Peggy Gormley

Peggy Gormley Filmography

movie 2011 The Music Never Stopped as Florence
movie 2010 Fighting Fish as Mary
movie 2007 Arranged as Miriam
movie 2007 Noise as Small Claims Judge
movie 2006 Just Like the Son as Social Worker
movie 2005 Fantastic Four as Homeless Woman
movie 2005 The Squid and the Whale as Mrs. Greenberg
movie 2005 Torte Bluma
movie 2003 Dreaming of Julia
movie 2001 The Sleepy Time Gal as Betty
movie 2001 Thirteen Conversations About One Thing as Bea's Mother
movie 2001 The Grey Zone
movie 2000 Two Family House as Miss Dimunjik
movie 2000 Wirey Spindell as Wirey's Mom, Mature
movie 1999 Getting to Know You as Leila's Neighbor
movie 1999 Saturn as Louise
movie 1998 Finding Graceland as Fran
movie 1998 Lulu on the Bridge as Dr. Fisher
movie 1995 Animal Room as Jones' Secretary
movie 1995 Blue in the Face as Sue the Waitress
movie 1994 Imaginary Crimes as Mrs. Cole
movie 1994 Men Lie as Scott's Mom
movie 1994 North as Operator
movie 1992 Bad Lieutenant as Lieutenant's Wife
movie 1988 The Beat as Helen Henbroth
movie 1988 The Last Temptation of Christ as Martha, Sister of Lazarus
movie 1981 Audition as Sarah

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