Peggy Pearce

Peggy Pearce Filmography

movie 1920 A Tokyo Siren as Ethel
movie 1920 Love Madness as Goldie Lewis
movie 1920 Sex as Daisy Henderson
movie 1920 The Sea Wolf as Undetermined Role
movie 1919 Ace of the Saddle as Madeline Faulkner
movie 1919 False Evidence as Dorothy Fair
movie 1919 More Deadly Than the Male as Angela
movie 1918 A Good Loser as Evelyn Haselton
movie 1918 A Tell-Tale Shirt
movie 1918 Courts and Cab Ants
movie 1918 False Ambition as Felicity
movie 1918 Grauman Special as Herself
movie 1918 Mud
movie 1918 Swat the Flirt
movie 1918 The Golden Fleece as Rose
movie 1918 The Red-Haired Cupid as Loys Andres
movie 1917 A Dog Catcher's Love as Peggy - The Dog Catcher's Love
movie 1917 A Sanitarium Scandal
movie 1917 The Pawnbroker's Heart as The Clerk's Wife
movie 1917 Villa of the Movies as Mrs. Hawk - a Boarder
movie 1917 Won by a Fowl
movie 1916 A Friend, But a Star Boarder as Peggy - the Wife
movie 1916 Bubbles of Trouble as Peggy - the Girl
movie 1916 False Friends and Fire Alarms as The Oil Magnate's Daughter
movie 1916 His Bread and Butter as The Waiter's Wife
movie 1916 His Busted Trust as The Landlady's Daughter
movie 1916 Live Wires and Love Sparks as The Neighbor
movie 1916 Scars and Stripes Forever as The Warden's Daughter
movie 1916 Sunshine
movie 1916 The Winning Punch as Peggy
movie 1916 Twenty Minutes at the Fair as Peggy
movie 1915 A Bathhouse Tragedy as Hank's Sweetheart
movie 1915 A Doomed Hero as The Maid
movie 1915 A Mortgage on His Daughter
movie 1915 A Saphead's Revenge as Miss Gaby
movie 1915 Beach Birds
movie 1915 Bill's Blighted Career
movie 1915 Blackmail in a Hospital as Nurse
movie 1915 Broken Hearts and Pledges
movie 1915 Disguised But Discovered as Papa's Daughter
movie 1915 Easy Money
movie 1915 Father Was Neutral as Peggy
movie 1915 Father's First Murder
movie 1915 In and Out of Society
movie 1915 In the Claw of the Law as Mrs. Rawsberry
movie 1915 Love and Sour Notes as Billy's Sweetheart
movie 1915 No Flirting Allowed
movie 1915 Poor But Dishonest as The Magnate's Daughter
movie 1915 Poor Policy as Billie's Sweetheart
movie 1915 Ready for Reno as Wife
movie 1915 The Curse of a Name
movie 1915 The Fatal Note as The Bride
movie 1915 Too Many Bachelors as Pretty Peggy
movie 1914 A Bogus Baron
movie 1914 A Film Johnnie as The Keystone Girl
movie 1914 At Three O'Clock
movie 1914 Baffles as The Girl
movie 1914 Between Showers as 1st Lady in Distress
movie 1914 Gentleman Burglar as The Girl
movie 1914 Hearts and Swords
movie 1914 His Favorite Pastime as Wife
movie 1914 Love and Dynamite as The Girl
movie 1914 Love and Lunch
movie 1914 Tango Tangles as Guest
movie 1914 Too Many Brides as First Bride
movie 1914 Twixt Love and Fire
movie 1913 A Quiet Little Wedding as Wedding Guest
movie 1913 Fatty at San Diego as Theatre Patron
movie 1913 Some Nerve as The Girl
movie 1913 The Gusher as Party Guest
movie 1913 Zuzu, the Band Leader

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Charlie goes to the movie and falls in love with a girl on the screen. He goes to Keystone Studios to find her. He disrupts the shooting of a film, and a fir...

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