Otis Harlan

Otis Harlan (December 29, 1865 ? January 21, 1940) was an American comedic actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Otis Harlan Filmography

video movie 2001 Disney's 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs': Still the Fairest of Them All as Happy
video movie 1992 The Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song as Happy
tv movie 1990 Celebrating Walt Disney's 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs': The One That Started It All as Happy
video movie 1987 Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Heigh-Ho as Happy
video movie 1986 Jiminy Cricket's Christmas as Happy
movie 1942 Bambi as Mr. Mole
movie 1939 Land of Liberty
movie 1938 Mr. Boggs Steps Out as Abner Katz
movie 1938 Outlaws of Sonora as Pool player
movie 1938 Scandal Street as Taxicab Driver
movie 1938 The Texans as Henry
movie 1937 Roamin' Holiday as Hiram Jenks
movie 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as Happy
movie 1937 Western Gold as Jake
movie 1936 Can This Be Dixie? as Thoma Jefferson Peachtree
movie 1936 The Singing Kid as Bank Clerk
movie 1935 A Midsummer Night's Dream as Starveling - the Tailor
movie 1935 Chinatown Squad as Dad, on Sacramento Street
movie 1935 Diamond Jim as Drunk
movie 1935 Dr. Socrates as Fisher
movie 1935 Hitch Hike Lady as Mayor Loomis
movie 1935 Life Returns as Dr. Henderson
movie 1935 The Hoosier Schoolmaster as Squire Hawkins
movie 1935 Western Frontier as Doc Cook aka Cookie
movie 1934 I Can't Escape as Jim Bonn
movie 1934 King Kelly of the U.S.A. as Prime Minister
movie 1934 Let's Talk It Over as Purser
movie 1934 Music in the Air as Baker
movie 1934 Palooka as Doorman Riley
movie 1934 The Old Fashioned Way as Mr. Wendelschaffer
movie 1934 Young and Beautiful as Sugar Daddy
movie 1933 Doctor Bull as Agitator
movie 1933 Hoop-La as Town Councilman - Side Show Customer
movie 1933 How to Break 90 #5: Impact as Himself
movie 1933 Laughing at Life as Businessman
movie 1933 Marriage on Approval as Justice of the Peace Michael O'Connors
movie 1933 Mister Mugg
movie 1933 Open Sesame
movie 1933 Reckless Decision as Justice of the Peace Michael O'Connors
movie 1933 The Sin of Nora Moran as Mr. Moran
movie 1933 The Telegraph Trail as Uncle Zeke Keller
movie 1932 Ex-Rooster
movie 1932 No Living Witness as Pop Everett
movie 1932 Partners as Auctioneer
movie 1932 Racing Youth as Dave
movie 1932 Ride Him, Cowboy as Judge Jones
movie 1932 That's My Boy as Mayor
movie 1932 The Rider of Death Valley as Peck
movie 1932 Women Won't Tell as Henry Jones
movie 1931 Air Eagles as Mr. Ramsey
movie 1931 Aloha as Old Ben
movie 1931 Millie as Luke - Counterman
movie 1931 Morals for Women as Mr. Johnston
movie 1931 The Big Shot as Doctor Peaslee
movie 1931 The Gland Parade
movie 1930 Captain of the Guard as Jacques
movie 1930 Dames Ahoy as Bill Jones
movie 1930 Embarrassing Moments as Adam Fuller
movie 1930 King of Jazz as Charles's Intended Father-in-Law
movie 1930 Loose Ankles as Major Rupert Harper
movie 1930 Man to Man as Rip Henry
movie 1930 Mountain Justice as Jud McTavish
movie 1930 Parade of the West as Professor Clayton
movie 1930 Take the Heir as John Walker
movie 1929 Barnum Was Right as Samuel Locke
movie 1929 Broadway as 'Porky' Thompson
movie 1929 Clear the Decks as Pussyfoot
movie 1929 His Lucky Day as Jerome Van Dyne
