Philip Ford

Philip Ford Filmography

movie 1952 Bal Tabarin
movie 1952 Desperadoes' Outpost
movie 1951 Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas
movie 1951 Missing Women
movie 1951 Rodeo King and the Senorita
movie 1951 The Dakota Kid
movie 1951 The Pride of Maryland
movie 1951 Utah Wagon Train
movie 1951 Wells Fargo Gunmaster
movie 1950 Prisoners in Petticoats
movie 1950 Redwood Forest Trail
movie 1950 The Old Frontier
movie 1950 The Vanishing Westerner
movie 1950 Trial Without Jury
movie 1949 Hideout
movie 1949 Law of the Golden West
movie 1949 Outcasts of the Trail
movie 1949 Pioneer Marshal
movie 1949 Powder River Rustlers
movie 1949 Prince of the Plains
movie 1949 Ranger of Cherokee Strip
movie 1949 San Antone Ambush
movie 1949 South of Rio
movie 1949 The Wyoming Bandit
movie 1948 Angel in Exile
movie 1948 California Firebrand
movie 1948 Desperadoes of Dodge City
movie 1948 Marshal of Amarillo
movie 1948 The Bold Frontiersman
movie 1948 The Denver Kid
movie 1948 The Timber Trail
movie 1948 Train to Alcatraz
movie 1947 Bandits of Dark Canyon
movie 1947 The Wild Frontier
movie 1947 Web of Danger
movie 1946 Crime of the Century
movie 1946 The Inner Circle
movie 1946 The Invisible Informer
movie 1946 The Last Crooked Mile
movie 1946 The Mysterious Mr. Valentine
movie 1946 Valley of the Zombies
movie 1945 The Tiger Woman
movie 1926 Officer '444' as Haverly's Son
movie 1926 The Blue Eagle as Limpy Darcy
movie 1925 Perils of the Wild as Pirate
movie 1925 The Four from Nowhere
movie 1924 Pride of Sunshine Alley
movie 1922 According to Hoyle as Jim Mead
movie 1922 Heroes of the Street
movie 1922 Storm Girl as Lewis Lester
movie 1922 The Milky Way
movie 1922 They're Off
movie 1922 Thundering Hoofs as Jack - Bill's Nephew
movie 1921 The Great Reward
movie 1919 The Mystery of 13 as Butts
movie 1918 The Silent Mystery as Chick
movie 1917 The Mystery Ship
movie 1916 The Purple Mask as Joe Butts

Philip Ford on Youtube

Philip Ford Gate Practice 12-26.

clip from the Philip Ford-directed b-movie.

A 1946 mystery film directed by Philip Ford, starring Adele Mara, Warren Douglas, William Frawley and Ricardo Cortez. A private detective finds himself with ...

Jeff Ford 6'0 190lb PG Highlight Tape @ NDNU.