Ray Porter

Ray Porter Filmography

movie 2012 Argo as First A.D.
movie 2011 T Is for Trout as Iago the Trout
movie 2011 The Little Engine That Could as Nightmare Train
movie 2010 The Runaways as Band Member
tv movie 2007 Last Stand of the 300 as Priest of the Oracle
movie 2007 The Trap as Flasher
tv movie 2005 Bible Battles as Abraham
video movie 2004 Built Upon the Rock as Sahara
movie 2003 Sin as Jeff
movie 2002 Hot Rush as Billy
movie 2000 Almost Famous as Roadie Mick
video movie 2000 The Scarecrow as Grisham
video movie 1997 Tender Loving Care as Radio voice
movie 1996 Follow the Bitch as Bill
video movie 1996 Helen Keller as Narrator
video movie 1996 Joan of Arc as Cauchon
video movie 1996 Maccabees: The Story of Hanukkah as Nashum
video movie 1995 David and Goliath as King Saul
video movie 1995 Jesus, the Son of God as Satan
video movie 1995 Louis Pasteur as Jean
video movie 1995 Solomon as Younger King David
video movie 1994 Elisha as Naaman
video movie 1993 Elijah as Ahab
movie 1993 Esther as Cook
video movie 1993 Florence Nightingale as William Russell
video movie 1993 Moses: From Birth to Burning Bush as Moses
video movie 1993 President Abraham Lincoln as Stanton
video movie 1993 Samuel the Boy Prophet as Phineas
video movie 1993 Thomas Edison and the Electric Light as Reporter #2
video movie 1992 General George Washington as George Washington
video movie 1992 The Ministry of Paul as Paul
video movie 1992 William Bradford: The First Thanksgiving as Captain
video movie 1991 Alma and the Zoramites as Zoramite
video movie 1991 Christopher Columbus as King Ferdinand
video movie 1991 Forgive Us Our Debts as Collector
video movie 1990 Helaman's Stripling Warriors as Midian
video movie 1990 John the Baptist as Narrator
video movie 1990 Samuel and the Sign as Jarom
video movie 1990 The Brother of Jared as Mahonri

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Ray Porter - Hessler.

Listen to the Original Mix: https://soundcloud.com/ray-porter-music/ray-porter-auszeit-original?in=ray-porter-music/sets/ray-porter-sch-ne-zeit-das WWW.RAYPO.

Ray Porter on being hassled by the cops.