Paul J. Smith

Paul J. Smith (October 30, 1906 - January 25, 1985) was an Academy Award-winning American music composer. He was born in Calumet, Michigan. Smith spent much of his life working at Disney as composer for many of its films' scores, animated and live-action alike, movie and television alike (from 1962 to 1963, he also composed music for Leave It to Beaver). In Fantasia, he is one of the studio employees in the orchestra. He also composed the scores for several of the True-Life Adventures episodes. ... more on Wikipedia

Paul J. Smith Filmography

video movie 1982 Woody Woodpecker and His Friends
movie 1972 A Fish Story
movie 1972 Bye, Bye, Blackboard
movie 1972 Chili Con Corny
movie 1972 For the Love of Pizza
movie 1972 Gold Diggin' Woodpecker
movie 1972 Indian Corn
movie 1972 Let Charlie Do It
movie 1972 Pecking Holes in Poles
movie 1972 Rain Rain, Go Away
movie 1972 Show Biz Beagle
movie 1972 The Genie with the Light Touch
movie 1972 The Rude Intruder
movie 1972 Unlucky Potluck
movie 1971 Airlift a la Carte
movie 1971 Charlie the Rainmaker
movie 1971 Chilly's Hide-a-Way
movie 1971 Flim Flam Fountain
movie 1971 How to Trap a Woodpecker
movie 1971 Kitty from the City
movie 1971 Moochin' Pooch
movie 1971 Shanghai Woody
movie 1971 Sleepy Time Chimes
movie 1971 The Bungling Builder
movie 1971 The Reluctant Recruit
movie 1971 The Snoozin' Bruin'
movie 1971 Woody's Magic Touch
movie 1970 A Gooney Is Born
movie 1970 All Hams on Deck
movie 1970 Buster's Last Stand
movie 1970 Charlie in Hot Water
movie 1970 Charlie's Golf Classic
movie 1970 Chilly's Cold War
movie 1970 Chilly's Ice Folly
movie 1970 Coo Coo Nuts
movie 1970 Gooney's Goofy Landings
movie 1970 Hi-Rise Wise Guys
movie 1970 Seal on the Loose
movie 1970 The Unhandy Man
movie 1970 Wild Bill Hiccup
movie 1969 Charlie's Campout
movie 1969 Chilly and the Looney Gooney
movie 1969 Cool It, Charlie
movie 1969 Gopher Broke
movie 1969 Little Skeeter
movie 1969 Phoney Pony
movie 1969 Prehistoric Super Salesman
movie 1969 Project Reject
movie 1969 Ship a-Hoy Woody
movie 1969 Sleepy Time Bear
movie 1969 Tumble Weed Greed
movie 1969 Woody's Knightmare
movie 1968 A Lad in Baghdad
movie 1968 A Peck of Trouble
movie 1968 Bugged in a Rug
movie 1968 Fat in the Saddle
movie 1968 Feudin Fightin-N-Fussin
movie 1968 Highway Hecklers
movie 1968 Hook, Line, and Stinker
movie 1968 Jerky Turkey
movie 1968 Lotsa Luck
movie 1968 One Horse Town
movie 1968 Paste Makes Waste
movie 1968 Under Sea Dogs
movie 1968 Woody the Free-Loader
movie 1967 Chiller Dillers
movie 1967 Chilly and the Woodchopper
movie 1967 Chilly Chums
movie 1967 Have Gun - Can't Travel
movie 1967 Horse Play
movie 1967 Hot Diggity Dog
movie 1967 Hot Time on Ice
movie 1967 Mouse in the House
movie 1967 Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker
movie 1967 Sissy Sheriff
movie 1967 The Nautical Nut
movie 1967 Vicious Viking
movie 1967 Window Pains
movie 1966 Astronut Woody
movie 1966 Foot Brawl
movie 1966 Hassle in a Castle
movie 1966 Lonesome Ranger
movie 1966 Monster of Ceremonies
movie 1966 Polar Fright
movie 1966 Practical Yolk
movie 1966 Snow Place Like Home
movie 1966 South Pole Pals
movie 1966 The Big Bite
movie 1966 Woody and the Beanstalk
movie 1965 Canned Dog Feud
