Paul Hurst

Paul Michael Hurst (born 25 September 1974 in Sheffield) is a former English footballer who played in Football League Two in England, for Rotherham, where he played for over 10 years. He is currently joint manager of Conference National side Grimsby Town with Rob Scott. ... more on Wikipedia

Paul Hurst Filmography

tv movie 1997 20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years as Actor 'The Ox-Bow Incident'
tv movie 1992 Fonda on Fonda as Actor in 'The Ox-Bow Incident'
movie 1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch as Aging Sidekick
movie 1953 The Sun Shines Bright as Army Sgt. Jimmy Bagby
movie 1952 Big Jim McLain as Mr. Lexiter
movie 1952 Toughest Man in Arizona as Dalton
movie 1951 Million Dollar Pursuit as Ray Harvey
movie 1950 The Missourians as John X. Finn
movie 1950 The Old Frontier as Skipper Horton
movie 1950 The Vanishing Westerner as Waldorf Worthington
movie 1949 Law of the Golden West as Otis Ellis
movie 1949 Outcasts of the Trail as Doc Meadowlark
movie 1949 Pioneer Marshal as Huck Homer
movie 1949 Prince of the Plains as Sheriff Hank Hartley
movie 1949 Ranger of Cherokee Strip as Sheriff Jug Mason
movie 1949 San Antone Ambush as Happy Daniels
movie 1949 South of Rio as Andrew Jackson 'Andy' Weems
movie 1948 California Firebrand as Chuck Waggoner
movie 1948 Gun Smugglers as Sergeant L. McHugh 'Hasty' Jones
movie 1948 Heart of Virginia as Whit Galtry
movie 1948 Madonna of the Desert as Pete Connors
movie 1948 Old Los Angeles as Bartener
movie 1948 On Our Merry Way as Sheriff
movie 1948 Son of God's Country as Eli Walker
movie 1948 The Arizona Ranger as Ben Riddle
movie 1948 Who Killed Doc Robbin as Jailer
movie 1948 Yellow Sky as Drunk
movie 1947 Angel and the Badman as Frederick Carson
movie 1947 Under Colorado Skies as 'Lucky' John Hawkins
movie 1946 Death Valley as Sergeant Dailey
movie 1946 In Old Sacramento as Stagecoach Driver
movie 1946 Murder in the Music Hall as Hobarth
movie 1946 Plainsman and the Lady as Al
movie 1946 The Virginian as Bartender
movie 1945 Dakota as Capt. Spotts
movie 1945 Her Lucky Night as Maloney
movie 1945 Midnight Manhunt as Murphy
movie 1945 Nob Hill as El Dorado Doorman
movie 1945 Penthouse Rhythm as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1945 Scared Stiff as Sheriff
movie 1945 Steppin' in Society as Cookie
movie 1945 The Big Show-Off as The Devil
movie 1945 The Dolly Sisters as Tim Dowling
movie 1944 Barbary Coast Gent as Jake Compton
movie 1944 Girl Rush as Muley
movie 1944 Greenwich Village as Milkman
movie 1944 Something for the Boys as Defense Plant Foreman
movie 1944 Summer Storm as Officer Orloff
movie 1944 The Ghost That Walks Alone as Sheriff Slim Carson
movie 1943 Calaboose as Bartender Ed
movie 1943 Coney Island as Louie
movie 1943 December 7th as World War I Ghost Soldier
movie 1943 Hi'ya, Chum as Archie Billings
movie 1943 Jack London as 'Lucky Luke' Lannigan
movie 1943 The Ox-Bow Incident as Monty Smith
movie 1943 The Sky's the Limit as Dock Foreman
movie 1943 Young and Willing as First Cop
movie 1942 Dudes Are Pretty People as Two-Gun
movie 1942 Night in New Orleans as Sergeant Casper Riordan
movie 1942 Pardon My Stripes as Feets
movie 1942 Sundown Jim as Broderick
movie 1941 Caught in the Draft as Sgt. Burns
movie 1941 Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring as Page
movie 1941 Fresh as a Freshman
movie 1941 Glove Affair
movie 1941 Petticoat Politics as Slats O'Dell
