Phil Hubbard

Philip "Phil" Gregory Hubbard (born December 13, 1956 in Canton, Ohio) is a former American professional basketball player for the Detroit Pistons and Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association from 1979 to 1989, and former Assistant Coach of the Washington Wizards under Eddie Jordan. ... more on Wikipedia

Phil Hubbard Filmography

video movie 1995 Solomon as Adonijah
video movie 1994 The Story of Ruth as Elimelech
video movie 1993 Daniel as Father
video movie 1993 Elijah as Captain
movie 1993 Esther as Dazim
video movie 1993 Florence Nightingale as Ridley
video movie 1993 President Abraham Lincoln as Chase
video movie 1992 Joseph in Egypt as Photiphar
video movie 1992 Mormon and Moroni as Mormon
video movie 1992 The Ministry of Paul as Claudius Lysias
video movie 1991 Alma and the Zoramites as Believer
video movie 1991 Forgive Us Our Debts as Micah
video movie 1990 Helaman's Stripling Warriors as Ammoron

Phil Hubbard on Youtube

Phil Hubbard speaks briefly about the importance of education, and how came to become a coach.

Took time to make it all work.

Ohio State walks away with a 27-10 victory over the Boilermakers on Thursday. (Purdue Wrestling, Ohio State Wrestling, 01/12/2012)

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