Reginald Sheffield

Reginald Sheffield Filmography

movie 2008 Spisok korabley
movie 1958 Marjorie Morningstar as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1958 The Buccaneer as Tripes
movie 1957 The Story of Mankind as Julius Caesar
movie 1956 23 Paces to Baker Street as Bespectacled Man
movie 1956 D-Day the Sixth of June as Hotel Proprietor
tv movie 1956 Renegade Satellite as Prof. Mayberry
movie 1956 Secret of Treasure Mountain as Edward Lancaster
tv movie 1956 The Cold Sun as Prof. Mayberry
tv movie 1956 The Magnetic Moon as Prof. Mayberry
tv movie 1956 The Robot of Regalio as Prof. Mayberry
movie 1954 The Black Shield of Falworth as Lord Constable
movie 1953 Forbidden as Englishman
movie 1953 Second Chance as Mr. Woburn
movie 1953 The Story of Three Loves as Coudray's Stage Manager
movie 1953 Young Bess as Court Recorder
movie 1952 At Sword's Point as Cardinal
movie 1950 Rogues of Sherwood Forest as Farmer
movie 1949 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court as Auctioneer
movie 1949 Mr. Belvedere Goes to College as Professor Ives
movie 1949 Prison Warden as English Charlie
movie 1949 That Forsyte Woman as Mr. McLean
movie 1948 A Woman's Vengeance as Solicitor
movie 1948 Kiss the Blood Off My Hands as Superintendent
movie 1948 The Three Musketeers as Subaltern
movie 1947 If Winter Comes as Manager
movie 1947 Singapore as Travel Agent
movie 1947 The Exile as Commanding Officer
movie 1946 Centennial Summer as President Grant
movie 1946 Devotion as Charles Dickens
movie 1946 Temptation as Wickersham
movie 1946 The Searching Wind as Harry, Reporter
movie 1946 The Verdict as Chaplain
movie 1946 Three Strangers as Hotel Clerk
movie 1946 To Each His Own as Headwaiter
movie 1945 Captain Kidd as Captain of the King's Guard
movie 1945 Confidential Agent as Miner
movie 1945 Guest Wife as Restaurant Manager
movie 1945 My Name Is Julia Ross as McQuarrie
movie 1945 The Man in Half Moon Street as Art Expert at Party
movie 1944 Our Hearts Were Young and Gay as Purser
movie 1944 Passport to Destiny
movie 1944 The Great Moment as Horace Greeley
movie 1944 Wilson as Newton D. Baker - Secretary of War
movie 1943 Appointment in Berlin as Miller - Wilson's Butler
movie 1943 Bomber's Moon as Cantway
movie 1943 My Kingdom for a Cook as Reuter's English Reporter
movie 1943 The Crystal Ball as Dad in Shooting Gallery
movie 1943 The Gorilla Man as Announcer
movie 1943 The Man from Down Under as Recruit
movie 1943 Tonight We Raid Calais as English Commander
movie 1942 Eagle Squadron as Doc
movie 1942 Eyes in the Night as Victor
movie 1942 Random Harvest as Judge
movie 1942 Take a Letter, Darling as Husband
movie 1941 Bedtime Story as Broadcaster
movie 1941 Hudson's Bay as Clerk
movie 1941 Scotland Yard as Hat Clerk
movie 1941 Suspicion as Reggie Wetherby
movie 1941 The Lady Eve as Professor Jones
movie 1940 Arise, My Love as Steward
movie 1940 Earthbound as Defense Attorney
movie 1940 My Son, My Son! as Thurston - Mine Superintendent
movie 1940 Vigil in the Night as Judge Tyler
movie 1939 Gunga Din as Rudyard Kipling - Journalist
movie 1938 Female Fugitive as Dr. Richardson
movie 1938 Hollywood Stadium Mystery as Det. Murdoch in Play
movie 1938 Sergeant Murphy as English Radio Commentator
movie 1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood as Herald at Archery Tournament
movie 1938 The Buccaneer as Ship's Surgeon
movie 1937 Another Dawn as Wister's Wireless Operator
movie 1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade as Bentham
movie 1936 The White Angel as Patient
movie 1935 Becky Sharp as Undetermined Role
movie 1935 Black Sheep as Oscar's Friend
movie 1935 Cardinal Richelieu as Richelieu's Outrider
movie 1935 Dante's Inferno as Bidder
movie 1935 Society Fever as Lord Michael
movie 1935 Splendor as Billy Grimes
movie 1935 The Lives of a Bengal Lancer as Novice Clerk
movie 1935 Without Regret as Reporter
movie 1934 All Men Are Enemies as Officer
movie 1934 Charlie Chan in London as Flight Cmdr. King
movie 1934 Of Human Bondage as Dunsford
movie 1934 One More River as Tommy
movie 1934 The House of Rothschild as Stock Trader
movie 1933 Lost in Limehouse as Undetermined role
movie 1932 Two Lips and Juleps; or, Southern Love and Northern Exposure
movie 1931 Partners of the Trail as John Durant
movie 1930 Old English as Bob Pillin
movie 1930 The Green Goddess as Lieut. Cardew
movie 1928 Sweet Sixteen as Tommy Lowell
movie 1928 The Adorable Cheat as Will Dorsey
movie 1927 The College Widow as Bit Role
movie 1927 The Nest as Martin Hamilton
movie 1926 White Mice as Peter de Peyster
movie 1925 The Pinch Hitter as Alexis Thompson
movie 1924 Classmates as Bert Stafford, Her Son
movie 1919 Piccadilly Jim as Ogden Pett
movie 1919 The Country Cousin as Sammy Wilson
movie 1915 A Call from the Past as The Boy
movie 1915 Be Sure Your Sins as Reggie Wynne
movie 1915 The Lady of the Lighthouse as Victor - the Neighbor's Blind Son
movie 1914 A Price on His Head as Eric
movie 1914 All in a Day's Work as Freddie
movie 1914 Entertaining Uncle as The boy
movie 1914 Follow Your Leader as Tommy
movie 1914 How Billy Kept His Word as Billy
movie 1914 Little Boy Bountiful as Reggie
movie 1914 Memory as Noel Stevens
movie 1914 The Bridge Destroyer as The Scout
movie 1914 The Hunchback as Child
movie 1914 The Magic Glass as Tommy
movie 1914 Tommy's Money Scheme as Tommy
movie 1914 Unfit; or, The Strength of the Weak as The boy
movie 1914 What the Firelight Showed as Bobby
movie 1913 A Silent Witness
movie 1913 David Copperfield as David Copperfield
movie 1913 For Such Is the Kingdom of Heaven as Child
movie 1913 Lieutenant Pie's Love Story
movie 1913 The Camera Fiend
movie 1913 The Forsaken as Jack
movie 1913 The Princes in the Tower

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Pilot episode with Johnny Sheffield who played "Boy" in the Weissmuller Tarzan films and later Bomba the Jungle Boy. Produced by his father Reginald Sheffiel.

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