Paul Barresi

Paul Barresi (born 12 January 1949) is an American pornographic film director, private investigator[citation needed], and media personality who has appeared in and directed pornographic movies under his own name, as well as under Jason Thorpe, Joe Hammer and Michael Franco.[citation needed] Barresi has also been involved in various capacities in several high-profile celebrity scandals. ... more on Wikipedia

Paul Barresi Filmography

video movie 2006 The Velvet Mafia: Part 1 as Mason Avalon
video movie 2006 The Velvet Mafia: Part 2 as Mason Avalon
video movie 2006 Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads
video movie 2006 Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads 2
video movie 2006 Dads 'N Lads 2
video movie 2006 Dads 'N Lads 3
video movie 2005 Cadet Convoy
video movie 2005 Dads 'N Lads
video movie 2005 Leather Bears and Smooth Chested Huskies
video movie 2005 Leather Daddies Gang Banging Brad Benton
video movie 2005 The Young 'n Hung Gang Banging Damien
video movie 2005 Hard Landing
video movie 2005 Brig Bangin'
video movie 2004 Daddy Says Billy's Back
video movie 2004 American Bears
video movie 2004 Bear Fuzz
video movie 2004 Yard Boyz
video movie 2003 Bear Cage
video movie 2003 Daddy Does It Best
video movie 2003 Daddy's Angels
video movie 2003 Bad Boys, Vol. 5
video movie 2003 Frat Boys on the Loose 7
video movie 2002 Bad Boys Vol. 3
video movie 2002 Perfect Match
video movie 2002 Young, Hung and Horny
video movie 2001 Active Duty
video movie 2001 When Johnny Cums Marching Home
video movie 2000 Daddy Please!
video movie 2000 Marine Base Instinct
video movie 2000 The Doctor, the Lawyer and the Indian Chief
video movie 2000 The General's Son
video movie 2000 Cadets in Arms
video movie 2000 Brig Brats
video movie 2000 Cadet Chronicles
video movie 2000 Campus Capers
video movie 2000 Carnal Cadets
video movie 2000 The Underboss
video movie 1999 Spiked Heel Diaries Vol #2
video movie 1999 Mentor
video movie 1999 Analized
video movie 1999 Marine Father, Navy Son
video movie 1998 Black Brigade
video movie 1998 Mechanic on Booty
video movie 1996 Barracks Glory Hole 3
video movie 1996 Marine Code of Silence: Don't Ask Don't Tell
video movie 1996 Flashers
video movie 1996 Iron Cage
video movie 1996 Married Men with Men on the Side
video movie 1996 Sudden Urge
video movie 1992 Action on Melrose
video movie 1992 Wild Streak
video movie 1990 Good Cop, Bad Cop
movie 1990 Spontaneous Combustion as Hospital Guard
video movie 1988 Abracadabra
movie 1988 China and Silk as Sid Rosen
movie 1988 Miami Spice II
movie 1987 Club Head
movie 1987 Unbelievable Orgies
movie 1986 Amazing Sex Stories
video movie 1986 Joanna Storm on Fire as Frank
video movie 1986 Miami Spice
video movie 1985 A Night for Legends: First Annual XRCO Adult Film Awards as Himself
movie 1985 Hot Male Mechanics
movie 1985 Perfect as Sports Connection Member
video movie 1985 Shape-Up for Sensational Sex as Hot Tub Guy
movie 1985 The Love Scene
movie 1985 Too Naughty to Say No as Policeman
movie 1985 What the Big Boys Eat as Trucker
movie 1984 Diary of a Sex Goddess
video movie 1984 Falconhead Part II: The Maneaters
video movie 1984 Miss Passion as Guy with Clitty
movie 1984 Nasty Nurses as Harold 'Jack' Williams
video movie 1984 Spreading Joy as Ben
movie 1984 Stud Hunters as Man in the Gym #2
movie 1984 Sulka's Wedding as Rev. Paine
video movie 1984 Touch of Mischief
movie 1983 All American Girls II: In Heat as The Bandito
movie 1983 Back Door Girls
movie 1983 Bad Girls II as Bill
movie 1983 Feels Like Silk as Guy with Samantha
movie 1983 Lingerie
movie 1983 Men of the Midway as Charlie's Dad
movie 1983 Secrets of Stage Five as Bugs Morton
movie 1982 L.A. Tool & Die as Sal
movie 1980 Co-Ed Fever as John
video movie 1980 Pleasure Productions 2
movie 1975 The Wild Party as Bartender
movie 1972 LA Plays Itself

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Music Video for "Goin'Down" by Mon Cousin Belge, Official theme song to Falcon Studios' "Velvet Mafia". Video features cameos from the stars of the movie inc...

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