Phil Rosen

Phil Rosen (8 May 1888 ? 22 October 1951) was an American film director and cinematographer. He directed 142 films between 1915 and 1949. ... more on Wikipedia

Phil Rosen Filmography

movie 1949 The Secret of St. Ives
movie 1948 Sins of the Fathers
movie 1946 Step by Step
movie 1946 The Shadow Returns
movie 1945 Captain Tugboat Annie
movie 1945 The Cisco Kid in Old New Mexico
movie 1945 The Jade Mask
movie 1945 The Red Dragon
movie 1945 The Scarlet Clue
movie 1945 The Strange Mr. Gregory
movie 1944 Army Wives
movie 1944 Black Magic
movie 1944 Call of the Jungle
movie 1944 Charlie Chan in The Chinese Cat
movie 1944 Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
movie 1944 Return of the Ape Man
movie 1943 A Gentle Gangster
movie 1943 Wings Over the Pacific
movie 1943 You Can't Beat the Law
movie 1942 Man with Two Lives
movie 1942 Mystery of Marie Roget
movie 1942 Road to Happiness
movie 1941 I Killed That Man
movie 1941 Murder by Invitation
movie 1941 Paper Bullets
movie 1941 Roar of the Press
movie 1941 Spooks Run Wild
movie 1941 The Deadly Game
movie 1940 Double Alibi
movie 1940 Forgotten Girls
movie 1940 Phantom of Chinatown
movie 1940 Queen of the Yukon
movie 1940 The Crooked Road
movie 1939 Missing Evidence
movie 1939 Ex-Champ
movie 1938 The Marines Are Here
movie 1937 Youth on Parole
movie 1937 It Could Happen to You!
movie 1937 Jim Hanvey, Detective
movie 1937 Roaring Timber
movie 1937 Two Wise Maids
movie 1936 Brilliant Marriage
movie 1936 Easy Money
movie 1936 Ellis Island
movie 1936 It Couldn't Have Happened (But It Did)
movie 1936 Missing Girls
movie 1936 Tango
movie 1936 The Bridge of Sighs
movie 1936 The President's Mystery
movie 1936 Three of a Kind
movie 1935 Born to Gamble
movie 1935 Death Flies East
movie 1935 The Calling of Dan Matthews
movie 1935 Unwelcome Stranger
movie 1934 A Lost Lady
movie 1934 Beggars in Ermine
movie 1934 Cheaters
movie 1934 Dangerous Corner
movie 1934 Forbidden Territory
movie 1934 Little Men
movie 1934 Picture Brides
movie 1934 Take the Stand
movie 1934 West of the Pecos
movie 1934 Woman in the Dark
movie 1933 Black Beauty
movie 1933 Hold the Press
movie 1933 Kiss of Araby
movie 1933 Shadows of Sing Sing
movie 1933 The Devil's Mate
movie 1933 The Phantom Broadcast
movie 1933 The Sphinx
movie 1932 A Man's Land
movie 1932 Klondike
movie 1932 Lena Rivers
movie 1932 Self Defense
movie 1932 Texas Gun Fighter
movie 1932 The Gay Buckaroo
movie 1932 The Vanishing Frontier
movie 1932 Whistlin' Dan
movie 1932 Young Blood
movie 1931 Alias the Bad Man
movie 1931 Arizona Terror
movie 1931 Branded Men
movie 1931 El código penal
movie 1931 Range Law
movie 1931 The Pocatello Kid
movie 1931 The Two Gun Man
movie 1930 Extravagance
movie 1930 Lotus Lady
movie 1930 Second Honeymoon
movie 1930 The Rampant Age
movie 1930 Worldly Goods
movie 1929 The Faker
movie 1929 The Peacock Fan
movie 1929 The Phantom in the House
movie 1928 Burning Up Broadway
movie 1928 Marry the Girl
movie 1928 Modern Mothers
movie 1928 The Apache
movie 1928 The Branded Man
movie 1928 Undressed
movie 1927 California or Bust
movie 1927 Closed Gates
movie 1927 Heaven on Earth
movie 1927 In the First Degree
movie 1927 Pretty Clothes
movie 1927 Salvation Jane
movie 1927 Stolen Pleasures
movie 1927 Stranded
movie 1927 The Cancelled Debt
movie 1927 The Cruel Truth
movie 1927 The Woman Who Did Not Care
movie 1927 Thumbs Down
movie 1926 A Woman's Heart
movie 1926 Exquisite Sinner
movie 1926 Rose of the Tenements
movie 1926 The Adorable Deceiver
movie 1925 The Bridge of Sighs
movie 1925 The Heart of a Siren
movie 1925 The White Monkey
movie 1925 Wandering Footsteps
movie 1924 Being Respectable
movie 1924 Lovers' Lane
movie 1924 The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln
movie 1924 This Woman
movie 1923 Will He Conquer Dempsey?
movie 1922 Across the Continent
movie 1922 Handle with Care
movie 1922 The Bonded Woman
movie 1922 The World's Champion
movie 1922 The Young Rajah
movie 1921 Extravagance
movie 1921 The Little Fool
movie 1921 The Lure of Youth
movie 1920 The Greatest Love
movie 1920 Under Crimson Skies
movie 1920 Are All Men Alike?
movie 1920 Roarin' Dan
movie 1920 The Jay Bird
movie 1920 The Path She Chose
movie 1920 The Road to Divorce
movie 1920 The Sheriff's Oath
movie 1920 West Is Best
movie 1919 A Little Brother of the Rich
movie 1919 The Brute Breaker
movie 1919 The Eternal Magdalene
movie 1919 The Miracle Man
movie 1919 The Double Hold-Up
movie 1918 The Light Within
movie 1917 Heart and Soul
movie 1917 Her Greatest Love
movie 1917 Tangled Lives
movie 1917 The Darling of Paris
movie 1917 The Spreading Dawn
movie 1917 The Tiger Woman
movie 1916 A Wife's Sacrifice
movie 1916 Blazing Love
movie 1916 Her Double Life
movie 1916 Romeo and Juliet
movie 1916 The Green-Eyed Monster
movie 1916 The Vixen
movie 1916 Under Two Flags
movie 1915 A Little Brother of the Rich
movie 1915 Blindness of Devotion
movie 1915 Kreutzer Sonata
movie 1915 Sin
movie 1915 The Clemenceau Case
movie 1915 The Heart of Maryland
movie 1915 The Soul of Broadway
movie 1915 The Two Orphans
movie 1915 The Unfaithful Wife
movie 1915 The Beachcomber
movie 1914 The Littlest Rebel

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"Spooks Run Wild" Movie Trailer (1941) Director - Phil Rosen Release Date - 24 October 1941.

Jeff Carter, a singer down on his luck, turns to radio acting as a means of supporting his young son Danny. CHANGE ...

Director: Phil Rosen Stars: Bela Lugosi, Leo Gorcey and Bobby Jordan The boys are sent to a mountain camp. Stranded in a small rural town, they hear about a .