Rhea Mitchell

Rhea Mitchell (December 10, 1890 ? September 16, 1957) was an American film actress who began her career during the silent film era. She earned the name of "the little stunt girl" because of her willingness to attempt thrilling scenes in motion pictures. ... more on Wikipedia

Rhea Mitchell Filmography

movie 1952 My Man and I as Nurse
movie 1952 The Member of the Wedding as Townswoman
movie 1952 Washington Story as Minor Role
movie 1951 Bannerline as Stambaugh Maid
movie 1951 Grounds for Marriage as Nurse
movie 1951 It's a Big Country: An American Anthology as School Teacher
movie 1951 Texas Carnival as Dealer
movie 1951 The Unknown Man as Maid
movie 1950 Annie Get Your Gun as Minor Role
movie 1950 Dial 1119
movie 1950 Please Believe Me as Undetermined Role
movie 1950 Stars in My Crown as Mrs. Backett
movie 1950 The Next Voice You Hear... as Woman in Church
movie 1950 The Skipper Surprised His Wife as Clubwoman
movie 1949 In the Good Old Summertime as Woman at Window
movie 1948 B.F.'s Daughter as Assistant Secretary
movie 1948 State of the Union as Jenny
movie 1948 The Bride Goes Wild as Wedding Guest
movie 1947 Green Dolphin Street as Emily
movie 1947 High Wall as Minor Role
movie 1947 The Mighty McGurk as Woman at Childrens Society
movie 1947 The Romance of Rosy Ridge as Wife
movie 1947 The Unfinished Dance as Seamstress
movie 1946 The Hoodlum Saint as Reporter
movie 1945 The Hidden Eye as Pedestrian
movie 1944 Marriage Is a Private Affair as Nurse
movie 1944 Mrs. Parkington as Mrs. Humphrey
movie 1943 Harrigan's Kid as Woman at Race Track
movie 1943 The Cross of Lorraine as Mother
movie 1940 I Take This Woman as Decker's Secretary
movie 1938 The Ship That Died
movie 1936 Fifteen Maiden Lane as Elevator Operator
movie 1936 Mysterious Crossing as Hotel Floor Clerk
movie 1936 San Francisco as Earthquake Extra
movie 1936 Song and Dance Man as Sister Team
movie 1936 The Texas Rangers as Stage Passenger
movie 1934 Behold My Wife as Reporter
movie 1934 One Hour Late as Stage Mother
movie 1934 Whom the Gods Destroy as Balkan Shipwreck Survivor
movie 1933 The Big Bluff
movie 1928 Danger Patrol as Gladys Lawlor
movie 1927 The Home Trail
movie 1927 The Dude Desperado
movie 1926 Modern Youth
movie 1924 The Other Kind of Love as The Chorus Girl
movie 1923 The Greatest Menace as Mary Lewis
movie 1921 A Ridin' Romeo as Mabel Brentwood
movie 1921 Good Women as Natalie Shelby
movie 1921 The Innocent Cheat as Peggy Adair
movie 1920 The Devil's Claim as Virginia Crosby
movie 1920 The Scoffer as Alice Porn
movie 1919 The Hawk's Trail as Jean Drake
movie 1919 The Money Corral as Janet Collins
movie 1919 The Sleeping Lion as Kate Billings
movie 1918 Boston Blackie's Little Pal as Mary
movie 1918 Ghost of the Rancho as Mary Drew
movie 1918 Honor's Cross as Jane Cabot
movie 1918 Social Ambition as Rose
movie 1918 The Blindness of Divorce as Florence Langdon
movie 1918 The Goat as Bijou Lamour
movie 1918 Unexpected Places as Ruth Penfield
movie 1917 The Gilded Youth as Mary
movie 1917 Whither Thou Goest as Maizie
movie 1916 Overalls as Bettina Warren
movie 1916 Philip Holden - Waster as Helen Landon
movie 1916 Sequel to the Diamond from the Sky as Esther Stanley
movie 1916 The Blindness as Anna, the Schoolteacher
movie 1916 The Man from Manhattan as Virginia Winters
movie 1916 The Overcoat as Belle
movie 1916 The Sable Blessing as Mary
movie 1916 The Three Musketeers as Constance Bonacieux
movie 1915 Don Quixote as Lucinda
movie 1915 Molly of the Mountains as Molly Simms
movie 1915 Mr. 'Silent' Haskins as Priscilla Miller
movie 1915 On the Night Stage as Belle Shields
movie 1915 The Beckoning Flame as Elsa Arlington
movie 1915 The Brink as Beth Kirkland
movie 1915 The Devil as Milli
movie 1915 The Diamond from the Sky
movie 1915 The Fakir as Mlle. Florine
movie 1915 The Kite as Marion Wheeler
movie 1915 The Operator at Big Sandy as Nell Oakley
movie 1915 The Phantom Extra as Hazel Flemming
movie 1915 The Scourge of the Desert as Ellen Holt
movie 1915 The Valley of Hate as Madge Canfield
movie 1915 Tools of Providence as Daisy Austin
movie 1914 A Barrier Royal as The Princess Marie
movie 1914 A Game of Life as Amy Clune
movie 1914 A New England Idyl as Rose Powers
movie 1914 A Tragedy of the North Woods as Hilda
movie 1914 In the Sage Brush Country as Edith Wilding
movie 1914 In the Southern Hills as Nan Hopkins
movie 1914 North of 53 as Celestine
movie 1914 Repaid as Nell Worth
movie 1914 Shorty Escapes Marriage as Nell Holden
movie 1914 Tennessee as Tennessee
movie 1914 The Cruise of the Molly Ann as Nell Farrell
movie 1914 The Feud at Beaver Creek
movie 1914 The Fires of Ambition as Mrs. Patton
movie 1914 The Game Keeper's Daughter as Mary - the Game Keeper's Daughter
movie 1914 The Heart of Maggie Malone as Grace
movie 1914 The Long Feud
movie 1914 The Master of the House as Lois Herrington
movie 1914 The Old Love's Best as Vera Morris
movie 1914 Wolves of the Underworld as Mary Maloney
movie 1913 A Frontier Wife as Mrs. Coles
movie 1913 An Indian's Gratitude as Martha - Lt. Randall's Sweetheart
movie 1913 An Indian's Honor
movie 1912 His Squaw
movie 1912 The Colonel's Ward
movie 1912 The Hidden Trail

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