Paul Panzer

Paul Panzer (3 November 1872 ? 16 August 1958) was a German-American silent film actor. He appeared in 333 films between 1905 and 1952. Panzer was best known for playing Koerner/Raymond Owen in The Perils of Pauline. ... more on Wikipedia

Paul Panzer Filmography

movie 1952 The Story of Will Rogers as Conventioneer
movie 1952 The Winning Team as Central City Fan
movie 1951 Come Fill the Cup as Fritz, Newspaper Artist
movie 1951 Storm Warning as Baggage Room Attendant
movie 1951 Strangers on a Train as Bystander at Merry-Go-Round
movie 1951 Tomorrow Is Another Day as Sidewalk Passerby
movie 1950 Perfect Strangers as Prospective Juror
movie 1950 So You Think You're Not Guilty as Juryman
movie 1950 The Cariboo Trail as Barfly
movie 1949 A Kiss in the Dark as Tenant
movie 1949 Always Leave Them Laughing as Newark Audience Member
movie 1949 Night Unto Night as Man in Hotel
movie 1949 The Girl from Jones Beach as Man Awaiting Subway
movie 1949 The Younger Brothers as Parole Board Member
movie 1948 A Foreign Affair as Peddler with KnickKnacks and Mattress
movie 1948 Adventures of Don Juan as Man at Inn
movie 1948 April Showers as Paul, the Stage Hand
movie 1948 Embraceable You as Man at Bar
movie 1948 Smart Girls Don't Talk as Stage Doorman
movie 1948 So You Want an Apartment as Wallpaper Hanger
movie 1948 So You Want to Be a Gambler as Poker Player
movie 1948 To the Victor
movie 1947 Always Together as Waiter
movie 1947 Cry Wolf as Gatekeeper
movie 1947 Dark Passage as Bus Passenger
movie 1947 Hollywood Wonderland as Gypsy
movie 1947 Love and Learn as Man in Hotel Lobby
movie 1947 My Wild Irish Rose as Waiter Bringing Bill
movie 1947 So You're Going on a Vacation as Clerk at Hinkel's
movie 1947 Stallion Road as Tommy, the Chef
movie 1947 That Way with Women as Mailman
movie 1947 The Perils of Pauline as Drawing Room Gent
movie 1947 The Unfaithful as Courtroom Spectator
movie 1946 A Stolen Life as Waiter
movie 1946 Cloak and Dagger as Waiter
movie 1946 Her Kind of Man as Charlie - Waiter
movie 1946 Humoresque as Theater Worker
movie 1946 One More Tomorrow as Surprise Party Waiter
movie 1946 So You Want to Keep Your Hair as Third Barber
movie 1946 So You Want to Play the Horses as Racetrack Vendor
movie 1946 The Locket as Waiter at Luigi's
movie 1946 The Time, the Place and the Girl as Stage Electrician
movie 1945 Danger Signal as Cop in Office
movie 1945 Hotel Berlin as Kurt, the Waiter
movie 1945 Mildred Pierce as Waiter
movie 1945 Roughly Speaking as Rose Plantation Worker
movie 1945 San Antonio as Laredo Citizen
movie 1945 Saratoga Trunk as Restaurant Patron
movie 1944 In Our Time as Railway Station Conductor
movie 1944 Shine on Harvest Moon as Doorman
movie 1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain as Pilot House Guest
movie 1944 The Conspirators as Policeman
movie 1944 Uncertain Glory as Train Guard
movie 1943 Action in the North Atlantic as Seaman
movie 1943 Mission to Moscow as Court Attendant
movie 1943 Oklahoma Outlaws as Bartender
movie 1943 The Hard Way as Miner
movie 1942 Busses Roar as Saboteur
movie 1942 Casablanca as Paul - Waiter at Rick's
movie 1942 Murder in the Big House as Reporter
movie 1942 Yankee Doodle Dandy as Robinsons Theater Stagehand
movie 1942 You Can't Escape Forever as Newspaper Employee Asking About Mail
movie 1941 A Shot in the Dark as Paul - Nightclub Waiter
movie 1941 All Through the Night as Waiter
movie 1941 Bad Men of Missouri as Mr. Peters
movie 1941 Dangerously They Live as One of the Gardeners
movie 1941 Flight from Destiny as Jim's Cafe Waiter
movie 1941 Highway West as Gas Station Attendant
movie 1941 Manpower as 28 Club Bartender
movie 1941 Meet John Doe
