Orin Jackson

Orin Jackson Filmography

movie 1929 45 Calibre War as Dr. Sprague
movie 1925 Speed
movie 1925 The Love Gamble
movie 1919 Home Run Bill
movie 1919 Lizzie's Waterloo
movie 1918 Danger Ahead
movie 1918 Under False Pretenses
movie 1918 Watch Your Watch
movie 1917 A Perilous Leap
movie 1917 Baseball Madness
movie 1917 Damaged Goodness as The Husband
movie 1917 The Black Nine
movie 1917 The End of the Run
movie 1917 The Flashlight as Howard, Jack Lane's servant
movie 1917 The Flopping Uplifter as Helen's Father
movie 1917 The Woods Are Full of 'Em as Col. Gruff
movie 1916 A Daughter of Penance as SeƱor Ortega
movie 1916 Baseball Bill
movie 1916 Baseball Bill -- Flirting with Marriage as Penpoints
movie 1916 Brennon o' the Moor
movie 1916 Love's Boomerang
movie 1916 Speeding
movie 1916 The Belle and the Bell Hop as General Grouch
movie 1916 The Burglar
movie 1916 The Cry of Erin as Father Malone
movie 1916 The Oil Smeller
movie 1916 The One Woman as Daniels
movie 1916 Undine as The Fisherman
movie 1916 What Love Can Do as John Morris
movie 1915 The Phantom Fortune as Mr. Duncan - Stuart's Father

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