Patricia Palmer

Patricia Palmer Filmography

movie 1929 The Godless Girl
movie 1929 The Little Savage as Kitty
movie 1927 Naughty Nanette as Lola Leeds
movie 1927 The King of Kings
movie 1926 The Waster as Helen Smith
movie 1925 The Part Time Wife as 'Toddles' Thornton
movie 1925 Who's Your Friend as Alice Stantonn
movie 1925 Without Mercy as Natalie
movie 1924 A Pair of Hellions as Dance hall girl
movie 1924 Hold Your Breath as Hairdresser
movie 1923 A Perfect 36
movie 1923 Mr. Billings Spends His Dime as Priscilla Parker
movie 1923 The Web of the Law as Mollie Barbee
movie 1923 To the Ladies as Mary Mullin
movie 1922 Across the Border as Margie Landers
movie 1922 Cold Feet
movie 1922 Rounding Up the Law as Doris Hyland
movie 1922 The Cowboy and the Lady as Midge
movie 1922 The Cowboy King as Ethel Dunlap
movie 1921 Blondes
movie 1921 Dummy Love
movie 1921 Greater Than Love as Elsie Brown
movie 1921 His Bitter Half
movie 1921 Mixed Bedrooms
movie 1921 The Desert Wolf
movie 1921 The Tempest
movie 1921 Turkey Dressing
movie 1920 Into the Light as The Girl
movie 1920 Sand as Josie Kirkwood
movie 1919 Mary Moves In
movie 1919 Oh, My Dear!
movie 1919 Rowdy Ann as Ann's Roommate
movie 1919 Sally's Blighted Career
movie 1919 Sea Sirens as The Stranger
movie 1919 Tell Your Wife Everything
movie 1919 The Faith of the Strong as Babette
movie 1919 The Money Corral as Chicago Kate
movie 1919 You Couldn't Blame Her
movie 1918 A Gentleman's Agreement as Kate Leonard
movie 1918 By Injunction
movie 1918 By the World Forgot as Stephanie Maynard
movie 1918 Cynthiana as Faro Nell
movie 1918 Faro Nell, Lookout as Faro Nell
movie 1918 Rose of Wolfville as Faro Nell
movie 1918 The Clients of Aaron Green as Faro Nell
movie 1918 The Coming of Faro Nell as Faro Nell
movie 1918 The Dismissal of Silver Phil as Faro Nell
movie 1918 The Fifth Wheel
movie 1918 The Girl from Beyond as Rose
movie 1918 The Home Trail as Elsie
movie 1918 The Marquis and Miss Sally as Sally
movie 1918 The Moment of Victory
movie 1918 The Widow Dangerous as Faro Nell
movie 1918 The Woman in the Web as Countess Irsky
movie 1918 The Wooing of Riley as Faro Nell
movie 1918 Tucson Jennie's Heart as Faro Nell
movie 1917 A Lucky Slip
movie 1917 Almost Divorced
movie 1917 Betty Wakes Up
movie 1917 Green Eyes and Bullets
movie 1917 He Fell on the Beach
movie 1917 Hearts and Clubs
movie 1917 Her Merry Mix-Up
movie 1917 Local Color
movie 1917 Skirts
movie 1917 The Fourteenth Man
movie 1917 The Honeymooners
movie 1917 The Island of Desire as Leila Denham
movie 1917 The Milky Way
movie 1917 Their Seaside Tangle
movie 1917 With the Mummies' Help
movie 1916 A Kaffir's Gratitude
movie 1916 A Siren of the Jungle
movie 1916 A Soul Enslaved as Nellie
movie 1916 Avenged by Lions
movie 1916 Clouds in Sunshine Valley
movie 1916 Destiny's Boomerang
movie 1916 Fate's Decision
movie 1916 Highlights and Shadows
movie 1916 Marta of the Jungles as Marta of the Jungle
movie 1916 Public Approval
movie 1916 The Bait as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 The Good-for-Nothing Brat
movie 1916 The Heart of Tara as Soma