movie 1941 Shadows on the Stairs as Taxi Driver Helping Ram Singh
movie 1941 Shining Victory as Mailman
movie 1941 Three Sons o' Guns as Actor
movie 1941 Underground as Janitor
movie 1940 'Til We Meet Again as Ship Worker
movie 1940 A Fugitive from Justice as Man in Saloon
movie 1940 Always a Bride as Dance Party Guest
movie 1940 British Intelligence as Peasant
movie 1940 Calling All Husbands as Extra in Department Store
movie 1940 City for Conquest as Dance Contest Observer
movie 1940 Flight Angels as Passenger Paul Panzer
movie 1940 King of the Lumberjacks as Lumberjack
movie 1940 Knute Rockne All American as Extra at Train Station
movie 1940 Money and the Woman as Depositor
movie 1940 Murder in the Air as Hans -,a Henchman
movie 1940 No Time for Comedy as Bumping Man Exiting Subway
movie 1940 River's End as Man Attending to Horse
movie 1940 Saturday's Children as Pete - the Nightwatchman
movie 1940 She Couldn't Say No as Juror
movie 1940 They Knew What They Wanted as Proprietor of Italian Restaurant
movie 1939 Code of the Secret Service as Mexican Soldier Arresting Gabby
movie 1939 Daughters Courageous as Waiter at Dance
movie 1939 Devil's Island as Jury Foreman
movie 1939 Each Dawn I Die as Convict
movie 1939 Four Wives as Extra in Restarant
movie 1939 Hitler - Beast of Berlin as Brahm
movie 1939 Idiot's Delight as Greek Chef
movie 1939 King of the Underworld as Gangster
movie 1939 Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase as Reporter
movie 1939 Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter
movie 1939 On Trial as Extra in Courtrom
movie 1939 On Your Toes as Stagehand
movie 1939 Secret Service of the Air as Ivan - an Alien
movie 1939 Slapsie Maxie's as Fight Spectator
movie 1939 Smashing the Money Ring as Extra as Convict in Yard
movie 1939 The Angels Wash Their Faces as Man Running in Courtroom
movie 1939 The Kid from Kokomo as Reporter
movie 1939 The Return of Doctor X as Hospital Attendant
movie 1939 They Made Me a Criminal as Jim - Assistant Ticket Taker
movie 1939 Torchy Blane in Chinatown as Store Clerk
movie 1939 Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite as Extra at Wrestling Match
movie 1939 Women in the Wind as Frieda's Mechanic
movie 1939 Yes, My Darling Daughter as Peter
movie 1938 Gold Diggers in Paris as Second Gendarme
movie 1938 Happy Landing as Townsman
movie 1938 Hard to Get as Flower Convention Attendee
movie 1938 He Couldn't Say No as Man Knocking on Telephone Booth
movie 1938 Heart of the North as Miner in Mob
movie 1938 International Crime as Morton's Butler
movie 1938 Men Are Such Fools as Janitor Outside Elevator
movie 1938 Mystery House as Extra at Inquest
movie 1938 Penrod's Double Trouble as Mexican Rancher Giving Penrod a Lift
movie 1938 Port of Seven Seas as Postman
movie 1938 Racket Busters as Truck Driver
movie 1938 Romance Road as Pierre
movie 1938 Sharpshooters as Minor Role
movie 1938 Torchy Blane in Panama as Panama Hotel Clerk
movie 1938 Valley of the Giants as Basque Landowner
movie 1938 When Were You Born as Policeman
movie 1937 Back in Circulation as Casino Club Janitor
movie 1937 Charlie Chan at the Olympics as German Undercover Officer Posing as Snack Vendor
movie 1937 Confession as Man Bringing Suitcase
movie 1937 Dance Charlie Dance as Firstnighter
movie 1937 Draegerman Courage as Pierre - Man Carrying Injured Suzy
movie 1937 Fly Away Baby as Steward - Zeppelin Officer
movie 1937 Her Husband's Secretary as Drug Store Diner
movie 1937 Kid Galahad as Ringsider - 3rd Fight
movie 1937 Land Beyond the Law as Jim Blake
movie 1937 Little Pioneer as Farmer
movie 1937 Marked Woman as Club Piano-Mover
movie 1937 Melody for Two as Green Hill Patron