movie 1941 Tall, Dark and Handsome as Biff Sage
movie 1941 The Great Mr. Nobody as Michael O'Connor
movie 1941 The Parson of Panamint as Jake Waldren
movie 1941 This Woman Is Mine as Second Mate Mumford
movie 1941 Virginia as Thomas
movie 1940 Bowery Boy as Blubber Mullins
movie 1940 Castle on the Hudson as Guard
movie 1940 Edison, the Man as Sheriff
movie 1940 Goin' Fishin' as Bus conductor
movie 1940 Men Against the Sky
movie 1940 South to Karanga as Slats
movie 1940 Spring Parade as Headwaiter
movie 1940 Star Dust as Mac, Amalgamated Lab Tech
movie 1940 Street of Memories as Undetermined Role
movie 1940 The Westerner as Chickenfoot
movie 1940 They Drive by Night as Pete Haig
movie 1940 Torrid Zone as Daniels
movie 1940 Tugboat Annie Sails Again as Pete
movie 1939 Bad Lands as Curly Tom
movie 1939 Broadway Serenade as Reynolds
movie 1939 Cafe Society as Bartender
movie 1939 Each Dawn I Die as Garsky
movie 1939 Glove Slingers as Chuck Brenner
movie 1939 Gone with the Wind as Yankee Deserter
movie 1939 Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence as Empire State Building Guard
movie 1939 It Could Happen to You as Sandy
movie 1939 On Your Toes as Variety Club Bartender
movie 1939 Quick Millions as Sheriff
movie 1939 Remember? as Policeman
movie 1939 The Kid from Kokomo as First Old Man in Fistfight
movie 1938 Alexander's Ragtime Band as Bill
movie 1938 Hold That Co-ed as Slapsy
movie 1938 Island in the Sky as Happy
movie 1938 Josette as A. Adolphus Heyman
movie 1938 My Lucky Star as Louie
movie 1938 No Time to Marry as Sergeant
movie 1938 Prison Break as Soapy
movie 1938 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as Mug
movie 1938 Secrets of a Nurse as Slice Cavanaugh
movie 1938 Thanks for Everything as Guard
movie 1938 The Last Express as Asst. Dist. Atty. Springer
movie 1938 Topper Takes a Trip as Bartender
movie 1937 45 Fathers as Policeman
movie 1937 Ali Baba Goes to Town as Captain
movie 1937 Angel's Holiday as Sgt. Murphy
movie 1937 Danger: Love at Work as Police Officer
movie 1937 Fifty Roads to Town as Tom
movie 1937 In Old Chicago as Edward Mitchell
movie 1937 Second Honeymoon as Dennis Huggins
movie 1937 She's No Lady as Cop
movie 1937 Slave Ship as Drunk
movie 1937 Song of the City as First Detective
movie 1937 Super-Sleuth as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1937 The Lady Fights Back as Maloney
movie 1937 The Legion of Missing Men as Muggsy
movie 1937 This Is My Affair as Bowler
movie 1937 Trouble in Morocco as Tiger Malone
movie 1937 Wake Up and Live as McCabe
movie 1937 We Who Are About to Die as Tip Fuller
movie 1937 Wife, Doctor and Nurse as Bill
movie 1937 You Can't Beat Love as Foreman Butch Mehaffey
movie 1937 You Can't Have Everything as Truck Driver
movie 1936 Blackmailer as Inspector Killian
movie 1936 I'd Give My Life as Conly
movie 1936 It Had to Happen as Workman
movie 1936 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town as 1st Deputy
movie 1936 North of Nome as Carlson
movie 1936 Riffraff as Belcher
movie 1936 Robin Hood of El Dorado as Wilson
movie 1936 The Gay Desperado as American Detective
movie 1936 To Mary - with Love as Drunk
movie 1935 Calm Yourself as Detective Roscoe
movie 1935 Carnival as Policeman
movie 1935 Maybe It's Love as Expressman
movie 1935 Mississippi as Hefty
movie 1935 Public Hero #1 as Rufe Parker
movie 1935 Romance in Manhattan as Joe - Policeman
movie 1935 Shadow of Doubt as Lt. Sackville
