Peter Whitney

Peter Whitney, (May 24, 1916?March 30, 1972), was an American actor in film and television. Born as Peter King Engle in Long Branch, New Jersey, Whitney's corpulent, heavy build qualified him to play villains in many Hollywood movies in the 1940s and 1950s. From the late 1950s, he was more prolific playing character roles in many television series, including Gunsmoke, City Detective, My Friend Flicka ("A Case of Honor"), Sheriff of Cochise, Behind Closed Doors, Northwest Passage, Tombstone Ter ... more on Wikipedia

Peter Whitney Filmography

movie 1970 The Ballad of Cable Hogue as Cushing
movie 1969 The Great Bank Robbery as Brother Jordan Cass
movie 1967 Chubasco as Matt
movie 1967 In the Heat of the Night as Courtney
tv movie 1966 The Iron Men as Sean O'Conner
movie 1965 The Sword of Ali Baba as Abou
movie 1964 The Big Parade of Comedy as Jake in 'Rio Rita'
movie 1962 The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm as The Giant
tv movie 1960 O'Conner's Ocean
movie 1958 Buchanan Rides Alone as Amos Agry
movie 1957 Domino Kid as Lafe Prentiss
movie 1956 Great Day in the Morning as Phil the Cannibal
movie 1956 Man from Del Rio as Ed Bannister
movie 1956 The Cruel Tower as 'Joss' Jossman
movie 1955 The Last Frontier as Sergeant Major Decker
movie 1955 The Sea Chase as Bachman
movie 1954 Day of Triumph as Nikator
movie 1954 Gorilla at Large as Kovacs
movie 1954 Superman's Peril as Capt. McBain
movie 1954 The Black Dakotas as Grimes
movie 1953 All the Brothers Were Valiant as James Finch, First Mate
movie 1953 The Big Heat as Tierney
movie 1953 The Great Sioux Uprising as Ahab Jones
movie 1952 Big Jim McLain as Commie Truck Driver
tv series 1951 The Living Christ Series as Herod Antipas
movie 1948 The Iron Curtain as Cipher Lt. Vinikov
movie 1947 Northwest Outpost as Volkoff Overseer
movie 1947 The Gangster as Karty's Brother-in-Law
movie 1947 Violence as Joker Robinson
movie 1946 Blonde Alibi as Police Lt. Melody Haynes
movie 1946 Canyon Passage as Cornelius - Baggage Clerk
movie 1946 The Brute Man as Police Lieutenant Gates
movie 1946 The Notorious Lone Wolf as Harvey Beaumont
movie 1946 Three Strangers as Timothy Delaney aka Gabby
movie 1945 Bring on the Girls as Swede
movie 1945 Hotel Berlin as Heinrichs
movie 1945 Murder, He Says as Mert Fleagle
movie 1944 Mr. Skeffington as Chester Forbish
movie 1943 Action in the North Atlantic as Whitey Lara
movie 1943 Baptism of Fire as Pete
movie 1943 Destination Tokyo as Dakota
movie 1942 Busses Roar as Frederick Hoff
movie 1942 Reunion in France as Soldier
movie 1942 Rio Rita as Jake
movie 1942 Spy Ship as Zinner
movie 1942 Valley of the Sun as Willie
movie 1942 Whistling in Dixie as Frank V. Bailie
movie 1941 Blues in the Night as Pete Bossett
movie 1941 Nine Lives Are Not Enough as Roy
movie 1941 Underground as Alex Schumann, Underground Member

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