Peter J. Morton

Peter J. Morton Filmography

movie 2014 As Worlds Collide as William Hastings
movie 2014 Ciaran the Demon Hunter as Ciaran
movie 2012 The OG Girls as Marcus
movie 2012 Wish Wise
tv movie 2011 Over the Hill as Pete
movie 2011 The Theif of Vocal Vision
movie 2008 Time Out as George
movie 2006 The Walk of Shame as Woodsman
movie 1993 The Higher Mortals as Jason

Peter J. Morton on Youtube

Peter J. Morton Showreel.

A young man awakes from a one night stand to find himself trapped in a nightmarish world unable to find his way home. Starring Aidan J. David and Peter J. Mo.

A short trailer for Keane directed by Peter Morton and Aidan J David.

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