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Ray Harryhausen (born Raymond Frederick Harryhausen on June 29, 1920 in Los Angeles, California) is an American film producer and a special effects creator most famous for his brand of stop-motion model animation, sometimes called Dynamation. Among his most notable works are his animation on Mighty Joe Young (with pioneer Willis O'Brien, which won the Academy Award for special effects) (1949), The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (his first color film) and Jason and the Argonauts, featuring a famous sword f ... more on Wikipedia

Ray Baker Filmography

tv movie 2007 Claire as Sheriff Birch
tv movie 2005 Alien Siege as The President
movie 2005 Coach Carter as St. Francis Coach
tv movie 2005 Path of Destruction
movie 2004 The Last Run as Mr. Powers
movie 2004 Without a Paddle as Sheriff Briggs
tv movie 2003 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out as Harris
movie 2003 Holes as Asst. Attorney General
tv movie 2002 A Town Without Pity as Johnny Orr
movie 2002 The Trip as Peter Baxter
tv movie 2001 Area 52 as Falcone
movie 2001 Sweet November as Buddy Leach
tv movie 2000 Ali: An American Hero
movie 2000 What Lies Beneath as Dr. Stan Powell
movie 1999 Anywhere But Here as Ted
movie 1999 Girl, Interrupted as Carl Kaysen
movie 1998 Hard Rain as Mayor
tv movie 1998 Oklahoma City: A Survivor's Story as Roy Salyers
movie 1997 A Thousand Acres as Wallace Crockett
tv movie 1997 Echo as Stu Fishman
movie 1997 Living in Peril as Martin Campbell
tv movie 1997 Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest as Wilder
tv movie 1997 Perfect Body as Elliot Bradley
tv movie 1996 A Friend's Betrayal as Robert
tv movie 1996 Assault on Dome 4 as Dan Block, Chief of Staff
tv movie 1996 Dark Angel
movie 1996 Executive Decision as 747 Captain
tv movie 1996 She Cried No as Mark Baker
movie 1996 The Final Cut as Col. Forsyth
tv movie 1996 The Tomorrow Man as Berman
tv movie 1995 Never Say Never: The Deidre Hall Story as Deidre's first husband
tv movie 1995 The Secretary as Lester Howland
movie 1994 Camp Nowhere as Norris Prescott
movie 1994 Ed Wood as Doctor
tv movie 1994 Locals
movie 1994 On Hope as Phillip
movie 1994 Speechless as Garvin
movie 1994 The Hard Truth as Hamilton Nichols
tv series 1994 Under Suspicion as Chief Jack DeSort
movie 1993 Freaked as Bill Blazer
movie 1993 Hexed as Victor Thummell
tv movie 1993 River of Rage: The Taking of Maggie Keene as Coy Baron
tv movie 1992 Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, the Last Chapter as Jack Earley
tv movie 1992 In Sickness and in Health as Sam
movie 1990 Heart Condition as Harry Zara
movie 1990 Masters of Menace as Riley Hoover
tv movie 1990 She Said No as Frank Igus
movie 1990 Total Recall as Bob McClane
tv movie 1989 Parent Trap III as Nick
movie 1989 Physical Evidence as Strickler
tv movie 1988 Disaster at Silo 7 as Col. Chadwick
movie 1988 Everybody's All-American as Bolling Kiely
movie 1988 Rain Man as Mr. Kelso
tv movie 1987 At Mother's Request as Mike George
tv movie 1987 The Long Journey Home as Grey Harrison
tv movie 1986 Nobody's Child as Joe Balter
tv movie 1986 Rockabye as Donald F. Donald
tv movie 1986 Taking It Home as Johnny
movie 1985 Silverado as McKendrick
movie 1984 C.H.U.D. as Ad Man
movie 1984 Places in the Heart as Sheriff Royce Spalding
movie 1983 Silkwood as Pete Dawson
tv movie 1982 The Neighborhood
tv movie 1981 Dream House as Steve Corcoran
movie 1981 Nightmare as Real Estate Agent
movie 1980 Gloria as Assistant Bank Manager
tv movie 1977 Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years as James Roosevelt
movie 1972 Parades as 1st CID Man

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So we filmed this back in summer 2013 because we were bored. I never put it together because I realized the film quality was just bad and the sound quality f...

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO! For entertainment purposes only. Patricia Richardson and husband (now ex-husband) Ray Baker at the ...

In this series, Ray Baker interviews the people who have made essential contributions to the cultural fabric of the District of Columbia.