Paul Vatelli

Paul Vatelli Filmography

movie 1987 Blow-Off!
video movie 1987 Broadway Fanny Rose
video movie 1986 Doing the Harlem Shuffle as Inspector Donahue
video movie 1986 Fantasies
video movie 1986 Hot Gun
movie 1986 If My Mother... Only Knew
movie 1986 Stiff Competition
movie 1986 Beverly Hills Cox
video movie 1986 Kiss of the Gypsy
video movie 1985 Amber's Desires
movie 1985 Bodacious Ta' Ta's
video movie 1985 Campus Cuties
movie 1985 Coming Together
video movie 1985 Dr. Strange Sex
video movie 1985 Erotic Zone
video movie 1985 Erotic Zone
video movie 1985 Erotic Zone
video movie 1985 Legacy of Lust
video movie 1985 One Night in Bangkok
movie 1985 Sex Toys
video movie 1985 Star Gazers
movie 1985 Tight & Tender
movie 1985 Letters of Love
video movie 1985 Wet Sex
movie 1984 Let's Talk Sex as Street Punk
video movie 1984 Girls That Love Girls
movie 1984 House of Pleasure
movie 1984 Lips
movie 1984 Nasty Nurses
movie 1983 Getting Lucky
movie 1983 Sex Games
movie 1983 Sex Star
movie 1983 Sorority Sweethearts
movie 1983 Bodies in Heat
movie 1982 Girl from S.E.X. as Copter Pilot
movie 1982 I Like to Watch as The Director
movie 1981 Aunt Peg Goes Hollywood
movie 1980 The Filthy Rich: A 24 K-Dirty Movie

Paul Vatelli on Youtube

One Night in Bangkok (1985) - Director: Paul Vatelli - With Mai Lin and Mariko - Original Music by Michael Zen. Video editing by davefromfrance.