Prem Vaidya

Prem Vaidya Filmography

movie 1985 Kala Pani: A Pilgrimmage
movie 1983 Veer Savarkar
movie 1982 Baba Amte
movie 1982 Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy: President of India
movie 1981 A Steadfast Wisdom
movie 1981 Care Free
movie 1981 In Search of Gold
movie 1980 Go Slow
movie 1980 Rhythms of Eastern Region
movie 1980 Roop Ka Gehana
movie 1979 Care of the Drought
movie 1979 Conquest of Kanchenjunja
movie 1979 Rhythms of a New Life
movie 1978 Enough
movie 1978 Small Industry for Employment
movie 1977 Farakka: A Happy Accord
movie 1976 An Opportunity
movie 1976 The Hidden Force
movie 1975 Don't be That Greedy
movie 1975 Full Steam Ahead
movie 1975 Kahen Kabir
movie 1975 You Are the Master
movie 1974 Bokaro
movie 1974 Man in Search of Man
movie 1974 New Rhythms in Nagaland
movie 1973 Fighting the Drought
movie 1973 Ganges
movie 1972 Anatomy of Fear
movie 1972 Fry Fruits and Vegetables
movie 1972 Homecoming
movie 1972 Twenty-Five
movie 1972 Yogasanas
movie 1971 Return to Bhagirathi
movie 1967 Report on Drought

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Noted documentary filmmaker Prem Vaidya was honoured with the Ezra Mir Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Indian Documentary Producers Association ...

This Filmfare award-winning documentary was directed by Prem Vaidya for the Films Division of the Government of India. It was released in 1983, the birth cen...