movie 1935 Star of Midnight as Detective Corbett
movie 1935 The Case of the Curious Bride as Fibo Morgan, Florabelle's Cousin
movie 1935 The Daring Young Man as Prison Guard
movie 1935 The Gay Deception as Bell Captain
movie 1935 Times Square Lady
movie 1935 Wilderness Mail as Henchman Jules
movie 1934 A Very Honorable Guy as Butler
movie 1934 Among the Missing as Police Capt. Bill Connors
movie 1934 Charlie Chan's Courage as Undetermined Role
movie 1934 Midnight Alibi as Babe the Butcher
movie 1934 Nana as Nana's First Employer
movie 1934 Sequoia as Bergman
movie 1934 Sing and Like It as Tied Up Mug
movie 1934 Take the Stand
movie 1934 The Ballad of Paducah Jail as Escaped Felon
movie 1934 The Big Race as Skipper O'Neal
movie 1934 The Line-Up as Detective Sergeant Doyle
movie 1934 There Ain't No Justice
movie 1934 Tomorrow's Youth as Detective
movie 1933 Day of Reckoning as Harry
movie 1933 Grand Slam as Canadian Bridge Player
movie 1933 Hold Your Man as Aubrey C. Mitchell
movie 1933 Out All Night as Man with flask on train
movie 1933 Queen Christina as Swedish Soldier Betting on 6
movie 1933 Saturday's Millions as Doc Maloney, Trainer
movie 1933 Terror Aboard as Boatswain
movie 1933 The Sphinx as Detective Terrence Aloysius Hogan
movie 1933 The Women in His Life as Paul
movie 1933 Tugboat Annie as Sam
movie 1932 Hold 'Em Jail as Butch
movie 1932 Island of Lost Souls as Donahue
movie 1932 Men Are Such Fools as Stiles
movie 1932 My Pal, the King as Red
movie 1932 Panama Flo as Al
movie 1932 State's Attorney as Police Captain Morgan
movie 1932 The Big Stampede as Arizona
movie 1932 The Phantom President as Sailor
movie 1932 The Thirteenth Guest as Detective Grump
movie 1931 Bad Company as Goldie's Butler
movie 1931 Kick In as Detective Whip Fogarty
movie 1931 Maker of Men as Gabby
movie 1931 Sweepstakes as Cantina Bartender
movie 1931 That's My Line as Mexican Bandit
movie 1931 The Public Defender as Doc
movie 1931 The Secret Six as Mizoski - the Gouger
movie 1931 The Secret Witness as Officer Brannigan
movie 1931 The Single Sin as Slug
movie 1930 Borrowed Wives as Bull Morgan
movie 1930 Hot Curves as 'Slug', Baseball Player
movie 1930 Lucky Larkin as Pete Brierson
movie 1930 Mountain Justice as Lem Harland
movie 1930 Officer O'Brien as Captain Antrim
movie 1930 Paradise Island as Beauty
movie 1930 Shadow of the Law as Pete Shore
movie 1930 The Lottery Bride as Lottery Agent
movie 1930 The Runaway Bride as Sergeant Daly
movie 1930 The Swellhead as Mugsy
movie 1930 The Third Alarm as 'Beauty' Johnson
movie 1929 His First Command as Sgt. Westbrook
movie 1929 Oh, Yeah! as Railroad-Yard Superintendent
movie 1929 Sailor's Holiday as Jimmylegs
movie 1929 The California Mail as Rowdy Ryan
movie 1929 The Lawless Legion as Ramirez
movie 1929 The Racketeer as Mehaffy
movie 1929 The Rainbow as Pat
movie 1929 Tide of Empire as Poppy
movie 1928 Lilac Time
movie 1928 The Cossacks as Sitchi
movie 1927 Buttons as Slugger McGlue
movie 1927 Rider of the Law
movie 1927 The Devil's Saddle as 'Swig' Moran
movie 1927 The Man from Hard Pan as Larry Lackey
movie 1927 The Overland Stage as Hell-A-Poppin' Casey
movie 1927 The Range Raiders
movie 1927 The Range Riders
movie 1927 The Red Raiders as Sergeant Murphy
movie 1927 The Valley of the Giants as Randeau
movie 1927 Roaring Guns
movie 1927 Smoking Guns
movie 1926 Battling Kid
movie 1926 Blue Streak O'Neil
movie 1926 Roaring Road
movie 1926 Son of a Gun
movie 1926 The Fighting Ranger
