Pinto Colvig

Vance DeBar "Pinto" Colvig (September 11, 1892 ? October 3, 1967) was a vaudeville actor, radio actor, newspaper cartoonist, prolific movie voice actor, and circus performer whose schtick was playing clarinet off-key while mugging. ... more on Wikipedia

Pinto Colvig Filmography

video movie 2006 It's a Small World of Fun
video movie 2001 Disney's 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs': Still the Fairest of Them All as Grumpy
video movie 2001 Mickey's House of Villains as Goofy
video movie 2001 Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse as Pluto
video movie 1992 The Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song as Practical Pig
tv movie 1990 Celebrating Walt Disney's 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs': The One That Started It All as Grumpy
movie 1989 Goofy About Health as Goofy
video movie 1988 Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Very Merry Christmas Songs as Goofy
video movie 1987 Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Heigh-Ho as Grumpy
video movie 1986 Jiminy Cricket's Christmas as Goofy
video movie 1985 The Walt Disney Comedy and Magic Revue as Goofy
video movie 1982 A Walt Disney Christmas as Goofy
video movie 1982 Halloween Treat as Goofy
movie 1965 Donald Duck Goes West as Goofy
movie 1965 Freewayphobia #1 as Goofy
movie 1965 Goofy's Freeway Troubles as Goofy
movie 1965 The Man from Button Willow as Abner Hawkins
movie 1961 Aquamania as Goofy
movie 1959 Sleeping Beauty as Maleficent's Goon
movie 1954 Spare the Rod as Pygmy Cannibals
movie 1953 Father's Day Off as Goofy
movie 1953 Father's Week-end as Goofy
movie 1953 For Whom the Bulls Toil as Goofy
movie 1953 How to Dance as Goofy
movie 1953 How to Sleep as Goofy
movie 1953 The Simple Things as Pluto
movie 1952 Father's Lion as Goofy
movie 1952 Hello Aloha as Goofy
movie 1952 How to Be a Detective as Goofy
movie 1952 Man's Best Friend as Goofy
movie 1952 Pluto's Christmas Tree as Pluto
movie 1952 Pluto's Party as Pluto
movie 1952 Teachers Are People as Goofy
movie 1952 Two Gun Goofy as Goofy
movie 1952 Two Weeks Vacation as Goofy
movie 1952 Uncle Donald's Ants as Ants
movie 1951 Cold Storage as Pluto
movie 1951 Cold Turkey as Pluto
movie 1951 Cold War as Goofy
movie 1951 Fathers Are People as Goofy
movie 1951 Get Rich Quick as Goofy
movie 1951 Home Made Home as Goofy
movie 1951 Lion Down as Goofy
movie 1951 No Smoking as Goofy
movie 1951 Plutopia as Pluto
movie 1951 R'coon Dawg as Pluto
movie 1951 Tomorrow We Diet! as Goofy
movie 1950 Camp Dog as Pluto
movie 1950 Food for Feudin' as Pluto
movie 1950 Hold That Pose as Goofy
movie 1950 How to Ride a Horse as Goofy
movie 1950 Motor Mania as Goofy
movie 1950 Pests of the West as Pluto
movie 1950 Pluto and the Gopher as Pluto
movie 1950 Pluto's Heart Throb as Pluto
movie 1950 Primitive Pluto as Pluto
movie 1950 Puss Cafe as Pluto
movie 1950 Wonder Dog as Pluto
movie 1949 Bubble Bee as Pluto
movie 1949 Goofy Gymnastics as Goofy
movie 1949 Little Rural Riding Hood as Country Wolf
movie 1949 Pluto's Surprise Package as Pluto
movie 1949 Pluto's Sweater as Pluto
movie 1949 Pueblo Pluto as Pluto
movie 1949 Sheep Dog as Pluto
movie 1949 Tennis Racquet as Goofy
movie 1949 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad as Ichabod Crane
movie 1949 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as Ichabod Crane
tv series 1949 Bozo's Circus as Bozo
movie 1948 Bill and Coo as Singer
movie 1948 Bone Bandit as Pluto
movie 1948 Cat Nap Pluto as Pluto
movie 1948 Melody Time as Aracuan Bird
movie 1948 Mickey and the Seal as Pluto
movie 1948 Mickey Down Under as Pluto
movie 1948 Pluto's Fledgling as Pluto
movie 1948 Pluto's Purchase as Pluto
movie 1948 Tea for Two Hundred as Ants
movie 1948 The Big Wash as Goofy
