Pat Harmon

Pat Harmon (3 February 1886 ? 26 November 1958) was an American film actor. He appeared in 134 films between 1920 and 1947. ... more on Wikipedia

Pat Harmon Filmography

movie 1982 Dance of the Cookoos as Stationmaster
movie 1947 The Sin of Harold Diddlebock as Football Coach
movie 1936 Frontier Justice as Sheepman
movie 1936 Modern Times as Paddywagon Policeman
movie 1935 Border Vengeance as Tex Pryor
movie 1935 Devil's Canyon
movie 1935 Heir to Trouble as Butch
movie 1935 Last of the Clintons as Henchman Lefty
movie 1935 The Man from Guntown as Bartender
movie 1935 The New Frontier as Henchman
movie 1935 The Nitwits as Singing Prisoner
movie 1935 The Outlaw Deputy as Waiter
movie 1935 The Rainmakers as Townsman
movie 1935 The Silent Code as Henchman Carney
movie 1935 Trails End as Gimpy
movie 1934 Another Wild Idea as Cop
movie 1934 Benny, from Panama as Motorcycle Policeman
movie 1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back as Stoker
movie 1934 City Limits as Hood
movie 1934 Friends of Mr. Sweeney as Superior Club Doorman
movie 1934 I Hate Women as Flannigan
movie 1934 Morocco Nights as Tough
movie 1934 Palooka as Nightclub Bouncer
movie 1934 Port of Lost Dreams as Jensen's Night Watchman
movie 1934 Tailspin Tommy as El Paso Official - Ch. 6
movie 1934 The Cat's-Paw as Cop
movie 1934 The Crime of Helen Stanley as Electrician
movie 1934 Twisted Rails as Barney McGuire
movie 1933 By Appointment Only as Expressman
movie 1933 Daring Daughters as Joke-Planner
movie 1933 Fallen Arches as The Motorcycle Cop
movie 1933 Fargo Express as Gambler
movie 1933 From Headquarters as Joe the Cop
movie 1933 Her First Mate as Minor Role
movie 1933 Heroes for Sale as Policeman with Constable
movie 1933 Hold the Press as Lookout
movie 1933 King Kong as Gunman
movie 1933 Laughter in Hell as Avery - Chain Gang Guard
movie 1933 Night of Terror as Cab Driver
movie 1933 Parachute Jumper as Diner Customer
movie 1933 Saturday's Millions as Waiter
movie 1933 Somewhere in Sonora as Deputy Bud
movie 1933 Sons of the Desert as Doorman
movie 1933 The Bowery as Fireman
movie 1933 The Mystery Squadron as Jones - Mystery Flyer
movie 1933 What-No Beer? as Moran's Henchman
movie 1932 Afraid to Talk as Prison Patient
movie 1932 Battling Buckaroo as Mexican Barfly
movie 1932 Border Devils as Pat
movie 1932 Hold 'Em Jail as Jailbird
movie 1932 Malay Nights as Sheldon Henchman
movie 1932 Pack Up Your Troubles as Doughboy
movie 1932 Scandal for Sale as Cop in Hallway
movie 1932 Taxi for Two as The Sidewalk Cop
movie 1932 The Fourth Horseman as Barfly
movie 1932 The Texas Bad Man as Henchman
movie 1931 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Music Hall Customer
movie 1931 Ex-Sweeties as Bill Lorraine
movie 1931 Finn and Hattie
movie 1931 First to Fight as Marine Sergeant
movie 1931 Ladies of the Big House as Prison Visitor
movie 1931 Monkey Business as Indian at Party
movie 1931 Other Men's Women as Railroad Worker at Lunch Counter
movie 1931 Speed as Westerner
movie 1931 Sweepstakes as Unfriendly Horse Trainer
movie 1931 Ten Cents a Dance as Casey, the Bouncer
movie 1931 The Gang Buster as McGintey
movie 1931 The Secret Menace as Mr. Cooper
movie 1931 The Tip-Off as Vatelli Henchman
movie 1931 Two-Gun Caballero as Butch Devlin
movie 1930 Don't Bite Your Dentist
movie 1930 Fast Work as Cop
movie 1930 Free and Easy as Doorman at Premiere
movie 1930 Hell's Angels as Recruiting Sergeant
movie 1930 Her Man as Drunken Customer
movie 1930 Let's Go Native as Policeman
