Phil Dunham

Phil Dunham Filmography

movie 1953 Easy to Love as Desk Clerk
movie 1952 Singin' in the Rain as Audience Member
movie 1952 The Bad and the Beautiful as Pawn Broker
movie 1951 The Man with a Cloak as Quartet Member
movie 1951 Three Guys Named Mike as Convair Passenger
movie 1950 Annie Get Your Gun as Cynical Man
movie 1950 Dial 1119 as Druggist
movie 1949 The Judge Steps Out as Minor Role
movie 1948 Act of Violence as Convention Party Drunk
movie 1948 Homecoming as Elevator Operator
movie 1948 The Bride Goes Wild as Wedding Guest
movie 1947 California as Barber
movie 1947 High Barbaree as Vendor
movie 1947 High Wall as Patient
movie 1947 It Happened in Brooklyn as Minor Role
movie 1947 The Hucksters as Man in Elevator
movie 1947 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as Composing Room Foreman
movie 1947 The Unfinished Dance as Night Watchman
movie 1946 A Tale of Two Cafes as Meek Man
movie 1946 Criminal Court as Councilman Hankinson
movie 1946 Swing, Cowboy, Swing as Fargo Agent
movie 1946 The Hoodlum Saint as Reporter
movie 1946 Two Smart People as Drunk
movie 1946 Undercurrent as Elevator Operator
movie 1945 Duffy's Tavern as Customer
movie 1945 Mama Loves Papa as Assistant at Ceremony
movie 1945 Sudan as Man
movie 1944 Barbary Coast Gent as Train Ticket Seller
movie 1944 Firebrands of Arizona as Bank Teller
movie 1943 Hi'ya, Sailor as Old Man
movie 1943 Swing Shift Maisie as Minor Role
movie 1942 Code of the Outlaw as Boyle
movie 1942 Framing Father as Wilkins
movie 1942 Riding the Wind as Storekeeper Jim
movie 1942 Thundering Hoofs as Clem
movie 1940 West of Pinto Basin as Bank Cashier Summers
movie 1940 Ridin' the Trail
movie 1939 $1000 a Touchdown as McGlen's Second Son
movie 1939 Bridal Suite as Passenger Asked for Match
movie 1939 Code of the Fearless as Doctor
movie 1939 Fighting Thoroughbreds as Pete, Bar Owner
movie 1939 Let Us Live as Nervous Juror
movie 1939 Our Leading Citizen as Janitor
movie 1939 Westbound Stage as Jefferson Wells - Attorney
movie 1939 Two Gun Troubador
movie 1938 Starlight Over Texas as Drummer Thrown Out of Saloon
movie 1938 Gang Smashers
movie 1938 Life Goes On
movie 1938 The Duke Is Tops
movie 1937 Bank Alarm as Leon Curtis, Bank Clerk
movie 1937 Meet the Boy Friend as Husband
movie 1937 Navy Spy as Dr. Matthews
movie 1937 The Girl Said No as Cafe Customer
movie 1937 The Mysterious Pilot as Wreckek-Car Driver
movie 1937 The Singing Outlaw as Harris the Bridegroom
movie 1937 Trailing Trouble as Homesteader
movie 1936 A Son Comes Home as Father
movie 1936 Aces Wild as Mr. Anson
movie 1936 Beware of Ladies as J. Robert Slank
movie 1936 Big Brown Eyes as Barber
movie 1936 Cavalcade of the West as Reporter from St. Joseph
movie 1936 Fury Below as Cole, Sr.
movie 1936 Ghost Town as Abe Rankin
movie 1936 Gun Grit as Henchman Louie
movie 1936 Hair-Trigger Casey as Abner
movie 1936 I'll Name the Murderer as Ed - Newspaper Editor
movie 1936 Romance Rides the Range as Doctor
movie 1936 Special Agent K-7 as Croupier
movie 1936 Tell Your Children as Juror
movie 1936 The Case Against Mrs. Ames as Juryman
movie 1936 The Idaho Kid as Tumblebug Jones
movie 1936 The Reckless Way
movie 1936 Two Minutes to Play as Pericles Panopulous
movie 1936 Feud of the West
movie 1936 Stormy Trails
movie 1935 Heir to Trouble as Uriah Potts
movie 1935 I'm a Father as Mr. Smith
movie 1935 Love Me Forever as Cafe Customer
movie 1935 Powdersmoke Range as Barber
movie 1935 The Pecos Kid as Land Agent Parkins
movie 1935 Wild Mustang as Cashier Peterson
movie 1934 Bachelor Bait as Wilson - Graftsman's Assistant
movie 1934 Bandits and Ballads
movie 1934 Cracked Shots as Landlord
movie 1934 Down to Their Last Yacht as Mr. Weems
movie 1934 Everything's Ducky as Party Guest
movie 1934 Jealousy as Jury Man
movie 1934 Perfectly Mismated
movie 1934 Search for Beauty as Heinie - Photographer
movie 1934 Six of a Kind as Drunk
movie 1934 The Lucky Texan as Judge McGill
movie 1934 The Witching Hour as Court Clerk
movie 1934 When Do We Eat?