movie 1948 They're Off as Goofy
movie 1947 Clown of the Jungle as Aracuan Bird
movie 1947 Crazy with the Heat as Goofy
movie 1947 Foul Hunting as Goofy
movie 1947 Fun & Fancy Free as Goofy
movie 1947 King-Size Canary as Cat
movie 1947 Mail Dog as Pluto
movie 1947 Mickey and the Beanstalk as Goofy
movie 1947 Mickey's Delayed Date as Pluto
movie 1947 Pluto's Blue Note as Pluto
movie 1947 Pluto's Housewarming as Pluto
movie 1947 Rescue Dog as Pluto
movie 1947 Variety Girl as Special Voice Impersonation
movie 1946 A Knight for a Day as Goofy
movie 1946 Double Dribble as Goofy
movie 1946 Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive as Goofy
movie 1946 In Dutch as Pluto
movie 1946 Pluto's Kid Brother as Pluto
movie 1946 Squatter's Rights as Pluto
movie 1946 The Purloined Pup as Pluto
movie 1945 African Diary as Goofy
movie 1945 Californy er Bust as Goofy
movie 1945 Canine Casanova as Pluto
movie 1945 Canine Patrol as Pluto
movie 1945 Dog Watch as Pluto
movie 1945 Hockey Homicide as Goofy
movie 1945 No Sail as Goofy
movie 1945 The Eyes Have It as Pluto
movie 1945 The Legend of Coyote Rock as Pluto
movie 1945 Tiger Trouble as Goofy
movie 1945 Wild and Woolfy as Slim, Horse
movie 1944 Batty Baseball as Pitcher
movie 1944 First Aiders as Pluto
movie 1944 How to Be a Sailor as Goofy
movie 1944 How to Play Football as Goofy
movie 1944 How to Play Golf as Goofy
movie 1944 Springtime for Pluto as Pluto
movie 1944 The Three Caballeros as Aracuan Bird
movie 1943 Hop and Go as Claude Hopper
movie 1943 One Ham's Family as Father Pig
movie 1943 Pass the Biscuits Mirandy! as Mountaineer
movie 1943 Pluto and the Armadillo as Pluto
movie 1943 Private Pluto as Pluto
movie 1942 Aloha Hooey as Cecil Crow
movie 1942 Bats in the Belfry as Bats
movie 1942 Blitz Wolf as Sergeant Pork, the Third Pig
movie 1942 Conrad the Sailor as Conrad Cat
movie 1942 Ding Dog Daddy as Goofy Dog
movie 1942 Mickey's Birthday Party as Goofy
movie 1942 Out of the Frying Pan Into the Firing Line as Pluto
movie 1942 Pluto at the Zoo as Pluto
movie 1942 Pluto Junior as Pluto
movie 1942 Saludos Amigos as Goofy
movie 1942 Symphony Hour as Goofy
movie 1942 T-Bone for Two as Pluto
movie 1942 The Army Mascot as Pluto
movie 1942 The Sleepwalker as Pluto
movie 1942 The Raven
movie 1941 7 Wise Dwarfs as Doc
movie 1941 All's Well as Gabby
movie 1941 Canine Caddy as Pluto
movie 1941 Fire Cheese as Gabby
movie 1941 Gabby Goes Fishing as Gabby
movie 1941 It's a Hap-Hap-Happy Day as Gabby
movie 1941 Lend a Paw as Pluto
movie 1941 Man's Best Friend as Hunter
movie 1941 Mr. Bug Goes to Town as Mr. Creeper
movie 1941 Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy as Camel
movie 1941 Swing Cleaning as Gabby
movie 1941 The Reluctant Dragon as Goofy
movie 1941 The Tangled Angler as Pete Pelican
movie 1941 The Thrifty Pig as Practical Pig
movie 1941 Two for the Zoo as Gabby - Delivery Man
movie 1940 Billposters as Goofy
movie 1940 Females Is Fickle as Jellyfish
movie 1940 Fightin Pals as Bluto
movie 1940 King for a Day as Gabby
movie 1940 Me Feelins Is Hurt as Bluto
movie 1940 Nurse-Mates as Bluto
movie 1940 Onion Pacific as Bluto
movie 1940 Poopdeck Pappy as Bruiser
movie 1940 Popeye Meets William Tell as High Governor
movie 1940 Popeye Presents Eugene, the Jeep as Delivery Man
movie 1940 Shakespearian Spinach as Bluto
movie 1940 The Constable as Gabby
movie 1940 Tugboat Mickey as Goofy
movie 1940 You Can't Shoe a Horsefly as Horsefly
movie 1939 Customers Wanted as Bluto
movie 1939 Donald's Cousin Gus as Barking Hot Dog
movie 1939 Ghosks Is the Bunk as Bluto
movie 1939 Gulliver's Travels as Gabby
movie 1939 Hobo Gadget Band as Lead Hobo
movie 1939 It's the Natural Thing to Do as Bluto
movie 1939 Jeepers Creepers as Ghost
movie 1939 Snowman's Land as Little Mountie
movie 1939 Society Dog Show as Pluto
