Ralph Seymour

Ralph Seymour Filmography

movie 2002 Murder by Numbers as Paramedic
movie 1997 The Relic as Sergeant
movie 1992 Rage and Honor as Sleazoid
tv movie 1992 Sinatra as Budd
movie 1989 Let It Ride as Sid
movie 1988 Rain Man as Lenny
tv movie 1988 Winnie as Aldo
movie 1987 Empire of the Sun as Cohen
movie 1986 Killer Party as Martin
movie 1985 Fletch as Creasy
movie 1985 Ghoulies as Mark
movie 1985 Pee-wee's Big Adventure as Francis' Accomplice
movie 1984 Meatballs Part II as Eddie
movie 1984 Surf II
movie 1981 Back Roads as Gosler
movie 1981 Just Before Dawn as Daniel
movie 1981 Longshot as Leroy Curtis
movie 1981 Underground Aces as Zig

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