Paris Dylan

Paris Dylan Filmography

movie 2014 Animus as Norman Felix
movie 2014 Silent Life as Hotel Clerk
movie 2014 The Creation of Aspen as Sammy
tv movie 2013 Dead End as Nate
tv movie 2013 Dead End as Nate
movie 2013 Next to You as Tyler
movie 2013 Sink Hole as Jason
movie 2012 Savages as Beach Guy
movie 2012 Substitute Teacher Chronicles as Jeremy
movie 2012 Taylor Swift: American Beauty as Interviewee
tv movie 2011 2011 Do Something! Awards as Sketch Performer
movie 2011 Birthday as Rick
movie 2011 Secret Love as Adrian
movie 2011 T Is for Tabanid as Billy

Paris Dylan on Youtube

contact: WWW.PARISDYLAN.COM 2014 Theatrical Acting Demo Reel - Drama - Comedy - Suspense - Romance - Thriller - WWW.PARISDYLAN.COM.

An outtake from Provoke Chapter 2. Provoke is a Dominika Juillet speaker series.

PROVOKE Speaker Series - Chapter Two (February 23rd, 2014): Paris Dylan Stephanie Marinello Ash Baron Cohen Lorena Sarbu Taheri Cosmetics details ...

This couple is my fave RP couple! And they remind me so much of this, so I just had to make a trailer. Alice Sinclair: Juliet Capulet Darren Nash: Romeo Mont...