Patrick Bauchau

Patrick Nicolas Jean Sixte Ghislain Bauchau (born 6 December 1938) is a Belgian actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Patrick Bauchau Filmography

movie 2015 The Girl King as Descartes
movie 2014 Every Thing Will Be Fine as Dad
movie 2014 Ich und Kaminski as Prof.Megelbach
movie 2013 Big Ass Spider as Lucas
movie 2013 Four Senses as Joseph
movie 2013 Rememory as Doctor
tv series 2013 Boy Culture TV as Gregory
movie 2012 Get the Gringo as Surgeon
movie 2012 Ghost Soldiers as Kitcher
movie 2012 Pearl as Poseidon
movie 2012 Satellite of Love as Alex
movie 2010 Dharma Guns (La succession Starkov) as Le professeur Starkov
movie 2010 Extraordinary Measures as CEO Erich Loring
movie 2010 Glenn, the Flying Robot as Richard
movie 2009 2012 as Roland Picard
movie 2009 The Perfect Sleep as Nikolai
movie 2009 The Smell of Success as Mr. Rose
movie 2008 Bigas Luna: La mirada entomòloga as Robert
movie 2008 Derniers Mots as Himself
movie 2008 L'amor cortese as Professor
movie 2008 La possibilité d'une île as Le prophète
movie 2008 La velocità della luce as Rinaldo
movie 2007 9 Lives of Mara as Documentarian
movie 2007 Chrysalis as Charles Becker
movie 2007 Ladrones as Anticuario
movie 2007 The Gray Man as Albert Fish
movie 2007 The Memory Thief as Mr. Fisher
tv series 2007 Mystère as Général de Lestrade
movie 2006 Boy Culture as Gregory Talbot
movie 2006 El amor y la ciudad
movie 2006 Karla as Dr. Arnold
movie 2006 Suzanne as Frank
movie 2005 Vampires: The Turning as Raines
movie 2004 Promised Land as Jim Williamson
movie 2004 Ray as Dr. Hacker
movie 2003 De fem benspænd as The Perfect Man
tv movie 2003 Making 'Carnivàle': The Show Behind the Show as Himself
movie 2003 Shade as Max Malini
movie 2002 C.E.O. as Monsieur de Reaumur
movie 2002 Panic Room as Stephen Altman
movie 2002 Secretary as Dr. Twardon
movie 2001 Jackpot as Santa Claus
movie 2001 The Beatnicks as Hank
tv movie 2001 The Pretender 2001 as Sydney
tv movie 2001 The Pretender: Island of the Haunted as Sydney
tv movie 2000 A Hard Look as Himself
movie 2000 The Cell as Lucien Baines
movie 2000 The Sculptress as Professor Giraud
movie 1999 Twin Falls Idaho as Miles, a Doctor
movie 1998 Donald Cammell: The Ultimate Performance as Himself
movie 1998 Holy Man as Guy at the party who is hypnotised
movie 1996 Enfants de salaud as Pierre-Yves
movie 1996 I magi randagi as Balthazar
movie 1996 The Beatnicks as Hank Kerchief
movie 1995 Jenipapo as Padre Stephen Louis
tv movie 1995 OP Center as Kurt
movie 1995 Serpent's Lair as Sam
movie 1994 Clear and Present Danger as Enrique Rojas, Cali Cartel
movie 1994 Dark Side of Genius as Sherman McPhee
tv movie 1994 Day of Reckoning as Andre Rouselle
movie 1994 Every Breath as Richard
movie 1994 Lisbon Story as Friedrich Monroe
movie 1994 The New Age as Jean Levy
tv movie 1993 Acting on Impulse as Yoram Sussman
tv movie 1993 And the Band Played On as Dr. Luc Montagnier
tv movie 1992 Arribada de la flama olímpica a Empúries as Himself
movie 1992 Chain of Desire as Jerald Buckley
movie 1992 Complicazioni nella notte
movie 1992 From Time to Time
movie 1992 Havanera 1820 as Mr. Johnson
movie 1992 Robert's Movie as Robert
tv movie 1991 Blood Ties as Eli Chelarin
movie 1991 Craven
movie 1991 Cómo levantar 1000 kilos
movie 1991 Il nodo alla cravatta
movie 1991 Lo más natural as Pablo
movie 1991 Terra Nova as Mr. Stal
movie 1991 The Rapture as Vic
tv movie 1991 V premios Goya as Himself - Presenter: Best Director
tv movie 1990 Tinikling ou 'La madonne et le dragon' as Pavel
movie 1990 Visioni private as Boris
movie 1989 Australia as André Gauthier
movie 1989 Comédie d'amour as Vollard
movie 1989 Erreur de jeunesse as Paul
movie 1988 Le maître de musique as Prince Scotti
movie 1987 Accroche-coeur as Léo
movie 1987 Arhangelos tou pathous as Gregoire
movie 1987 Balada da Praia dos Cães as Capt. Dantas
movie 1987 Cross as Simon Leenhardt
movie 1987 Friendship's Death as Kubler
tv movie 1987 Love Among Thieves as Alan Channing
movie 1987 Motten im Licht
tv movie 1987 Riviera as Riker
movie 1986 Conseil de famille as Octave, le frère
movie 1986 Lola as Robert
movie 1985 A View to a Kill as Scarpine
movie 1985 Folie suisse as Federico
movie 1985 Il mondo dell'orrore di Dario Argento as Himself
movie 1985 La nuit porte jarretelles
movie 1985 Phenomena as Inspector Rudolf Geiger
tv series 1985 Christopher Columbus as Don Rodrigo
tv series 1985 Kane & Abel as Ludwik
movie 1984 Choose Me as Zack Antoine
movie 1984 Emmanuelle IV as Marc
movie 1984 La femme publique as Le père d'Ethel
movie 1984 Le voyage d'hiver as Adam
tv movie 1984 Nucleo zero
movie 1984 Premiers désirs as Jordan
movie 1983 Coup de foudre as Carlier
movie 1983 Enigma
movie 1983 Les îles as Edouard
movie 1982 Crystal Gazing as Husband
movie 1982 Der Stand der Dinge as Friedrich Munro
movie 1980 Guns as Tony
movie 1968 Tuset Street as Jorge Artigas
movie 1967 La collectionneuse as Adrien
movie 1965 Paris vu par...
movie 1963 La carrière de Suzanne as Frank
movie The Knife Thrower as Cerle de Smet

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