Rene Requiestas

Renato "Rene" Requiestas (January 22, 1957 - July 24, 1993) was one of the top Filipino comedians of the late 1980s up to the early 1990s. ... more on Wikipedia

Rene Requiestas Filmography

movie 1993 Hulihin: probinsiyanong mandurukot as Siyano
movie 1992 First Time... Like a Virgin!
movie 1992 Pido Dida 3: May kambal na as Pido
movie 1992 Takbo... Talon... Tili!!! as Kiko
movie 1992 The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
movie 1992 The Return of the Long Ranger & Tonton: How the West Was Wrong as Tonton Gutierrez
movie 1991 Alyas Batman en Robin as Jocson
movie 1991 Anak ni Janice as Facundo
movie 1991 Cheeta-eh: Ganda lalake? as Narding
movie 1991 Luv ko si ma'am as Felix
movie 1991 Michael and Madonna 2 as Michael
movie 1991 Pido Dida 2 (Kasal na) as Pido
tv series 1991 Palibhasa lalake
movie 1990 Elvis and James 2 as James Dacuycoy
movie 1990 Ganda babae, ganda lalake as Tino
movie 1990 Little & Big Weapon
movie 1990 Little Boy Blue: Tiny Terrestrial as Stallone
movie 1990 Michael and Madonna as Michael
movie 1990 Pido Dida: Sabay Tayo as Pido
movie 1990 Samson & Goliath as Goliath
movie 1990 Si Prinsipe Abante at ang Lihim ng Ibong Adarna as Prinsipe Abante
movie 1990 Small and Terrible as Priest
movie 1990 Small Medium Large (Fits All Sizes) as Pol
movie 1990 Starzan III as Chita-eh
movie 1989 Aso't pusa
movie 1989 Barbi: Maid in the Philippines
movie 1989 Bondying: The Little Big Boy
movie 1989 Elvis & James as James Dacuycoy
movie 1989 Gawa na ang bala para sa akin
movie 1989 Leon at Tigre as Leon
movie 1989 Long Ranger and Tonton: Shooting Stars of the West as Tonton Gutierrez
movie 1989 Romeo Loves Juliet... But Their Families Hate Each Other!
movie 1989 Starzan II as Chita-eh
movie 1989 Starzan: Shouting Star of the Jungle as Chita-eh
movie 1989 Super Mouse and the Roborats as Doro
movie 1988 Bakit kinagat ni Adan ang mansanas ni Eba
movie 1988 Sheman: Mistress of the Universe as Stallone
movie 1988 Smith & Wesson
movie 1987 Kumander Anting-Anting
movie 1986 The Graduates
movie 1981 Pabling
movie 1979 Salawahan as Dimples
movie 1978 Ikaw ay akin

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