Rakefet Abergel

Rakefet Abergel Filmography

movie 2014 Sister as Casting Director
movie 2013 The Call as Trainee #1
tv movie 2012 Bad Girls as Inmate #4
movie 2011 Hollywoo as L'assistante réalisateur
movie 2011 Just Go with It as Patricia
movie 2009 Cessation as Bertha
movie 2009 Love in Bulk as Jane
movie 2009 Shrink as Orderly
movie 2008 Daddy's Big Girl as Millie
movie 2008 Drillbit Taylor as Woman Driver
tv movie 2008 Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh as Janet
movie 2008 My Best Friend's Girl as Heavily Pierced Kid
movie 2007 Superbad as Muffin Selby
movie 2006 Barefoot and Pregnant with Feminist Ideology in the Misogynist Month of November as Louise
movie 2005 Kids in America as Goth Girl
movie 2005 The Kid & I as Auditioning Actress
video movie 2003 Coast as Dancer
movie 2000 Massholes
movie 1999 She's All That as Student
movie Asleep at the Wheel as Store Clerk

Rakefet Abergel on Youtube

Rakefet's appearance as "Goth Girl" in Kids in America.

Rakefet Abergel becomes a catalyst in the simmering romance between Hope and Aidan... we can't wait for her to come back from her car to stir up more trouble.

Tiny clip for Bix.com contest entry.

Actress, Rakefet Abergel speaks with Compassion with Fashion about her personal connection to Drawing Hope International .