movie 1939 The Lone Stranger and Porky as Villain's Horse
movie 1939 The Practical Pig as Practical Pig
movie 1939 The Wizard of Oz as Munchkins
movie 1939 Wotta Nitemare as Bluto
movie 1938 Boat Builders as Goofy
movie 1938 Mickey's Parrot as Pluto
movie 1938 Mickey's Trailer as Goofy
movie 1938 Polar Trappers as Goofy
movie 1938 The Fox Hunt as Goofy
movie 1938 The Pygmy Hunt as Laughing Hyena
movie 1938 The Whalers as Goofy
movie 1938 Merbabies
movie 1937 Clock Cleaners as Goofy
movie 1937 Donald's Ostrich as Hortense Ostrich
movie 1937 Hawaiian Holiday as Goofy
movie 1937 Lonesome Ghosts as Goofy
movie 1937 Magician Mickey as Goofy
movie 1937 Mickey's Amateurs as Singing Contestant
movie 1937 Moose Hunters as Goofy
movie 1937 Pluto's Quin-puplets as Pluto
movie 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as Sleepy
movie 1937 The Worm Turns as Pluto
movie 1936 Alpine Climbers as Pluto
movie 1936 Donald and Pluto as Pluto
movie 1936 Mickey's Elephant as Pluto
movie 1936 Mickey's Grand Opera as Pluto
movie 1936 Mickey's Rival as Mortimer Mouse
movie 1936 Mother Pluto as Pluto
movie 1936 Moving Day as Goofy
movie 1936 Three Blind Mouseketeers as Tall thin mouseketeer
movie 1936 Three Little Wolves as Practical Pig
movie 1935 Broken Toys as W.C. Fields Doll
movie 1935 Mickey's Fire Brigade as Goofy
movie 1935 Mickey's Garden as Pluto
movie 1935 Mickey's Service Station as Goofy
movie 1935 On Ice as Goofy
movie 1935 Pluto's Judgement Day as Pluto
movie 1935 The Cookie Carnival as Cookie Boy
movie 1935 Music Land
movie 1934 Orphan's Benefit as Goofy
movie 1934 Playful Pluto as Pluto
movie 1934 Servants' Entrance as Voice of Mustard Pot
movie 1934 The Big Bad Wolf as Practical Pig
movie 1934 The Grasshopper and the Ants as Grasshopper
movie 1934 The Wise Little Hen as Peter Pig
movie 1933 I Like Mountain Music as Yodeler
movie 1933 Mickey's Mellerdrammer as Goofy
movie 1933 Mickey's Pal Pluto as Pluto
movie 1933 The Mad Doctor as Pluto
movie 1933 The Steeplechase as Colonel
movie 1933 Three Little Pigs as Practical Pig
movie 1933 Ye Olden Days as Goofy
movie 1932 Barnyard Olympics as Laugh in Crowd
movie 1932 Just Dogs as Pluto
movie 1932 Mickey's Good Deed as Pluto
movie 1932 Mickey's Nightmare as Pluto
movie 1932 Mickey's Revue as Dippy Dawg
movie 1932 Santa's Workshop as Santa's secretary
movie 1932 The Duck Hunt as Pluto
movie 1932 The Klondike Kid as Goofy
movie 1932 The Mad Dog as Pluto
movie 1932 The Wayward Canary as Pluto
movie 1932 The Whoopee Party as Goofy
movie 1932 Three's a Crowd as Various
movie 1932 Touchdown Mickey as Goofy
movie 1932 Trader Mickey as Cannibal Chief
movie 1931 Mickey Steps Out as Pluto
movie 1931 The Moose Hunt as Pluto
movie 1931 What a Doctor! as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
movie 1930 Africa as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
movie 1930 Alaska as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
movie 1930 Cold Feet as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
movie 1930 Henpecked as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
movie 1930 Snappy Salesman as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
movie 1930 Spooks as Hippo
movie 1930 The Chain Gang as Hounds
movie 1930 The Navy as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
movie 1928 The Cockeyed Family as Orange Farmer
movie 1928 All Alike
movie 1927 Better Days
movie 1925 After a Reputation
movie 1925 Buster Be Good
movie 1925 Buster's Nightmare
movie 1925 Oh! Buster! as The Butler
movie 1925 13th Alarm
movie 1925 Ringling's Rivals
movie 1925 Six Faces West
movie 1925 The Home Wreckers
movie 1925 The Klynick
movie 1925 Tin Hoss
movie 1925 What Price Orphans
movie 1925 Peggy in a Pinch

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