movie 1937 Men in Exile as Flamingo Diner
movie 1937 Midnight Court as Police Sergeant Clerk
movie 1937 Missing Witnesses as Hartman's Cafe Customer
movie 1937 Prairie Thunder as Jed - Replaced by Buck Connors
movie 1937 San Quentin as Casey
movie 1937 She Loved a Fireman as Watchman
movie 1937 Slim as Man at Bar
movie 1937 Smart Blonde as Blind Beggar
movie 1937 Submarine D-1 as Bartender
movie 1937 The Case of the Stuttering Bishop as Guiseppe - Waiter
movie 1937 The Cherokee Strip as Coleman
movie 1937 The Go Getter as Man on Streetcar
movie 1937 The Great O'Malley as Man on Stairs
movie 1937 The Littlest Diplomat as Khan's Servant
movie 1937 The Road Back as Guard
movie 1937 The Romance of Robert Burns as Fight Spectator
movie 1937 Under Southern Stars as Confederate Officer
movie 1936 Bengal Tiger as Train Man
movie 1936 Cain and Mabel as Peace Conference Delegate
movie 1936 Colleen as Deck Steward
movie 1936 Come and Get It as Lumberjack
movie 1936 Give Me Liberty as Man with Fur Hat
movie 1936 Here Comes Carter as Policeman in Car
movie 1936 Hot Money as Bottled Water Man
movie 1936 I Married a Doctor as Dence Floor Extra
movie 1936 Jailbreak as Cop
movie 1936 King of Hockey as Fan Angry at Dugan
movie 1936 Sing Me a Love Song as Jones
movie 1936 The Case of the Black Cat as Poker Player
movie 1936 The Law in Her Hands as Third Trial Juror
movie 1936 The Walking Dead as Man in Courtroom
movie 1936 The White Angel as Patient
movie 1936 Times Square Playboy as Club Waiter
movie 1936 Trailin' West as Passenger
movie 1936 Treachery Rides the Range as Man Outside Carter & Barton's Store
movie 1935 Bright Lights as Card Player
movie 1935 Captain Blood as Pirate
movie 1935 Dinky as Extra at Football Game
movie 1935 Dr. Socrates as Townsman at Celebration Party
movie 1935 Front Page Woman as Reporter
movie 1935 Going Highbrow as Diner in Cafe
movie 1935 Gypsy Sweetheart as Gypsy
movie 1935 Keystone Hotel as Tough Mug
movie 1935 Moonlight on the Prairie as Townsman with Pop
movie 1935 Oil for the Lamps of China as Oil Company Employee
movie 1935 Shipmates Forever as Extra in Nightclub
movie 1935 Stranded as Updyke Agitator
movie 1935 The Florentine Dagger as Detective
movie 1935 The Payoff as Trainer
movie 1935 The White Cockatoo as The Chef
movie 1935 Traveling Saleslady as Bartender
movie 1935 We're in the Money as Dance Floor Extra at Club Royal
movie 1934 Bolero as Bailiff
movie 1934 Gentlemen Are Born as Counter Man
movie 1934 I Am a Thief as Passenger
movie 1934 Journal of a Crime as Truck Driver
movie 1934 Murder in Trinidad as Henchman Paolo
movie 1934 Sweet Adeline as First Stage Hand
movie 1934 Sword of the Arab
movie 1934 The Black Cat as Cultist Binding Joan
movie 1934 The Cat's-Paw as Gangster
movie 1934 The Firebird as Detective
movie 1934 The Mighty Barnum as Barber
movie 1933 A Bedtime Story as Concierge
movie 1933 Captured! as German Soldier Holding Newspaper
movie 1933 Havana Widows as Waiter at Sloppy Moe's
movie 1933 Life in the Raw as Petroff's Henchman
movie 1933 My Lips Betray as Beer Garden Patron
movie 1933 Narcotic as Cashier
movie 1933 Parachute Jumper as Canadian Airport Contact
movie 1933 The Kennel Murder Case as Railroad Station Baggage Clerk
movie 1933 The King's Vacation as Man in Crowd
movie 1933 The Song of Songs as Bit Part
movie 1933 The Vampire Bat as Townsman
movie 1932 Docks of San Francisco as Café Waiter
movie 1932 Doomed Battalion as Villager
movie 1932 Police Court as Movie Actor
movie 1932 Scarlet Dawn as Revolutionary Killed by Nikita
movie 1932 The Crooked Circle as Cult Member
movie 1932 The Dark Horse as Delegate Telephoning
movie 1932 The Devil Is Driving as Policeman
