Patrick Kelly

Joseph Patrick Kelly (Joe Kelly) is a scholar, editor, and professor of English at the College of Charleston. He currently serves as Speaker of the Faculty. He earned his B.A. from the University of Dallas and received his Ph.D. in English in 1992 from the University of Texas, Austin. Dr. Kelly was born in 1962 and resides in Charleston, South Carolina. ... more on Wikipedia

Patrick Kelly Filmography

movie 1940 Mysterious Doctor Satan as Plant Henchman [Chs. 10-11]
movie 1937 The Mysterious Pilot as Brennan
movie 1932 Hypnotized as Minor Role
movie 1928 Smith's Holiday as Minor Role
movie 1928 Smith's Restaurant as Minor Role
movie 1928 The Swim Princess as Butcher
movie 1927 Gold Digger of Weepah as Reformer
movie 1927 Jewish Prudence as Judge Pilsener
movie 1927 Smith's Candy Shop as Candy Worker
movie 1927 Smith's Cook as Minor Role
movie 1927 Smith's Modiste Shop as Minor Role
movie 1927 Smith's Pets as Neighbor
movie 1927 The Girl from Everywhere as Minor Role
movie 1926 A Love Sundae as Minor Role
movie 1926 Hesitating Horses
movie 1926 It's a Pipe as Kitty's Father
movie 1926 Love's Last Laugh as Minor Role
movie 1926 Muscle-Bound Music as Boarder
movie 1926 Smith's Vacation as Minor Role
movie 1926 Trimmed in Gold as Barbershop Customer
movie 1926 Wide Open Faces as Minor Role
movie 1925 Don't Tell Dad as Minor Role
movie 1925 From Rags to Britches as Fashion Show Spectator
movie 1925 Good Morning, Nurse as Butler
movie 1925 Hotsy-Totsy as Jake's Butler
movie 1925 Take Your Time as Minor Role
movie 1925 The Big Town as Farmer
movie 1925 The Marriage Circus as Wedding Guest
movie 1925 The Sea Squawk as Steerage Passenger
movie 1924 East of the Water Plug as Theatregoer
movie 1924 Little Robinson Corkscrew as Husband in Audience
movie 1924 Near Dublin
movie 1924 Wandering Waistlines as Minor Role
movie 1923 Suzanna as Minor Role
movie 1923 Where's My Wandering Boy This Evening? as Minor Role
movie 1922 Bow Wow as Secondary Role
movie 1922 On Patrol as Minor Role as Pat Kelly
movie 1922 Step Forward as The Trolley Family Man
movie 1922 The Crossroads of New York as Butler
movie 1921 A Small Town Idol as Churgoer
movie 1921 Astray from the Steerage as The Short Customs Inspector
movie 1921 Be Reasonable as The Desk Sergeant
movie 1921 Bright Eyes as Servant
movie 1921 Call a Cop as The Banker
movie 1921 Dabbling in Art as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1921 Hard Knocks and Love Taps as The Drummer
movie 1921 Home Talent as Minor Role
movie 1920 By Golly! as Minor Role
movie 1920 Don't Weaken! as The Timekeeper
movie 1920 Down on the Farm as Villager
movie 1920 Fresh from the City as The Country Girl's Father
movie 1920 Great Scott!
movie 1920 It's a Boy as Minor Role
movie 1920 Love, Honor and Behave! as Juror
movie 1920 Married Life as Orderly
movie 1920 Movie Fans as Minor Role
movie 1919 Hearts and Flowers as The Desk Clerk
movie 1919 Salome vs. Shenandoah as Minor Role
movie 1919 The Dentist as Minor Role
movie 1919 The Speakeasy as The Proprietor's Father-in-Law
movie 1919 Treating 'Em Rough as The Country Girl's Father
movie 1919 Up in Alf's Place as The Judge
movie 1919 Yankee Doodle in Berlin as Minor Role
movie 1918 Her Blighted Love as Juror
movie 1918 Her Screen Idol as Minor Role
movie 1918 His Smothered Love as Passenger with Newspaper
movie 1918 His Wife's Friend as Cop
movie 1918 It Pays to Exercise as Patient
movie 1918 It's a Cinch as Himself
movie 1918 She Loved Him Plenty as Minor Role
movie 1918 Sheriff Nell's Tussle as Henchman
movie 1918 Sleuths
movie 1918 The Battle Royal as Dr. Quack
movie 1918 The Summer Girls as Minor Role
movie 1918 The Village Chestnut as Trustee
movie 1917 A Male Governess
movie 1917 A Warm Reception
movie 1917 Done in Oil
movie 1917 Half and Half as The Father
movie 1917 Heart Strategy
movie 1917 Her Birthday Knight
movie 1917 His Marriage Failure
movie 1917 His Perfect Day as The Farmer
movie 1917 His Rise and Tumble
movie 1917 Honest Thieves
movie 1917 Roping Her Romeo as Minor Role
movie 1917 Skirt Strategy
movie 1917 That Night
movie 1917 Twin Troubles
movie 1916 A Scoundrel's Toll as Trolley Passenger
movie 1916 Bucking Society as Fighting Dice Player
movie 1916 Dollars and Sense as Villager
movie 1916 His Hereafter as The Sweetheart's Father
movie 1916 His Lying Heart as The Butler
movie 1916 The Village Blacksmith as Secondary Role
movie 1915 Court House Crooks as Juror in Front Row
movie 1915 Crooked to the End as The Fisherman

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