movie 1965 Case of the Elephant's Trunk
movie 1965 Davey Cricket
movie 1965 Guest Who?
movie 1965 Janie Get Your Gun
movie 1965 What's Peckin'
movie 1965 Woodpecker Wanted
movie 1964 Freeway Fracas
movie 1964 Rah Rah Ruckus
movie 1964 Roamin' Roman
movie 1964 Roof-Top Razzle Dazzle
movie 1964 Saddle-Sore Woody
movie 1964 The Case of the Maltese Chicken
movie 1963 Case of the Cold Storage Yegg
movie 1963 Charlie's Mother-in-Law
movie 1963 Coming Out Party
movie 1963 Goose in the Rough
movie 1963 Goose Is Wild
movie 1963 Hi-Seas Hi-Jacker
movie 1963 Shutter Bug
movie 1962 Calling Dr. Woodpecker
movie 1962 Careless Caretaker
movie 1962 Crowin' Pains
movie 1962 Home Sweet Home Wrecker
movie 1962 Hyde and Sneak
movie 1962 Little Woody Riding Hood
movie 1962 Phoney Express
movie 1962 Robin Hoody Woody
movie 1962 Room and Bored
movie 1962 Short in the Saddle
movie 1962 Tragic Magic
movie 1961 Busman's Holiday
movie 1961 Case of the Red-Eyed Ruby
movie 1961 Mississippi Slow Boat
movie 1961 Papoose on the Loose
movie 1961 Phantom of the Horse Opera
movie 1961 Rough and Tumble-Weed
movie 1961 St. Moritz Blitz
movie 1961 Sufferin' Cats
movie 1961 The Bird Who Came to Dinner
movie 1960 Bats in the Belfry
movie 1960 Fish Hooked
movie 1960 Fowled Up Falcon
movie 1960 Heap Big Hepcat
movie 1960 How to Stuff a Woodpecker
movie 1960 Ozark Lark
movie 1960 Pistol Packin' Woodpecker
movie 1959 Bee Bopped
movie 1959 Kiddie League
movie 1959 Log Jammed
movie 1959 Romp in a Swamp
movie 1959 The Tee Bird
movie 1959 Tomcat Combat
movie 1959 Truant Student
movie 1958 Everglade Raid
movie 1958 Half Empty Saddles
movie 1958 His Better Elf
movie 1958 Jittery Jester
movie 1958 Misguided Missile
movie 1958 Salmon Yeggs
movie 1958 Three-Ring Fling
movie 1958 Tree's a Crowd
tv series 1957 The Woody Woodpecker Show as Himself
movie 1957 Box Car Bandit
movie 1957 Dopey Dick, the Pink Whale
movie 1957 Fodder and Son
movie 1957 International Woodpecker
movie 1957 Red Riding Hoodlum
movie 1957 Round Trip to Mars
movie 1957 The Unbearable Salesman
movie 1956 After the Ball
movie 1956 Arts and Flowers
movie 1956 Calling All Cuckoos
movie 1956 Chief Charlie Horse
movie 1956 Get Lost
movie 1956 Niagara Fools
movie 1956 Woodpecker from Mars
movie 1955 Bedtime Bedlam
movie 1955 Bunco Busters
movie 1955 Helter Shelter
movie 1955 Private Eye Pooch
movie 1955 Square Shootin' Square
movie 1955 Witch Crafty
movie 1954 A Horse's Tale
movie 1954 Hay Rube
movie 1954 Hot Rod Huckster
movie 1954 Paw's Night Out
movie 1954 Pig in a Pickle
movie 1954 Real Gone Woody
movie 1953 Chilly Willy
movie 1953 Hot Noon or 12 O'Clock for Sure
movie 1953 Maw and Paw
movie 1953 Plywood Panic
movie 1953 The Dog That Cried Wolf
movie 1953 The Flying Turtle
movie 1953 The Mouse and the Lion

Paul J. Smith on Youtube

Paul J. Smith, Director Emeritus of the American Craft Museum, talks about New York City as a craft center. Paul was filmed for the Process episode of Craft ...


1 from 'Walt Disney's The Living Desert - Three Themes' - suite for piano, arranged by E. Charles Eggert ---------------------------------------------------...

2 from 'Walt Disney's The Living Desert - Three Themes' - suite for piano, arranged by E. Charles Eggert ---------------------------------------------------...