judd Baker
movie 1937 Marry the Girl as First Southerner
movie 1937 Men in Exile as Jones
movie 1937 Mountain Music as Pappy Burnside
movie 1937 Nothing Sacred as Baggage Man
movie 1937 Stand-In as Hotel Manager
movie 1937 Stella Dallas as Stephen's Office Clerk
movie 1937 The Bad Man of Brimstone as Jardge - Stage Driver
movie 1937 Wife, Doctor and Nurse as Doorman
movie 1936 Country Gentlemen as Lawyer
movie 1936 Earthworm Tractors as Mr. Blair
movie 1936 Gold Diggers of 1937 as Dr. MacDuffy
movie 1936 I Married a Doctor as Dave Dyer
movie 1936 Love Letters of a Star
movie 1936 Man Hunt as Starrett
movie 1936 Road Gang as Doctor
movie 1936 Satan Met a Lady as Detective Dunhill
movie 1936 Snowed Under as Bridgeport Sheriff
movie 1936 The Big Noise as Harrison
movie 1936 The Case of the Velvet Claws as Wilbur Strong
movie 1936 The Longest Night as Smythe, Floorwalker
movie 1935 Dr. Socrates as Bob Catlett
movie 1935 Folies Bergère de Paris as Stage Manager
movie 1935 Little Big Shot as Doc - Kells' Henchman
movie 1935 Love Me Forever as Carlton - Interior Decorator
movie 1935 Naughty Marietta
movie 1935 The Case of the Curious Bride as Coroner Wilbur Strong
movie 1935 The Case of the Lucky Legs as Dr. Croker
movie 1935 The Widow from Monte Carlo as Eaves
movie 1935 Under Pressure as Newspaper Reporter
movie 1934 Behold My Wife as Mattingly
movie 1934 Marie Galante as Clerk French Consul
movie 1934 Private Scandal as Ed, Coroner
movie 1934 Treasure Island as Pirate of the Spanish Main
movie 1934 Wagon Wheels as Bill O'Leary
movie 1933 Blondie Johnson as Eddie
movie 1933 Golden Harvest as Wheat Farmer
movie 1933 Little Women as Mr. Davis
movie 1932 Cheaters at Play as Secretary
movie 1932 So Big! as Jacob Pogadunk
movie 1931 Over the Hill as Isaac as an Adult
movie 1925 Zander the Great as Elmer Lovejoy
movie 1924 Janice Meredith as Philemon
movie 1924 The Great White Way as Stubbs
movie 1922 Danse macabre
movie 1919 Beresford and the Baboons as Beresford
movie 1919 Impropaganda
movie 1919 One Every Minute
movie 1918 Hick Manhattan
movie 1918 Independence, B'Gosh
movie 1918 Perfectly Fiendish Flanagan; or, The Hart of the Dreadful West as Flanagan
movie 1918 Romance and Brass Tacks
movie 1918 Tell That to the Marines

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