Peter Greene

Peter Greene (born Peter Green; October 8, 1965) is an American character actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Peter Greene Filmography

movie 2015 Numba One as Harry Rosen
movie 2015 The Art of Dying; the Act of Living as Otis
movie 2014 3 Solitude as J.R.
movie 2014 Sweet Lorraine as Marcus
movie 2014 Turnabout as Leo
movie 2013 Checkmate, Keep Your Enemies Closer as Alex Decker
video movie 2013 Making of 'Das Kind' as Himself
movie 2012 Brutal as Carlo Morello
movie 2012 The Child as Martin Engler
movie 2012 The Kill Hole as Peter Krebbs
movie 2012 The Shoemaker as Dutchie
video movie 2011 A Pornstar Is Born as Ron Goldman
movie 2011 Keep Your Enemies Closer as Alex Decker
movie 2011 Shanghai Hotel as Mr. Capuzzi
movie 2011 The Grasslands as Baby John
movie 2010 Caller ID as Admissions Counselor
movie 2010 Earthling as Swinnert
movie 2010 Once Fallen as Sonny
movie 2010 Once More as Jack
movie 2010 The Bounty Hunter as Earl Mahler
movie 2009 Blue Knight as Sergeant Donato
movie 2009 Forget Me Not as Boyfriend
movie 2008 Clown as Clown
movie 2007 Bloom as Jim
video movie 2007 Final Engagement as Priest
movie 2007 I'm Calling Frank as Bobby
movie 2007 Lesser of Three Evils as John Lowe
tv movie 2006 Dead & Deader as Dr. Scott
movie 2006 End Game as Jack Baldwin
movie 2006 Love Hollywood Style as Theodor Caruso
movie 2005 Brothers in Arms as Bert
video movie 2005 Brothers in Arms: The Making of a Modern Western as Himself
movie 2005 Confession as Detective William Fletcher
video movie 2005 War of the Worlds as Matt Herbert
movie 2004 Black Cloud as Norm Olsen
movie 2003 Gentleman B. as Manny Breen
video movie 2002 Round Up: Deposing 'The Usual Suspects' as Redfoot
movie 2002 Under the Influence as Stephen Tally
movie 2001 Dead Dogs Lie as Marcus Devlin
movie 2001 Nobody's Baby as Vern
movie 2001 Scenes of the Crime as Rick
movie 2001 Ticker as Det. Artie Pluchinsky
movie 2001 Training Day as Jeff
movie 2000 Shadow Hours as Det. Steve Andrianson
movie 1999 Blue Streak as Deacon
movie 1999 Out in Fifty as Tony Grayson
movie 1999 The Boss
tv movie 1998 Black Cat Run as D.J. Wheeler
movie 1998 Permanent Midnight as Gus
movie 1997 Do Me a Favor as Teddy
movie 1997 Double Tap as Nash
movie 1996 Coyote Run as Clifton Santier
movie 1996 Kiss & Tell as Detective John Finnigan
movie 1996 Lowball as John
movie 1996 Snakeland as Johnny
movie 1996 The Rich Man's Wife as Cole Wilson
movie 1995 Bang as Adam
movie 1995 The Usual Suspects as Redfoot the Fence
movie 1995 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory as Mercenary #1
movie 1994 Pulp Fiction as Zed
movie 1994 The Mask as Dorian Tyrell
movie 1993 Clean, Shaven as Peter Winter
movie 1993 Judgment Night as Sykes
movie 1992 Laws of Gravity as Jimmy

Peter Greene on Youtube

Yvonne Maria Schaefer and Peter Greene, Brooklyn, New York, Trailer Forget Me Not, Federico Castelluccio A woman who has fallen into a life of abuse has ...

Peter Greene and Orestes Matacena in the mask.

Peter being the man.

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