movie 1934 Whirlpool as John - Henpecked Husband
movie 1933 Flirting in the Park as Mr. Smith
movie 1933 Hold Your Temper
movie 1933 Ladies Must Love as Casino Customer
movie 1933 Rainbow Ranch as Lawyer Wilber Hall
movie 1933 Saturday's Millions as Old Grad
movie 1933 The Fighting Parson as George Larkin
movie 1933 The Fugitive as Cookie aka Shorty
movie 1932 Forbidden Company as Drunk
movie 1932 Jitters the Butler as Mr. Yeasel
movie 1932 Tom Brown of Culver as Counterman
movie 1932 Union Wages
movie 1931 Oklahoma Jim as Storekeeper
movie 1931 One Hundred Dollars
movie 1931 Scratch-As-Catch-Can
movie 1931 The Montana Kid as Barber
movie 1931 The Nevada Buckaroo as Frenchy the Barber
movie 1930 Montana Moon as Railroad Ticket Clerk
movie 1930 Moonlight and Monkey Business as Mr. Fair
movie 1930 Razored in Old Kentucky as Minister
movie 1929 Cross Country Run
movie 1929 Farewell
movie 1929 Speeding Youth
movie 1928 Racing Mad as The Car's Inventor
movie 1928 Calford in the Movies
movie 1928 Calford on Horseback
movie 1928 Calford vs. Redskins
movie 1928 Dear Old Calford
movie 1928 Fighting for Victory
movie 1928 Kicking Through
movie 1928 Paddling Co-Eds
movie 1928 Sliding Home
movie 1928 The Bookworm Hero
movie 1928 The Junior Year
movie 1928 The Winning Goal
movie 1927 A Gym Dandy
movie 1927 A Perfect Day
movie 1927 Brain Storms
movie 1927 Brave Cowards as The Meek Husband
movie 1927 Careless Hubby as The Husband
movie 1927 Eats for Two as 1st Husband
movie 1927 First Prize as Phil
movie 1927 Fox Tales
movie 1927 High Sea Blues
movie 1927 Hold That Bear
movie 1927 Hot Lightning as The Reformer
movie 1927 It's Me
movie 1927 Jungle Heat
movie 1927 Lucky Dog as The Husband
movie 1927 New Wrinkles
movie 1927 Night Owls as The Gentle American
movie 1927 No Cheating
movie 1927 Nothing Flat as George's Sweetheart's Father
movie 1927 Queens Wild as The Bridegroom
movie 1927 Quiet, Please
movie 1927 Seeing Stars
movie 1927 Sure Cure
movie 1927 The Movie Hound
movie 1927 A Fighting Finish
movie 1927 Around the Bases
movie 1927 Breaking Records
movie 1927 Crimson Colors
movie 1927 Flashing Oars
movie 1927 Running Wild
movie 1927 Samson at Calford
movie 1927 Splashing Through
movie 1927 The Cinder Path
movie 1927 The Dazzling Co-Ed
movie 1927 The Fighting Spirit
movie 1927 The Winning Punch
movie 1926 Creeps as Phil
movie 1926 Going Crazy as Doctor
movie 1926 His Off Day as Phil
movie 1926 Honest Injun
movie 1926 Jolly Tars
movie 1926 Kiss Me Kate as Phil - the Butler
movie 1926 Light Housekeeping
movie 1926 Live Cowards
movie 1926 Mister Chump as The Groom
movie 1926 Much Mystery
movie 1926 Pink Elephants
movie 1926 Plumb Goofy
movie 1926 Quick Service
movie 1926 Sky Bound
movie 1926 The Radio Bug
movie 1926 The Tin Ghost
movie 1926 Who Hit Me?
