Peter Seabourne

Peter Seabourne Filmography

movie 1995 Robin Hood: Quest for the Crown
video movie 1991 Robin Hood: The Movie
tv movie 1972 H.M.S. Pinafore
tv movie 1972 The Gondoliers
tv movie 1972 The Yeomen of the Guard
tv movie 1972 Iolanthe
tv movie 1972 Ruddigore
tv movie 1972 The Mikado
tv movie 1972 The Pirates of Penzance
tv movie 1972 Trial by Jury
movie 1968 Escape from the Sea
movie 1967 Countdown to Danger
movie 1955 Handcuffs, London
movie 1955 Marilyn
movie 1954 Devil's Point
movie 1953 Death Goes to School
movie 1953 Glad Tidings
movie 1953 The Dog and the Diamonds
movie 1953 Trouble in Store
movie 1950 The Wooden Horse

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This is the world premiere of my composition, Superhero Symphony performed by the IU Southeast Orchestra, directed by Dr. Goldstein. Superhero Symphony ...

This was the last time Child's Play performed on stage before the passing of Brian Jack. This show was sold out! Amazing show and was honored to be a part of.