movie 1932 The Kid from Spain as Bullfight Medic
movie 1932 The Man Who Played God as Russian Officer
movie 1931 Ambassador Bill as Revolutionary
movie 1931 Cavalier of the West as Don Fernandez
movie 1931 Defenders of the Law as Gangster
movie 1931 Die große Fahrt as Lopez
movie 1931 Dishonored as Austrian Soldier at Interrogation
movie 1931 First Aid as Whitey
movie 1931 Frankenstein as Mourner at Gravesite
movie 1931 I Like Your Nerve as One of Pacheco's Guards
movie 1931 Quick Millions as Cleaning Shop Victim
movie 1931 Sea Devils as Steve the Radio Operator
movie 1931 The Montana Kid as Henchman Gabby
movie 1930 The Second Floor Mystery as Conspirator
movie 1930 Three Faces East as 'Kirsch' the Decoy
movie 1930 Whoopee! as Indian
movie 1929 Hawk of the Hills as Manson
movie 1929 Redskin
movie 1929 Tarzan the Tiger as Mohammed Bey
movie 1929 The Black Book as The Hawk
movie 1928 George Washington Cohen
movie 1928 Glorious Betsy as The Ship's Captain
movie 1928 Rinty of the Desert as Mike Doyle
movie 1928 The Candy Kid
movie 1928 The Chinatown Mystery
movie 1928 The City of Purple Dreams as Slug Nikolay
movie 1927 Brass Knuckles as Sergeant Peters
movie 1927 Hawk of the Hills as Manson
movie 1927 Sally in Our Alley as Tony Garibaldi
movie 1927 The Girl from Chicago as Dopey
movie 1927 Wolf's Clothing as Tough
movie 1926 30 Below Zero as Fighting Bill Ralston
movie 1926 Black Paradise as Ship Captain
movie 1926 Obey the Law as The Crook
movie 1926 Siberia as Commandant
movie 1926 The Dixie Merchant as Whitcomb
movie 1926 The High Flyer as McGrew
movie 1926 The Johnstown Flood as Joe Burger, Ann's Father
movie 1925 East Lynne as Mr. Hallijohn
movie 1925 Greater Than a Crown as Marquis Ferasti
movie 1925 The Ancient Mariner as Mariner
movie 1925 The Best Bad Man as Sheriff
movie 1925 The Fool as Umanski
movie 1925 The Mad Marriage
movie 1925 The Shock Punch as Giuseppe
movie 1925 Thunder Mountain as Morgan
movie 1925 Too Many Kisses as Pedro
movie 1924 A Son of the Sahara as Cassim Sr.'s Lieutenant
movie 1924 Wages of Virtue as Sergeant LeGros
movie 1924 Week End Husbands as Monsieur La Rue
movie 1923 Big Brother as Mike Navarro
movie 1923 Enemies of Women as Cossack
movie 1923 Jacqueline, or Blazing Barriers as Gambler
movie 1923 Mighty Lak' a Rose as Humpty Logan
movie 1923 Under the Red Robe as French Army Lieutenant
movie 1923 Unseeing Eyes as Halfbreed
movie 1922 The Bootleggers as Jose Fernand
movie 1922 The Mohican's Daughter as Father La Claire
movie 1922 When Knighthood Was in Flower as Captain of the Guard
movie 1920 The Mystery Mind as Carl 'The Wolf' Canfield
movie 1919 The Masked Rider as Pancho, Cattle rustler & bandit
movie 1919 Who's Your Brother? as Stephen Field
movie 1918 The House of Hate
movie 1918 The Mysterious Mr. Browning as Undetermined Role
movie 1918 The Unchastened Woman as Michael Krellin
movie 1918 The Woman the Germans Shot as Baron von der Lancker
movie 1917 Jimmie Dale, Alias the Grey Seal as Henry La Sale
movie 1917 One Bride Too Many
movie 1917 Signs of Trouble
movie 1916 A Sea Mystery as John
movie 1916 Autumn as Diamond Jack
movie 1916 Behind the Secret Panel
movie 1916 Broken Fetters as Carleton Demarest
movie 1916 Cheaters
movie 1916 Elusive Isabel as Coount Rosini
movie 1916 Scorched Wings
movie 1916 Sunlight and Shadows as Paul Vernon
movie 1916 The Girl Who Didn't Tell
movie 1916 The Heart of a Mermaid as Tommy Taber
movie 1916 The Highway of Fate
movie 1916 The Little Grey Mouse as James Webster, a confidence man
movie 1916 The Trail of the Wild Wolf as Jim Dawson
movie 1915 Li'l Nor'wester
movie 1915 The Bribe
movie 1915 The Spender as Jim Walsh