movie 1926 Making Good
movie 1926 The Collegians
movie 1926 The Last Lap
movie 1925 Fair Warning
movie 1925 Hot and Heavy
movie 1925 On Edge
movie 1925 Pleasure Bound
movie 1925 Scrambled Eggs
movie 1925 Who's Which?
movie 1925 Wide Awake
movie 1924 Anthony and Cleopatra as Anthony
movie 1924 Cut Loose
movie 1924 Omar Khayham as Omar Khayham
movie 1923 Robin Hood, Jr. as High Sheriff of Nottingham
movie 1923 The Dangerous Maid as Pvt. Stich
movie 1922 Alias Julius Caesar as Billy's Valet
movie 1922 The Barnstormer as Stage Carpenter
movie 1922 The Deuce of Spades as Edwin Dobbs
movie 1921 A Game Lady
movie 1921 The Punch of the Irish
movie 1921 Two Minutes to Go as Professor of Spanish
movie 1920 A Convict's Happy Bride
movie 1920 All for the Dough Bag
movie 1920 Brownie, the Peacemaker
movie 1920 Good Night, Nurse
movie 1920 The Bull Thrower
movie 1919 All Jazzed Up as Wilbur the Waiter
movie 1919 Back to the Kitchen as The Cook's 1st Suitor
movie 1919 Brownie's Doggone Tricks
movie 1919 In Bad All Around
movie 1919 Nellie's Naughty Boarder
movie 1918 Playthings as Jerry Thompson
movie 1918 The Cabbage Queen
movie 1918 The Romance of Tarzan as Englishman
movie 1917 A Limburger Cyclone
movie 1917 After the Balled-Up Ball as The Ball Guest
movie 1917 Backward Sons and Forward Daughters
movie 1917 Blackboards and Blackmail
movie 1917 Chicken Chased and Henpecked as Mr. Henpeck
movie 1917 Counting Out the Count
movie 1917 Defective Detectives
movie 1917 Dry Goods and Damp Deeds
movie 1917 Even as Him and Her
movie 1917 Faking Fakirs
movie 1917 Good Little Bad Boy
movie 1917 Love and Blazes
movie 1917 Nabbing a Noble as Count Notta Jit
movie 1917 On the Trail of the Lonesome Pill
movie 1917 Summer Boarders
movie 1917 The Joy Riders
movie 1917 The Little Fat Rascal
movie 1917 Tom's Tramping Troupe
movie 1916 Alice in Society
movie 1916 Dad's Dollars and Dirty Doings as The Vulture
movie 1916 Eat and Grow Hungry
movie 1916 Flirtation a la Carte as Phil - the Husband
movie 1916 Gertie's Gasoline Glide
movie 1916 Lizzie's Lingering Love
movie 1916 Phil's Busy Day
movie 1916 Pirates of the Air
movie 1916 Shooting His 'Art Out
movie 1916 Spring Fever
movie 1916 The Bankruptcy of Boggs and Schultz
movie 1916 Tillie's Terrible Tumbles
movie 1915 Desperate Dud, the Plumber as Fearsome Philander - the Painter
movie 1915 Flirtatious Lizzie as Dauntless Dan
movie 1915 Like Father, Like Son
movie 1915 The Actress and the Cheese Hound as Blight - the Press Agent
movie 1915 The Tale of a Hat as Mr. Fossell - a Jealous Husband
movie 1915 Two of a Kind
movie 1915 Willie Whipple's Dream as Mr. Fossil
movie 1914 'Cross the Mexican Line
movie 1914 A Gypsy Romance
movie 1914 Bess the Detectress in the Dog Watch
movie 1914 Cupid Incognito
movie 1914 For the Hand of Jane
movie 1914 Heart of the Hills as Dave's Brother
movie 1914 His Night Out as The Minister
movie 1914 Jane's Lovers
movie 1914 Love's Western Flight
movie 1914 On Again, Off Again Finnegan
movie 1914 Passing of the Beast
movie 1914 Regeneration
movie 1914 The Countess Betty's Mine
movie 1914 The Countless Count as The Count
movie 1914 The Den of Thieves
movie 1914 The Greater Devotion
movie 1914 The Hoodoo as Phil - the Husband
movie 1914 The Intruder
movie 1914 The Man Within
movie 1914 The Mountaineer as The Artist
movie 1914 The Quack
movie 1914 The Skeleton
movie 1914 The Voice of the Viola
movie 1914 Women and Roses
movie 1913 A Hopi Legend
movie 1913 In the Cycle of Life as Phil
movie 1913 Retribution
movie 1913 The Lightning Bolt

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