Randy Baranczyk

Randy Baranczyk Filmography

movie 2014 Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter as Airport Passenger
movie 2014 The Devil's Hour as Exasperated Guard
movie 2013 Dear White People as Kurt's Attorney
movie 2012 Best Man Down as Tram Passenger
movie 2011 Lambent Fuse as Police Officer
movie 2011 Valor's Kids as Bearded Bandit
video movie 2010 Dracula: Hall Monitor as Principal Vanhelsing
movie 2009 Harry Putter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets as Uncle Vermin Palmer
movie 2009 Health Freaks as Health Club Member
movie 2009 IceBreaker as Pimp Daddy
movie 2009 Into Temptation as Homeless Shelter Diner
movie 2009 Nobody as Parent at Graduation
movie 2008 Fade as Two
movie 2007 A Show Down at the O.K. Cinema as Bystander
movie 2007 Arnolds Park as Police Officer
movie 2007 Men in Plaid as Mustard Slinger
movie 2007 Stimulus as Brian Kettle
video movie 2007 Threat Level Orange as Military Judge
movie 2007 Harry Putter and the Sorcerer's Phone
movie 2006 (Yielding to) A Willing Breath as Bar Patron
movie 2006 For a List of Ways Technology Has Failed to Improve Daily Life Please Press Three as SSgt. Brooks

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