R.G. Springsteen

Robert G. Springsteen (September 8, 1904 - December 9, 1989) was a prolific American director Hollywood B movies and television shows. He was most often credited on screen as R. G. Springsteen. ... more on Wikipedia

R.G. Springsteen Filmography

movie 1970 Tiger by the Tail
movie 1967 Hostile Guns
movie 1967 Red Tomahawk
movie 1966 Johnny Reno
movie 1966 Waco
movie 1965 Apache Uprising
movie 1965 Black Spurs
movie 1964 Bullet for a Badman
movie 1964 He Rides Tall
movie 1964 Taggart
movie 1963 Showdown
tv movie 1961 Gunfight at Black Horse Canyon
movie 1961 Operation Eichmann
movie 1959 Battle Flame
movie 1959 King of the Wild Stallions
movie 1958 Cole Younger, Gunfighter
movie 1958 Revolt in the Big House
movie 1957 Affair in Reno
tv series 1957 The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Ghost Farm
movie 1956 Come Next Spring
movie 1956 When Gangland Strikes
movie 1955 Cross Channel
movie 1955 Double Jeopardy
movie 1955 I Cover the Underworld
movie 1955 Secret Venture
movie 1955 Track the Man Down
movie 1953 A Perilous Journey
movie 1953 Geraldine
movie 1952 Gobs and Gals
movie 1952 Oklahoma Annie
movie 1952 The Fabulous Senorita
movie 1952 Toughest Man in Arizona
movie 1952 Tropical Heat Wave
movie 1951 Honeychile
movie 1951 Million Dollar Pursuit
movie 1951 Street Bandits
movie 1950 Belle of Old Mexico
movie 1950 Covered Wagon Raid
movie 1950 Frisco Tornado
movie 1950 Harbor of Missing Men
movie 1950 Hills of Oklahoma
movie 1950 Singing Guns
movie 1950 The Arizona Cowboy
movie 1949 Death Valley Gunfighter
movie 1949 Flame of Youth
movie 1949 Hellfire
movie 1949 Navajo Trail Raiders
movie 1949 Sheriff of Wichita
movie 1949 The Red Menace
movie 1948 Heart of Virginia
movie 1948 Out of the Storm
movie 1948 Renegades of Sonora
movie 1948 Secret Service Investigator
movie 1948 Son of God's Country
movie 1948 Sundown in Santa Fe
movie 1948 The Main Street Kid
movie 1947 Along the Oregon Trail
movie 1947 Homesteaders of Paradise Valley
movie 1947 Marshal of Cripple Creek
movie 1947 Oregon Trail Scouts
movie 1947 Rustlers of Devil's Canyon
movie 1947 Under Colorado Skies
movie 1947 Vigilantes of Boomtown
movie 1946 California Gold Rush
movie 1946 Conquest of Cheyenne
movie 1946 Home on the Range
movie 1946 Man from Rainbow Valley
movie 1946 Santa Fe Uprising
movie 1946 Sheriff of Redwood Valley
movie 1946 Stagecoach to Denver
movie 1946 Sun Valley Cyclone
movie 1945 Phantom of the Plains
movie 1945 Colorado Pioneers
movie 1945 Marshal of Laredo
movie 1945 Wagon Wheels Westward
movie 1939 Dick Tracy's G-Men
movie 1939 The Kansas Terrors
movie 1937 Dick Tracy
movie 1937 The Painted Stallion

R.G. Springsteen on Youtube

Pony up, saddle pals! Allan "Rocky" Lane stars as Red Ryder, with Robert Blake as Little Beaver. Don't shoot your eye out while watching it, kid!

Stars: Allan Lane, Robert Blake, Martha Wentworth Director: R.G. Springsteen Writers: Fred Harman (characters), Earle Snell (original screenplay) Lambert has...

Lambert has the stagecoach wrecked killing the Commissioner so his phony replacement can alter Coonskin's land survey. When Red Ryder exposes the ...

Trouble has been reported in Placerville where Tom Barton's brother is the Marshal. Arriving Tom finds a phoney Marshal in his brother's place. Cast Tom Tyle...