Orestes Matacena

Orestes Matacena (born August 29, 1941) is a Cuba actor, comedian , director, producer and writer . Matacena is well known for playing sinister mobsters, such as Niko from The Mask. He has worked as an actor with high profile directors on films, television and commercials including Charles ?Chuck? Russell, Barry Sonnenfeld, Doug Liman, John Milius, Marcus Nispel, Michael Ritchie, John Fortenberry, Leon Ichaso, Kim Manners, Armand Mastroianni, Leslie Dektor, Peter Bloomfield and the great art ... more on Wikipedia

Orestes Matacena Filmography

movie 2014 Aguabella
movie 2014 Swastika
movie 2013 Day of Redemption as Rick
movie 2012 Golden Cage as Gahg Leader
movie 2012 Tumbleweed: A True Story as Bauer
movie 2011 Joshua Tree as Rick
movie 2011 Two de Force
movie 2010 Caged Dreams as Mac
movie 2010 Viva Castrama as The Mailman
movie 2008 In Plain View as Orestes Marino
movie 2005 The Anna Cabrini Chronicles as General Luis Young
movie 2003 Girl in 3D as Vicky's Dad
movie 2002 Sexgunsmoney@20 as Mary's Father
movie 2001 Sticks as Tito
movie 2000 Last Stand as General Ivan Kragov
movie 1999 Wild Wild West as Spanish Dignitary
movie 1999 Cuba Libre
movie 1996 AzĂșcar amarga as Claudio
tv movie 1994 Greyhounds as Hector Hernandez
tv movie 1994 Motorcycle Gang as Gortman
movie 1994 The Mask as Niko
tv movie 1993 A Kiss to Die For as Versace Man
movie 1992 Diggstown as Victor Corsini
movie 1992 Judgement as Spanish Interpreter
movie 1991 Soldier's Fortune
tv movie 1990 The Take as Victor Menocal
movie 1988 Lifted
movie 1988 Tropical Snow as Customs Agent
movie 1987 Tainted
movie 1983 Guaguasi as Guaguasi
movie 1981 Fatal Encounter as Psycho Killer
movie 1980 Night of the Juggler as Man at Peep Show
tv movie 1979 Flesh & Blood as Man at the Bar
movie 1978 Los gusanos as Pepe
movie 1973 Badge 373 as Drug Dealer
tv movie 1973 Honor Thy Father as Mob Chauffeur

Orestes Matacena on Youtube

Orestes Matacena, "The Mask" bad guy, explains how he came about to write his latest movie "Swastika." It's about the Jewish Resistance in the streets of War...

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Orestes Matacena describes his latest project called Swastika, a feature length movie about the Jewish Resistance in Warsaw, Poland under the Nazi ...