movie 1926 The High Hand as Chris Doble
movie 1926 The Outlaw Express as Secretary
movie 1926 Haunted Range
movie 1926 Shadows of Chinatown
movie 1926 The Law of the Snow Country
movie 1926 The Midnight Message
movie 1925 A Western Engagement
movie 1925 The Demon Rider
movie 1925 The Fighting Cub
movie 1925 The Gold Hunters
movie 1925 The Rattler
movie 1925 The Son of Sontag
movie 1925 The Were-Tiger
movie 1925 You're Fired
movie 1924 Battling Bunyan as Fighter
movie 1924 The Man Who Smiled
movie 1924 The Man Who Would Not Die
movie 1924 The Mandan's Oath
movie 1924 The Medicine Hat
movie 1924 Branded a Bandit
movie 1924 The Broken Law
movie 1924 The Courageous Coward
movie 1924 The Dirty Little Half Breed
movie 1924 The Passing of Wolf MacLean
movie 1924 The White Man Who Turned Indian
movie 1923 Golden Silence
movie 1922 Rangeland
movie 1922 Table Top Ranch
movie 1922 The Heart of a Texan
movie 1922 South of Northern Lights
movie 1922 The Crow's Nest
movie 1921 KingFisher's Roost
movie 1921 Black Sheep
movie 1921 Shadows of the West
movie 1919 Lightning Bryce as Powder Solvang
movie 1919 The Tiger's Trail
movie 1918 Rimrock Jones as Ike Bray
movie 1918 Smashing Through as Stevens
movie 1918 With Hoops of Steel
movie 1918 Play Straight or Fight
movie 1918 The Iron Test
movie 1918 The Woman in the Web
movie 1917 The Further Adventures of Stingaree as Howie
movie 1917 The Railroad Raiders as Steve Arnold
movie 1916 A Lass of the Lumberlands
movie 1916 Judith of the Cumberlands as Blatchley Turrentine
movie 1916 Medicine Bend as Murray Sinclair
movie 1916 The Corsican Sisters
movie 1916 The Darkest Hour as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1916 The Diamond Runners as Paul
movie 1916 The Duel in the Desert as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1916 The Honor of the Road as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1916 The Manager of the B & A as Roger Oakley
movie 1916 The Moth and the Star as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1916 The Parasite
movie 1916 The Purification of Mulfers as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1916 The Social Pirates
movie 1916 The Villain Worshipper as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1916 Whispering Smith as Murray Sinclair
movie 1915 A Bushranger at Bay as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1915 A Double Identity as Paul Brooks
movie 1915 A Voice in the Wilderness as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1915 An Enemy of Mankind as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1915 Mike Donegal's Escape as Mike Donegal - Master Crook
movie 1915 Mysteries of the Grand Hotel as Various Roles
movie 1915 Old Isaacson's Diamonds as Snake Henely
movie 1915 Stingaree as Howie - Stingaree's Partner
movie 1915 The Affair of the Deserted House as Blau - the Counterfeiter's Confederate
movie 1915 The Apartment House Mystery as Thompson
movie 1915 The Black Hole of Glenrenald as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1915 The Clairvoyant Swindlers as Kelly
movie 1915 The Closed Door as Dalton - Barry's Henchman
movie 1915 The Disappearance of Harry Warrington as Michaels - an Architect
movie 1915 The Disappearing Necklace as Buck - Duncan's Pal
movie 1915 The Figure in Black as Blake - the House Detective
movie 1915 The Frame-Up as Thompson - the Frog's Accomplice
movie 1915 The Girl Detective
movie 1915 The Man in Irons as Rufus King - a Counterfeiter
