Peter Hodgins

Peter Hodgins Filmography

movie 2014 Dead Rivalry as Man at Diner
movie 2014 Here for the Weekend as Al Hannula
movie 2014 Symphony Dark as Chloe Spraggett
movie 2013 Black Box as The Boss
movie 2013 Breakfast with Pete as Old Pete
movie 2013 The Dentist as Sour Jay
movie 2013 Bed & Breakfast
movie 2012 Kimi as Business Man
movie 2012 Monetization as Bum
movie 2012 Plan B: Flight from Hell
movie 2012 Sunny Acres Farms as Caged Human
movie 2012 I Hate Toronto: A Love Story
tv series 2012 The Level
movie 2011 Abolition as The Preacher
movie 2011 An Act of Passion as Detective
movie 2011 Last Kind Word as Jan Vester
movie 2011 Me in Winter as Father
movie 2011 Pretense as Time Traveller
movie 2011 The Science of Blowjobs and Throbbing Hearts as Archimedes

Peter Hodgins on Youtube

Peter Hodgins plays the role of the dead man in the pilot episode of "Incision". ...

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