Richard Napoli

Richard Napoli Filmography

movie 2015 The Man with a Bullet in His Brain as John
tv movie 2013 Diver City as Bobby
movie 2013 Recoil as Detective Frank Moretti
movie 2013 Summerside as Bobby
movie 2013 Swampland
movie 2012 All Things Shining as George Simon
movie 2012 If the River Was Whiskey as Rich
movie 2012 Unbroken as Rick
movie 2011 Demon Unbound as Dr. Rick Demonhunter
movie 2011 Eroded as Face
movie 2010 Minus One as Frank Townsend
movie 2009 6 Days as Eddy
movie 2009 Nobody Nothing Nobody as Jim
movie 2009 One Pill as Street Man
movie 2009 Rifts as Figgins

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