Philip Marcus

Philip Marcus Filmography

movie 2013 Marcus Blogamentary Movie as Philip
movie 2013 Frenchanista
movie 2013 The Promise
video movie 2012 The Studio as Himself
movie 2012 BFF
movie 2012 Big Trouble in Paradise..!
video movie 2012 Puppy Size
movie 2010 The Grave Diggers
movie 2010 Last Call
movie 2010 Santa Baby
movie 2007 Hawaii North Shore Triple Crown
movie 1995 Taken Alive
video movie 1988 James Brown & Friends: Set Fire to the Soul
movie 1987 Terror on Alcatraz
tv movie 1986 What Has Four Wheels and Flies
movie 1985 The Serpent Warriors

Philip Marcus on Youtube

Philip Marcus (UC Berkeley/ Mechanical Engineering) on "ZOMBIE Vortices - Self-replication in the DEAD Zones of Stars" at a Berkeley LASER ...

Life Coach Trailer 60" TV Spot.

Published on Jun 27, 2013 Shit hits the fan when Philip Marcus' Stalinistic agenda gets quoted publicly on television by a dingbat social worker - from what ...