Randy J. Shams

Randy J. Shams Filmography

movie 2012 Leviticus: God's Law as Arnold
movie 2011 Musician
movie 2010 Aerosol Rebel as Captain
movie 2010 Overture as Redneck Passenger
movie 2010 The Fine Line
movie 2009 Inquisition as Damon
movie 2009 Luck as Police Officer
movie 2009 The Dinner Guest as Jake
movie 2005 Banking on Heaven

Randy J. Shams on Youtube

Title: The Barbarian Artist: X-Ray Dog Composer: Randy J. Shams Image: http://www.thinkhero.com/2011/09/01/conan-the-barbarian-video-review/

Student thesis by Kyle Gehring while attending ZGIIF (RIP). "In a country where religion has been outlawed, one man continues to practice his pacifist belief...

Chris Valentino-Drums Ken Baugh- Bass Randy J. Shams- Guitar.