movie 1930 Love Among the Millionaires as Railroad Man at Lunch Counter
movie 1930 Madonna of the Streets as Henchman
movie 1930 See America Thirst as Waiter
movie 1930 The Last of the Duanes as Morgan's Friend Pete
movie 1930 The Ship from Shanghai as Sailor
movie 1929 Berth Marks as Stationmaster
movie 1929 Dark Streets as Hoodlum
movie 1929 Navy Blues as Bouncer at Garden Cabaret
movie 1929 Small Talk as Officer in Charge
movie 1929 Spite Marriage as Ship Captain
movie 1929 Sunset Pass as Clink Peeples
movie 1929 The Last Warning as Cop
movie 1929 Weary River as Bartender
movie 1928 Across to Singapore as Sailor from the Santa Rosa
movie 1928 Court-Martial as Bull
movie 1928 Homesick as Polish Bicycle Rider
movie 1928 Hubby's Weekend Trip as 1st Puglist
movie 1928 Sal of Singapore as Sunday's 1st Mate
movie 1928 Show People as Studio Gateman
movie 1928 The Barker as Heckler
movie 1928 The Beach Club as Beach Club Manager
movie 1928 The Best Man as Cop
movie 1928 The Broken Mask as Revolutionary
movie 1928 The Sideshow as Bowen
movie 1928 Waterfront as An Oiler
movie 1927 Hazardous Valley
movie 1927 Lightning as 'Simon'
movie 1927 My Best Girl as The Cop
movie 1927 Snowbound as Mr. Parker
movie 1927 The Bachelor's Baby as 'Hardboiled' Hogan
movie 1927 The Haunted Ship as Mate
movie 1927 The Warning as London Charlie
movie 1926 Breed of the Sea as Lije Marsh
movie 1926 College Days as Coach
movie 1926 Josselyn's Wife as Detective
movie 1926 Sin Cargo as Captain Barry
movie 1926 The Barrier as First Mate
movie 1926 The Cowboy Cop as Dago Jack
movie 1926 The Dixie Flyer as Chief Clerk J.K. Burke
movie 1926 The Fighting Edge as Hadley
movie 1926 The Phantom Bullet as Bill Haynes
movie 1926 The Unknown Cavalier as Bad Man
movie 1926 Winning the Futurity as Brett Marshall
movie 1925 A Fight to the Finish as Pat O'Brien
movie 1925 A Sweet Pickle as Molly's Butler
movie 1925 All Abroad as Rum Runner
movie 1925 Barriers Burned Away as Halstead Street Terror
movie 1925 Cold Turkey as The Husband's 1st Brother
movie 1925 Fighting Youth as Paddy O'Ryan
movie 1925 Isn't Love Cuckoo? as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1925 Over Thereabouts as German Servant
movie 1925 S.O.S. Perils of the Sea as Jim Sheldon
movie 1925 The Freshman as The Football Coach
movie 1925 The Lure of the Wild as Mike Murdock
movie 1924 American Manners as Mike Barclay
movie 1924 Behind the Curtain as Spike
movie 1924 Fight and Win
movie 1924 Hot Water as Bus Straphanger in Spider Gag
movie 1924 Ridgeway of Montana as Pete Shagmire
movie 1924 Sawdust Trail as Ranch foreman
movie 1924 Surging Seas as Mate Hansen
movie 1924 The Back Trail as Curry
movie 1924 The Battling Fool as Jerry Sullivan
movie 1924 The Bull Tosser
movie 1924 The Martyr Sex as Lem Paxton
movie 1924 The Midnight Express as Silent Bill Brachely
movie 1924 The Silent Watcher as O'Farrell
movie 1923 Ruth of the Range as Jim Stain
movie 1923 The Eternal Struggle as Oily Kirby
movie 1923 The Midnight Guest as Monk
movie 1923 The Phantom Fortune
movie 1922 In the Days of Buffalo Bill as Gaspard
movie 1922 Riders of the Law as Deputy Dan Silo
movie 1922 The Firebrand as Hank Potter
movie 1922 The Kentucky Derby as Jensen
movie 1920 Red Hot Finish

Pat Harmon on Youtube


Originální název: Modern Times, Informace o filmu na Komedie, USA, 1936, 87 min. Režie: Charles Chaplin Hrají: Charles ...

Retired Staff Sergeant Pat Harmon talks about what his Service Dog, Princess, means to him.

My friend Pat on some of our many adventures. Warning, there is some salty language in this one!