movie 1915 The Pitfall as Garvin - a Crooked Politician
movie 1915 The Red Signal as Chief Dispatcher
movie 1915 The Secret Code as Manning - Secret Service Agent
movie 1915 The Substituted Jewel as Jeffries - Balmer's Assistant
movie 1915 The Taking of Stingaree as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1915 The Tattooed Hand as Bat Dorgan
movie 1915 The Tragedy of Bear Mountain as Steve Barty
movie 1915 The Vivisectionist as Bart - Jardine's Servant
movie 1915 To the Vile Dust as Howie, Stingaree's Partner
movie 1915 When Thieves Fall Out as Benny Berg - Whalen's Lieutenant
movie 1915 The Escape on the Fast Freight
movie 1914 Captured by Mexicans as Pete - a Mexican
movie 1914 Shannon of the Sixth as Captain Arlington
movie 1914 The Barrier of Ignorance as Jim Ferris - Nancy's Husband
movie 1914 The Bond Eternal as Dan Sheppard - a Drunkard
movie 1914 The Chief of Police as Daniels
movie 1914 The Death Sign at High Noon
movie 1914 The District Attorney's Duty as Bill Savage - Sibley's Henchman
movie 1914 The Fatal Opal as Sandy McGee
movie 1914 The Hazards of Helen as Benton - a Foreman [Ch. 2]
movie 1914 The Invisible Power as Lorenzo
movie 1914 The Plot at the Railroad Cut as Benton, the Foreman
movie 1914 The Primitive Instinct as A Primitive Man
movie 1914 The Prison Stain as Dick Kelsey
movie 1914 The Quicksands as Captain Lanning - Osborn's Rival
movie 1914 The Rajah's Vow as Gunga Lal - the Rajah's Servant
movie 1914 The Smugglers of Lone Isle as Jim Crompton - Head of the Smugglers
movie 1914 Trapped as Dan Brent - a Crook
movie 1913 A Dangerous Wager as Ned - Jack's Rival
movie 1913 A Daughter of the Underworld as Dave - Malva's Brother
movie 1913 Intemperance as Bert - Kitty's Intemperate Husband
movie 1913 On the Brink of Ruin as Fred
movie 1913 The Big Horn Massacre as Hawkeye
movie 1913 The California Oil Crooks as Todd
movie 1913 The Cave Men's War as Rex Axe - of the Cave Dwellers
movie 1913 The Cheyenne Massacre as Lt. Allen
movie 1913 The Circle of Fate as The Husband
movie 1913 The Fight at Grizzly Gulch as The Medicine Man
movie 1913 The Invaders as The Killer
movie 1913 The Last Blockhouse as Crow - a Half-Breed
movie 1913 The Man Who Vanished as Grexton
movie 1913 The Plot of India's Hillmen as Messlah - the Commandant's Servant
movie 1913 The Poet and the Soldier
movie 1913 The Pride of Angry Bear as Colonel Wright - U.S. Cavalry
movie 1913 The Redemption as Shifty Benner
movie 1913 The Skeleton in the Closet as Mason
movie 1913 The Struggle as Mooney - the Foreman
movie 1913 Trooper Billy as Sunrise Beek - a Half-Breed
movie 1912 Days of '49
movie 1912 Jean of the Jail as Alcalde
movie 1912 Red Wing and the Paleface as Red Fox - Red Wing's Father
movie 1912 The Driver of the Deadwood Coach as Bad Bill - a Desperado
movie 1912 The Mayor's Crusade as Ralph Dale
movie 1912 The Outlaw
movie 1912 The Redskin Raiders
movie 1912 The Stolen Invention as John Rawley, a Promoter
movie 1912 When Youth Meets Youth as Will, the Foreman

Paul Hurst on Youtube

The trailer for the upcoming film about a man known as Paul hurst who is the best super hero ever.

Episode 26 in the famous series, The Hazards of Helen, which is an adventure film serial of 119 twelve-minute shorts released between November 7, 1914 and ...

Two yeggmen hold up Helen, on night duty at Ferndale, lock her in a closet, and escape. Later, standing on a bridge over the freight yards, Helen sees the tw...