Onslow Stevens

Onslow Stevens (March 29, 1902 ? January 5, 1977) was an American stage, television and film actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Onslow Stevens Filmography

movie 1962 The Couch as Dr. W.L. Janz, M.D.
movie 1960 All the Fine Young Cannibals as Joshua Davis
movie 1958 Lonelyhearts as Mr. Lassiter
movie 1958 Tarawa Beachhead as Gen. Nathan Keller
movie 1958 The Buccaneer as Phipps, Customs Inspector
movie 1958 The Party Crashers as Jim Nickerson
movie 1957 Kelly and Me as Walter Van Runkel
movie 1956 Outside the Law as Chief Agent Alec Conrad
movie 1956 The Ten Commandments as Lugal
movie 1956 Tribute to a Bad Man as Hearn
movie 1955 New York Confidential as Johnny Achilles
movie 1954 Fangs of the Wild as Jim Summers
movie 1954 Them! as Brig. Gen. Robert O'Brien
movie 1954 They Rode West as Col. Ethan Waters
movie 1953 A Lion Is in the Streets as Guy Polli
movie 1953 The Charge at Feather River as Grover Johnson
movie 1952 Magnificent Adventure
movie 1952 The San Francisco Story as Capt. Jim Martin
movie 1951 All That I Have as Attorney Palmer
movie 1951 Lorna Doone as Counsellor Doone
movie 1951 Sealed Cargo as Cmdr. James McLean
movie 1951 Sirocco as Emir Hassan
movie 1951 The Family Secret as Judge Geoffrey N. Williams
movie 1951 The Hills of Utah as Jayda McQueen
movie 1950 Mark of the Gorilla as Professor Brandt
movie 1950 Motor Patrol as Lt. Dearborn
movie 1950 One Too Many as Dr. Foster
movie 1950 Revenue Agent as Sam Bellows
movie 1950 State Penitentiary as Richard Evans
movie 1949 Bomba, the Jungle Boy as George Harland
movie 1949 Red, Hot and Blue as Capt. Allen
movie 1948 Night Has a Thousand Eyes as Dr. Walters
movie 1948 The Creeper as Dr. Jim Borden
movie 1948 The Gallant Blade as Gen. de la Garance
movie 1948 Walk a Crooked Mile as Igor Braun
movie 1946 Angel on My Shoulder as Dr. Matt Higgins
movie 1946 Canyon Passage as Jack Lestrade
movie 1946 O.S.S. as Field
movie 1945 House of Dracula as Dr. Franz Edelmann
movie 1944 Hands Across the Border as Brock Danvers
movie 1943 Appointment in Berlin as Rudolph Von Preising
movie 1943 Idaho as State Ranger Bob Stevens
movie 1942 Sunset Serenade as Gregg Jackson
movie 1941 Go West, Young Lady as Tom Hannegan
movie 1941 The Monster and the Girl as J. Stanley McMasters
movie 1940 Mystery Sea Raider as Carl Cutler
movie 1940 The Man Who Wouldn't Talk as Frederick Keller
movie 1940 Who Killed Aunt Maggie? as Bob Dunbar
movie 1939 Those High Grey Walls as Dr. Frank Norton
movie 1939 When Tomorrow Comes as Jim Holden
movie 1937 Flight from Glory as Ellis
movie 1937 There Goes the Groom as Dr. Becker
movie 1937 You Can't Buy Luck as Joe Baldwin
movie 1936 Easy Money as Dan Adams
movie 1936 F-Man as Mr. Shaw
movie 1936 Murder with Pictures as Nate Girard
movie 1936 Straight from the Shoulder as Mr. Wendi
movie 1936 The Bridge of Sighs as Jeffrey 'Jeff' Powell
movie 1936 Three on the Trail as Pecos Kane
movie 1936 Under Two Flags as Sidi-Ben Youssiff
movie 1936 Yellow Dust as Jack Hanway
movie 1935 A Notorious Gentleman as John Barrett
movie 1935 Born to Gamble as Dan 'Ace' Cartwright
movie 1935 Forced Landing as Farraday
movie 1935 Grand Exit as John Grayson
movie 1935 Life Returns as Dr. John Kendrick
movie 1935 The Three Musketeers as Aramis
movie 1934 Affairs of a Gentleman as Lyn Durland
movie 1934 Bombay Mail as John Hawley
movie 1934 House of Danger as Don Phillips
movie 1934 I Can't Escape as Steve Nichols, alias Steve Cummings
movie 1934 I Like It That Way as Harry Rogers
movie 1934 I'll Tell the World as Prince Michael
movie 1934 In Love with Life as Prof. John Applegate
movie 1934 The Crosby Case as Francis Scott Graham
movie 1934 The Vanishing Shadow as Stanley Stanfield
movie 1934 This Side of Heaven as Walter
movie 1933 Counsellor at Law as John P. Tedesco
movie 1933 Nagana as Dr. Roy Stark
movie 1933 Only Yesterday as Barnard, Party Guest
movie 1933 Peg o' My Heart as Sir Gerald 'Jerry' Markham
movie 1933 Secret of the Blue Room as Frank Faber
movie 1932 Born to Fight as Clark Moran
movie 1932 Heroes of the West as Tom Crosby
movie 1932 Jungle Mystery as Tom Morgan
movie 1932 Okay, America! as Henchman
movie 1932 Once in a Lifetime as Lawrence Vail
movie 1932 Radio Patrol as Carl Hughes
movie 1932 The Golden West as Calvin Brown
movie 1931 The Gay Diplomat as Lieutenant

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