Orita De Chadwick

Orita De Chadwick Filmography

movie 1977 Inside Pussycat as Blonde in Film
movie 1976 Teenage Dessert
movie 1975 Summer Session as Karen
movie 1974 Love Lies Waiting as Veronica
movie 1973 Don't Tell Mama as Sandy
movie 1973 Pledge Sister as Cheryl
movie 1973 Sex in the Bag as Susan
movie 1973 Sky Pilot as Blonde Hitchhiker
movie 1973 The Big Switch as Sue
movie 1973 The Winning Stroke as Joyce Bear
movie 1972 Apartment Girls as Blonde with Pigtails
movie 1972 Avalon Calling as Blonde Salesgirl
movie 1972 Memoirs of a Madam as Miss Belding
movie 1972 Revenge of the Motorcycle Mama as Terry
movie 1972 School for Dead Girls as Mrs. Wellington
movie 1972 Sex in the Comics as Gertie
movie 1972 The Candy Store as Sandy
movie 1972 The Liberty Belles as Helen
movie 1971 Sexual Therapist as John's Wife
movie 1971 The Diary of My Secret Life as Gabrielle
movie 1971 The Godson as Lark
movie 1970 Cousin Jed Rises Again as Maggie