Richard Derr

Richard Derr (June 15, 1918 ? May 8, 1992) was an American film and television actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Richard Derr Filmography

movie 1982 Firefox as Admiral Curtin
tv movie 1982 Washington Mistress
movie 1980 American Gigolo as Mr. Williams
tv movie 1977 SST: Death Flight as Governor Stensky
movie 1975 The Drowning Pool as James
tv movie 1974 The Morning After as Dr. Tillman
tv movie 1972 The Victim as Highway Patrolman
movie 1970 Adam at Six A.M. as Mr. Gaines
movie 1968 Three in the Attic as Mr. Clinton
movie 1967 Rosie! as Lawyer
movie 1966 An American Dream as Jack Hale
tv movie 1959 Children of Strangers as Kirby
movie 1959 Terror Is a Man as William Fitzgerald
movie 1958 The Invisible Avenger as Lamont Cranston
tv movie 1952 Our Sister Emily as Curate
movie 1952 Something to Live For as Tony Collins
tv movie 1952 The Big Build Up as Mark
movie 1951 When Worlds Collide as David Randall
movie 1950 Guilty of Treason as Soviet Col. Aleksandr Melnikov
movie 1948 Joan of Arc as Jean de Metz
movie 1948 Luxury Liner as Charles G.K. Worton
movie 1948 The Bride Goes Wild as Bruce Kope Johnson
movie 1946 The Secret Heart as Larry Addams
movie 1944 An American Romance as Undetermined Role
movie 1943 Cry 'Havoc' as Marine with Thermometer
movie 1943 Tonight We Raid Calais as German Captain
movie 1942 A Gentleman at Heart as Stewart Haines
movie 1942 Castle in the Desert as Carl Detheridge
movie 1942 Commandos Strike at Dawn as Gunnar Korstad
movie 1942 Just Off Broadway as John Logan, Defense Attorney
movie 1942 Sex Hygiene as Soldier
movie 1942 Ten Gentlemen from West Point as Chester
movie 1942 The Man Who Wouldn't Die as Roger Blake
movie 1941 Charlie Chan in Rio as Ken Reynolds
movie 1941 Man at Large as Max, posing as Colonel Von Rohn

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