Rachel Hayward

Rachel Hayward Filmography

tv movie 2014 My Mother's Future Husband as Mitzi
video movie 2013 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded as Roberta Shaw
tv movie 2013 Garage Sale Mystery as Customer
tv movie 2013 She Made Them Do It as Julia Rogers
video movie 2012 Surviving High School as Judy
movie 2011 Comforting Skin as Tammie
tv movie 2011 Obsession as Laura Whiting
movie 2009 Courage as Officer Evelyn Tubbs
video movie 2009 Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut as Sgt. Carol Weterings
video movie 2008 The Art of War II: Betrayal as Carlson
tv movie 2008 The Mrs. Clause as Marcia
movie 2008 While She Was Out as Lynn
movie 2007 Christmas in Wonderland as Judy Saunders
tv movie 2007 Cleaverville as Andi
movie 2007 Numb as Spinning Instructor
tv movie 2007 Perfect Child as Dr. Ferrel
tv movie 2007 Unthinkable as Susan Shaw
tv movie 2006 Augusta, Gone as Judy
tv movie 2006 Holiday Wishes as Mrs. Fulton
tv movie 2006 Last Chance Cafe as Katie Stratton
tv movie 2004 Deep Evil as Captain O'Brien
video movie 2004 Inside 'Harsh Realm' as Herself - 'Florence'
movie 2003 Art History as Verity Phillips
movie 2003 Cellmates as Carrie
tv movie 2003 Devil Winds as Karen Sowells
tv movie 2002 Cabin Pressure as Reece Robbins
video movie 2002 Hellraiser: Hellseeker as Allison
tv movie 2002 Sightings: Heartland Ghost as Jamie
tv movie 2002 Snow Queen as Amy
movie 2002 Watchtower as Kate O'Conner
movie 2001 Lola as Woman at Phonebooth
movie 2000 Apartment Hunting as Lola
tv movie 2000 Deadlocked as Rachel Castlemore
movie 2000 The Operative as Sonya
movie 1999 Convergence as T.K. Wallace
movie 1999 Limp as Dr. Fishbourne
movie 1999 The Fear: Resurrection as Trish
movie 1999 Y2K as Panama
tv movie 1998 Voyage of Terror as Gina Reid
tv movie 1997 Dead Fire as Alexa Stant
tv movie 1996 Bloodhounds II as Bookstore Fan
tv movie 1996 She Woke Up Pregnant as Jill Weitz
movie 1996 The Final Cut as Barmaid Gabby
tv movie 1996 Toe Tags
movie 1995 Suspicious Agenda as Roxanne
tv movie 1993 A Stranger in the Mirror as Harriett
video movie 1993 Anything for Love as Ms. Glatt
tv movie 1993 The Sea Wolf as Ann Treadwell
movie 1993 Time Runner as Caroline Raynor
movie 1992 Knight Moves as Last Victim
movie 1990 Whispers as Woman in morgue
movie 1990 Xtro II: The Second Encounter as Dr. Myers
movie 1985 Breaking All the Rules as Angie

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Starring: Brian Bosworth, John Tench and Rachel Hayward.

Performing Shadow's seminal calypso "Bassman" at the Brighton Carnival Showcase 2010. Sorry about the not-so-good sound quality, it was very windy on the ...

A stranger (Tom Berenger) arrives at a small Oregon fishing village, introducing himself to siblings Kate (Rachel Hayward) and Mike (Tygh Runyan) O'Connor as ...

Hellraiser 6 : Hellseeker Director: Rick Bota Year: 2002 Cast: Ashley Laurence , Dean Winters , Doug Bradley , Rachel Hayward , Sarah-Jane Redmond ,William ...