movie 1916 The Hidden Law as Wanda Holmes
movie 1916 The Homesteaders as Carey Graves
movie 1916 The Leopard's Bride as Nadje
movie 1916 The Lion's Nemesis
movie 1916 The Ostrich Tip
movie 1916 The Soul's Cycle as Nadia
movie 1916 The Star of India
movie 1915 A Child of the North as Nan
movie 1915 A City Rube
movie 1915 All on Account of Towser as Gladys
movie 1915 Almost a Hero as Lil - the Village Flirt
movie 1915 An Intercepted Vengeance as Bess Willard
movie 1915 Could a Man Do More?
movie 1915 His Mother's Portrait as Lotus Corelli
movie 1915 The Arab's Vengeance as Carol Calvin
movie 1915 The Coward as Amy
movie 1915 The Girl at Nolan's as Kitty - Nolan's Niece
movie 1915 The Golden Trail as Mary
movie 1915 The Hammer as Molly
movie 1915 The Navajo Ring as Jess Dace - the Daughter
movie 1915 The Protest as Maggie
movie 1915 The Sea Ghost
movie 1915 The Siren as Muriel
movie 1915 The Taming of Rita as Rita
movie 1915 The Winning of Jess as Jess Crosby - the Foster Daughter
movie 1915 When Love Leads as Florence Dunning - the Younger Sister
movie 1914 A Little Madonna as Marie
movie 1914 Anne of the Mines as Jess - the Arizona Kid's Wife
movie 1914 Auntie as Meg
movie 1914 Brandon's Last Ride as The Indian Girl
movie 1914 Detective and Matchmaker
movie 1914 Francine as Francine
movie 1914 Ginger's Reign as Ginger
movie 1914 His Kid Sister as The Ranch Owner's Sister
movie 1914 Kidding the Boss as Pattie Jones - a Ranch Worker
movie 1914 Love Will Out as Nell
movie 1914 Mareea the Half-Breed as Jess
movie 1914 Mareea, the Foster Mother as Jess
movie 1914 Only a Sister as Molly Falk - the Sister
movie 1914 Out in Happy Hollow as Mississippi
movie 1914 Prosecution as Marcia
movie 1914 Sisters
movie 1914 The Ghosts
movie 1914 The Horse Thief
movie 1914 The Kiss as Alice - a Shop Girl
movie 1914 The Last Will as Sir Foxworthy's Housekeeper
movie 1914 The Level
movie 1914 The Love of Tokiwa as Tokiwa
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Hidden House as Moina Robina
movie 1914 The Night Riders of Petersham as Emily Burnay
movie 1914 The Old Oak's Secret as Nancy
movie 1914 The Sage-Brush Gal
movie 1914 Tony, the Greaser
movie 1914 When the Gods Forgive as Kostina - an Indian Maid
movie 1913 Any Port in a Storm
movie 1913 Bianca as Bianca
movie 1913 Old Moddington's Daughters as Moddington's Daughter
movie 1913 Polly at the Ranch as Polly
movie 1913 Sunny; or, The Cattle Thief as Sunny Weston
movie 1913 The Outlaw as Nan - the Outlaw's Daughter
movie 1913 The Race as Virginia Barker
movie 1913 The Sea Maiden
movie 1913 The Spell
movie 1913 The Wrong Pair as Marguerite, The Runaway Bride
movie 1913 The Yellow Streak as The Stenographer

Patricia Palmer on Youtube

Teatro Municipal de Lomas de Zamora (Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires). Registrado en vivo el 24/04/14. Video: Cesar Trazar.

Novela protagonizada por Patricia Palmer y Orlando Carrió. Con una joven Natalia Oreiro. Emitida por Canal 9. La obra "Juana la loca" escrita y dirigida por Pepe Cibrián Campoy se restrenará el próximo sábado 1 de febrero en el Taller del ánge...