movie 1915 The Tale of the 'C' as Peter Cooper
movie 1915 The Taming of Mary as Mr. Schuyler - Mary's Father
movie 1915 The Woman Who Lied as Gordon Trent
movie 1915 Under Southern Skies as Steve Daubeney
movie 1914 In the Mesh of Her Hair as Tom Brooks - Hilda's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Exploits of Elaine as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 The Last Volunteer as Ambassador of Austrania
movie 1914 The Perils of Pauline as Raymond Owen aka Koerner
movie 1914 The Winning Hand
movie 1913 A Phony Alarm
movie 1913 A White Rose as Mr. Jefferson
movie 1913 Get-Rich-Quick Billington as Billington
movie 1913 Hannigan's Harem as Hannigan
movie 1913 Hubby's Polly as Paul Barton
movie 1913 In the Days of War as Maj. Paul Chase
movie 1913 Innocence as Tom Johnson
movie 1913 Maggie Tries Society Life
movie 1913 Mrs. Morton's Birthday as Mr. Morton
movie 1913 Puttin' It Over on Papa as Papa Sinclair
movie 1913 The Cheapest Way as Dan Cary aka Foxy Dan - Betty's Father
movie 1913 The Cowboy and the Baby as Big Paul Devlin
movie 1913 The Crooked Bankers as Paul Brower
movie 1913 The Fire Bride as Ostrape Kirtchoga - the Blacksmith
movie 1913 The Governor's Double as Governor Walter Garland
movie 1913 The Italian Bride as The Italian Brother
movie 1913 The Peace Council
movie 1913 The Prodigal Brother as The Prodigal Brother
movie 1913 The Wrong Road to Happiness as Jim Matthews
movie 1912 A Brave Little Indian as The Settler
movie 1912 A Nation's Peril as Count Cyril Mikailberg
movie 1912 A Stern Destiny as The Escaped Convict
movie 1912 On the Brink of the Chasm as 1st Settler - the Rejected Suitor
movie 1912 Sing Lee and the Bad Man as Sing Lee
movie 1912 Sins of the Father
movie 1912 The Arrowmaker's Daughter as The Arrowmaker's Murderer
movie 1912 The Desperado as The Desperado
movie 1912 The Life of Buffalo Bill
movie 1912 The Live Wire as The Indian
movie 1912 The Lure of the Footlights as The Husband
movie 1912 The Parachute Maker as The Parachute Maker
movie 1912 The Sheriff's Brother as Jim Orr- the Sheriff
movie 1912 The Spendthrift's Reform as Dan Steele - the Spendthrift
movie 1912 Where Jealousy Leads as The Blacksmith
movie 1911 A Convict's Heart as The Convict
movie 1911 A Daughter of the South
movie 1911 A Pinch of Snuff as The Girl's Father
movie 1911 A Tragedy at Sea
movie 1911 All for Money
movie 1911 Billy's Marriage as The Lawyer - Billy's Sweetheart's Father
movie 1911 Crazy Dope as The Servant
movie 1911 Love Molds Labor as Kirk Stanley
movie 1911 Monte Cristo
movie 1911 The Doll as The Father
movie 1911 The Fatal Posing as The Jewish Father
movie 1910 A Gambler's End as Herbert Ralston
movie 1910 Sunshine in Poverty Row as The Postmaster
movie 1910 The Maid of Niagara
movie 1910 The New Magdalene
movie 1909 An Alpine Echo
movie 1909 Launcelot and Elaine as Lancelot
movie 1909 Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy as The Smoker
movie 1908 Antony and Cleopatra as Lieutenant to Octavius Caesar
movie 1908 Francesca di Rimini; or, The Two Brothers
movie 1908 Julius Caesar
movie 1908 Macbeth as Macduff
movie 1908 Othello as Cassio
movie 1908 Richard III
movie 1908 Romeo and Juliet as Romeo
movie 1908 The Merchant of Venice as Undetermined Role
movie 1908 The Press Gang; or, A Romance in the Time of King George III
movie 1908 The Thieving Hand as Man Buying Artificial Limb
movie 1907 The Haunted Hotel
movie 1906 And the Villain Still Pursued Her; or, The Author's Dream
movie 1906 Getting Evidence as Detective
movie 1905 A Gentleman of France as Monsieur Beaucaire
movie 1905 Escape from Sing Sing
movie 1905 Stolen by Gypsies

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