Renny Rye

Renny Rye Filmography

tv series 2000 Close & True
tv series 1999 Sunburn
tv movie 1998 Close Up: Dennis Potter Under the Skin as Himself
tv movie 1994 Midnight Movie
tv movie 1992 The Other Side of Paradise
tv series 1990 TECX
tv movie 1982 Ghost in the Water

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Matthew James Thomas the actor from Britannia High, Bad Girls, Trevors World of sport, The lost Prince. In Midsomer Murders with James Fox, Sylvestra la touz.

Tracy can be contacted via Brown and Simcocks - 020 7928 1229 / Clips taken from: Rosemary & Thyme - Directed by Brian ...

Grant Masters plays scientist Tony Watson in Dennis Potters last ever screenplay Cold Lazarus, alongside Francis De La Tour, Ciaran Hinds, Albert Finney, Hen.

Showreel Footage of actor Paul McNeilly. Directed by: Renny Rye Written by: Dennis Potter Also Starring: Albert Finney, Frances de la Tour , Grant Masters, T...