Perry Banks

Perry Banks (24 April 1877, Victoria, British Columbia Canada - 10 October 1934, Santa Barbara, California) was a Canadian silent film actor of the early period. ... more on Wikipedia

Perry Banks Filmography

movie 1920 The House of Toys as Undetermined Role
movie 1919 A Sporting Chance as Anthony James
movie 1919 Eve in Exile as Simon Bean
movie 1919 Six Feet Four as Old Man Adams
movie 1918 Ann's Finish as The Fox
movie 1918 Powers That Prey as George Lake
movie 1917 An Eight Cylinder Romance
movie 1917 Melissa of the Hills as Dr. Brand
movie 1917 Snap Judgment as 'Smiling' Jed Baldwin
movie 1917 The Sea Master as Dr. Blakely
movie 1916 Dulcie's Adventure
movie 1916 Faith as Mark Strong
movie 1916 Land o' Lizards as Dave Moore
movie 1916 Life's Blind Alley as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 Lillo of the Sulu Seas as Pahui
movie 1916 Overalls as Harrison Warren
movie 1916 Snow Stuff as David Seligman
movie 1916 The Fate of the Dolphin
movie 1916 The Forgotten Prayer
movie 1916 The Gulf Between
movie 1916 The Improbable Yarn of McQuirk
movie 1916 The Man from Manhattan as Daddy Eggleston
movie 1916 The Overcoat as Det. Sharp
movie 1916 The Quagmire as Tom Hall
movie 1915 A Broken Cloud as Colonel Armstrong
movie 1915 A Golden Rainbow as Mr. Milton
movie 1915 Competition as Ranch Owner
movie 1915 In the Twilight as John Drew - the Father
movie 1915 In Trust
movie 1915 Justified as Second Deputy
movie 1915 Let There Be Light
movie 1915 The Assayer of Lone Gap
movie 1915 The Echo as Mr. Grant
movie 1915 The Happier Man
movie 1915 The House of a Thousand Scandals
movie 1915 The Law of the Wilds as Storekeeper
movie 1915 The Legend Beautiful as Amelio Cordero
movie 1915 The Little Lady Next Door
movie 1915 The Mighty Hold as Caldwell's Father
movie 1915 The Newer Way as Frank Hill
movie 1915 The Secret of the Submarine
movie 1915 The Two Sentences as Jeff Wade
movie 1915 The Wily Chaperon
movie 1914 A Blowout at Santa Banana as Reverend Nosey Splicer
movie 1914 A Happy Coercion
movie 1914 A Joke on Jane
movie 1914 A Slice of Life as Police Sergeant
movie 1914 Closed at Ten as Professor Dow
movie 1914 Lola as The Professor
movie 1914 Mein Lieber Katrina Catches a Convict
movie 1914 Redbird Wins as Tom, the Butler
movie 1914 Sir Galahad of Twilight as Louis Dorchet - Clothilde's Father
movie 1914 The Coming of the Padres as Padre Junipero Serra
movie 1914 The Final Impulse as Ruth's Father
movie 1914 The Other Train as Station Agent
movie 1914 The Ruin of Manley as The Old Farmer's Helper
movie 1914 The Sower Reaps as Crane
movie 1914 The Story of the Olive
movie 1914 The Strength o' Ten as Betty's Admirer
movie 1914 The Tightwad as Slick Sam
movie 1914 The Widow's Investment
movie 1914 Retribution

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