movie 1929 Port of Dreams as Joe Evans
movie 1929 Show Boat as Capt. Andy Hawks
movie 1929 Silks and Saddles as Jimmy McKee
movie 1929 The Mississippi Gambler as Tiny Beardsley
movie 1928 Dad's Choice as The Father
movie 1928 Good Morning, Judge as Jerry Snoot
movie 1928 The Grip of the Yukon as Farrell O'Neil
movie 1928 The Shepherd of the Hills as By Thunder
movie 1928 The Speed Classic as The Thirsty One
movie 1927 Don't Tell the Wife as Magistrate
movie 1927 Down the Stretch as Babe Dilley
movie 1927 Galloping Fury as Pop Tully
movie 1927 Silk Stockings as Judge Foster
movie 1927 The Silent Rider as Sourdough Jackson
movie 1927 The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg as Old Ruder
movie 1926 3 Bad Men as Zach Little
movie 1926 The Cheerful Fraud as Mr. Bytheway
movie 1926 The Midnight Message as Richard Macy
movie 1926 The Prince of Pilsen as Bndit Chief
movie 1926 The Unknown Cavalier as Judge Blowfly Jones
movie 1926 The Whole Town's Talking as George Simmonns
movie 1926 What Happened to Jones as Ebenezer Goodly
movie 1926 Winning the Futurity as Tom Giles
movie 1925 Dollar Down as Norris
movie 1925 Fine Clothes as Alfred
movie 1925 How Baxter Butted In as Amos Nichols
movie 1925 Lightnin' as Zeb
movie 1925 Nine and Three-Fifths Seconds as Motherbund
movie 1925 Oh, Doctor! as Mr. Clinch
movie 1925 The Limited Mail as Mr. Joffrey
movie 1925 The Perfect Clown as The Boss
movie 1925 The Redeeming Sin as Papa chuchu
movie 1925 Thunder Mountain as Jeff Coulter
movie 1925 Where Was I? as Bennett
movie 1924 Captain Blood as Corliss
movie 1924 Code of the Wilderness as Uncle Jephon
movie 1924 George Washington, Jr. as Sen. Hopkins
movie 1924 Mademoiselle Midnight as Padre Francisco
movie 1924 One Law for the Woman as Judge Blake
movie 1924 The Clean Heart as Puddlebox
movie 1924 The Dixie Handicap as The Old Retainer
movie 1924 The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln as Denton Offut
movie 1924 The Lullaby as Thomas Elliott
movie 1924 The White Sin as Judge Langley
movie 1924 Welcome Stranger as Seth Trimble
movie 1923 Barefoot Boy as Wilson
movie 1923 Main Street as Ezra Stowbody
movie 1923 Pioneer Trails as 'Easy Aaron' Cropsey
movie 1923 The Brass Bottle as Captain of the Guard
movie 1923 The Near Lady as Herman Schultz
movie 1923 The Spider and the Rose as The Secretary
movie 1923 The Victor as Chewing gum baron
movie 1923 Truxton King as Hobbs
movie 1922 Gay and Devilish as Peter Armitage
movie 1922 Glad Rags
movie 1922 The Eternal Flame as Abbé Conrand
movie 1922 The Ladder Jinx as Thams Gridley
movie 1922 The Right That Failed as Mr. Duffey
movie 1922 The Understudy as Mr. Manning
movie 1922 The World's a Stage as Richard Manseld Bishop
movie 1922 Two Kinds of Women as Major Langworthy
movie 1922 Up and at 'Em as William Jackson
movie 1922 Without Compromise as Dr. Evans
movie 1921 Diamonds Adrift as Brick McCann
movie 1921 Keeping Up with Lizzie as Sam Henshaw
movie 1921 The Foolish Age as Old Top: Carr
movie 1921 The Girl in the Taxi as Alexis
movie 1920 The Romance Promoters as Undetermined Role
movie 1920 Welcome Home as Maj. Otie
movie 1916 A Stranger in New York
movie 1916 Temperance Town
movie 1916 The Resurrection of Dan Packard
movie 1915 A Black Sheep as Goodrich Mudd

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