Orral Humphrey

Orrall Humphrey (3 April 1880, Louisville, Kentucky,- 12 August 1929, Los Angeles, California) was an American silent film actor and director. ... more on Wikipedia

Orral Humphrey Filmography

movie 1929 In Old California as Ike Boone
movie 1927 Broadway Madness as Larry Doyle
movie 1922 The Educator
movie 1920 All of a Sudden Peggy as Anthony, Lord Crackenthorpe
movie 1920 Huckleberry Finn as The Duke
movie 1919 Johnny-on-the-Spot as 'Canary' Kelly
movie 1919 The Midnight Man as Ramah
movie 1918 An American Live Wire as Detective O'Day
movie 1918 Beauty and the Rogue as 'Slippery' Bill Dorgan
movie 1918 Wild Life as Red Kelley
movie 1916 A Dream or Two Ago as Kraft
movie 1916 A Germ Gem
movie 1916 All for Nothing
movie 1916 Bubbles and the Barber as Fidgetti - the Barber
movie 1916 Bumble's Job
movie 1916 Cooking His Goose as Ima Knutt
movie 1916 Dad's College Widow as Nathaniel Pettibone Sr.
movie 1916 Ima Knutt Gets a Bite
movie 1916 In a Prohibition Town
movie 1916 Just as He Thought
movie 1916 No Title
movie 1916 Pedigrees, Pups and Pussies
movie 1916 Perkins' Mystic Manor
movie 1916 Persistent Percival as Percival Somber
movie 1916 Philip Holden - Waster as Paul Merwin
movie 1916 Professor Jeremy's Experiment
movie 1916 Sequel to the Diamond from the Sky
movie 1916 Slicking the Slickers
movie 1916 The Bookworm's Blessed Blunders
movie 1916 The Day's Work
movie 1916 The Deacon's Card
movie 1916 The Gink from Kankakee
movie 1916 The Gink Lands Again
movie 1916 The Improbable Yarn of McQuirk
movie 1916 The Laird o'Knees as Charles Hampton
movie 1916 The Pork Plotters
movie 1916 The Rummy Act of Omar K.M.
movie 1916 The Stinger Stung
movie 1916 The Undertow as Hammond
movie 1916 Thinim Stout
movie 1916 Tips as Professor Doolittle
movie 1916 To Be or Not to Be as Ignatius Jenkyns - the Tragedian
movie 1916 Too Bad, Eddie
movie 1916 Twenty Minutes in Magic
movie 1916 Two Beds and No Sleep
movie 1915 The Diamond from the Sky as Marmaduke Smythe
movie 1915 Under the Crescent as Meheimit Ali

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Discovered this 40ft fragment 35mm roll film in Israel and sent to me for full restoration work. The film is "ART AND ARTHUR", a wacky comedy film featuring ...