Parris Patton

Parris Patton Filmography

movie 2012 No Room for Rockstars
movie 2012 Uprising: Hip Hop and the LA Riots
movie 2011 Embargo
movie 2009 The Real Revolutionaries
tv movie 2008 N.W.A.: The World's Most Dangerous Group
movie 2007 Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who
movie 2002 The Making of 'Jugular Wine' as Himself
movie 1999 Creature
video movie 1999 Belle's Tales of Friendship
movie 1996 The Cheshire Cat
video movie 1995 The Sacrifice of Victor
video movie 1995 The Undertaker
video movie 1994 3 Chains o' Gold

Parris Patton on Youtube

It has just been announced that the Vans Warped Tour documentary NO ROOM FOR ROCKSTARS will be released by Cinedigm in select theaters in an ...

Performance artist PARRIS PATTON spent four days (or was it five?) inside a plexiglass booth at Art LA some while back -- along with an array of axes, hatche...

(2007) One fine Spring day in downtown L.A., artist Parris Patton had a 27-ton ice cube delivered to Dangerous Curve Gallery. Embedded inside the ice was a 1.

(2007) Once he started slammin' away, Parris figured the ice would fall apart pretty quickly. When that didn't happen, he attacked it with a flamethrower. Ma...