Red Wing

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Red Wing Filmography

movie 1921 White Oak
movie 1916 Ramona as His Wife
movie 1915 Fighting Bob as Carmen
movie 1914 Down Lone Gap Way
movie 1914 In the Days of the Thundering Herd as Starlight
movie 1914 The Squaw Man as Nat-U-Ritch
movie 1913 A Break for Freedom as Red Wing
movie 1913 An Indian Don Juan as Red Wing
movie 1913 An Indian's Honor
movie 1913 By the Two Oak Trees as Rosa
movie 1913 General Scott's Protégé as Red Wing
movie 1913 The Bear Hunter as Red Wing
movie 1913 The Frame-Up as Long Snake's Squaw
movie 1913 The Pioneer's Recompense
movie 1913 The Prairie Trail as Red Wing
movie 1913 The Struggle
movie 1913 The Unfilled Oath
movie 1912 A Redskin's Appeal as Lola
movie 1912 A Victim of Fire Water
movie 1912 As Told by Princess Bess
movie 1912 Silver Moon's Rescue as Silver Moon
movie 1912 Silver Wing's Two Suitors as Silver Wing
movie 1912 The Horse Thieves
movie 1912 The Penalty Paid as The Chief's Daughter - Black Hawk's Squaw
movie 1912 The Squaw Man's Sweetheart as The Squaw Man's Sweetheart
movie 1912 The Unwilling Bride as The Indian Chief's Daughter
movie 1912 The Wooing of White Fawn as White Fawn
movie 1911 A Sioux Lover's Strategy as The Sioux's Sweetheart
movie 1911 An Up-to-Date Squaw as The Indian Squaw
movie 1911 Little Dove's Romance as Little Dove
movie 1911 Lone Star's Return as Laughing Eyes
movie 1911 Red Deer's Devotion as An Indian Maiden
movie 1911 Starlight's Necklace as Starlight
movie 1911 The Savage Girl's Devotion
movie 1911 Western Postmistress as The Indian Messenger
movie 1910 A Red Girl's Friendship
movie 1910 A Sioux's Reward as Minnahaha
movie 1910 An Indian Maiden's Choice as Fawn
movie 1910 An Indian's Elopement as Blue Feather
movie 1910 For the Love of Red Wing as Red Wing
movie 1910 Love and Money
movie 1910 Red Fern and the Kid as Red Fern
movie 1910 Red Girl's Romance
movie 1910 Red Wing and the White Girl as Red Wing
movie 1910 Red Wing's Constancy as Red Wing
movie 1910 Red Wing's Loyalty as Red Wing
movie 1910 The Adventures of a Cowpuncher
movie 1910 The Cowboy and the Schoolmarm
movie 1910 The Flight of Red Wing as Red Wing
movie 1910 The Girl from Arizona
movie 1910 The Indian and the Cowgirl as The Cowgirl
movie 1910 The Mexican's Jealousy
movie 1910 The Red Girl and the Child
movie 1910 White Fawn's Devotion: A Play Acted by a Tribe of Red Indians in America as White Fawn
movie 1909 A Cowboy's Narrow Escape
movie 1909 A Squaw's Sacrifice
movie 1909 An Indian's Bride
movie 1909 Dove Eye's Gratitude as Dove Eye
movie 1909 For Her Sake; or, Two Sailors and a Girl
movie 1909 Iona, the White Squaw as Iona
movie 1909 Red Wing's Gratitude as Red Wing
movie 1909 The Falling Arrow
movie 1909 The Mended Lute as Indian
movie 1909 The True Heart of an Indian
movie 1908 The White Squaw

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