Richard Norton

Richard Norton Filmography

movie 2014 Line 7 as Josh Mendenhall
movie 2014 Underdogs as Himself
movie 2013 ABBA: Bang a Boomerang as Himself
movie 2011 John Wayne Parr: Blessed with Venom as Himself
movie 2009 Dead in Love as Danny's Dad
movie 2008 Man of Blood as Lee Francis
movie 2008 Under a Red Moon as Jonathan Dunn
video movie 2006 Road House 2: Last Call as Victor Cross
movie 2005 Blood Makes Noise
movie 2003 Dream Warrior as Archer
movie 2003 Mind Games as Carter Tallerin
video movie 2002 Defensive Improvised Weapons: The Magnificent Seven as Himself
video movie 2002 Defensive Tactics: The Magnificent Seven as Himself
tv movie 2002 Inside the Britannic as Narrator
tv movie 2002 Modern Warriors as Himself
video movie 2002 Psychology of Conflict: The Magnificent Seven as Himself
video movie 2002 Redemption as Tom 'Snake' Sasso
movie 2001 Amazons and Gladiators as Lucius
movie 2001 The Rage Within as Keller
movie 2000 Nautilus as Jack Harris
movie 1998 Black Thunder as Rather
video movie 1998 The Path of the Dragon as Himself
movie 1997 Soul of the Avenger as Sir Xavier
movie 1997 Strategic Command as Carlos Gruber
movie 1997 Yat goh ho yan as Giancarlo
movie 1996 For Life or Death
tv movie 1996 Fugitive X: Innocent Target as Winters
video movie 1995 Tough and Deadly as Agent Norton
movie 1995 Under the Gun as Frank Torrence
movie 1994 Cinema of Vengeance as Himself
movie 1994 Cyber Tracker as Ross
video movie 1994 Digital Pictures: Behind the Scenes 1994 as Himself - Actor - Martial Artist
video movie 1994 Direct Hit as Rogers
movie 1994 Rage as Jack Dameron
video movie 1994 Guardian Angel
movie 1993 Rage and Honor II as Preston Michaels
movie 1993 Sing si lip yan as Col. MacDonald
movie 1993 Zong heng tian xia
tv series 1993 Walker, Texas Ranger
movie 1992 Ironheart as Milverstead
tv movie 1992 Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
movie 1992 Lady Dragon as Ludwig Hauptman
movie 1992 Rage and Honor as Preston Michaels
movie 1992 Raiders of the Sun as Brodie
movie 1992 The Best of the Martial Arts Films as Himself
tv series 1992 Good Vibrations as Sonny
movie 1990 China O'Brien as Matt Conroy
video movie 1990 China O'Brien II as Matt Conroy
movie 1990 The Sword of Bushido as Zac Connors
movie 1989 Hyper Space as Thomas Stanton
movie 1989 The Blood of Heroes as Bone
movie 1989 The Fighter as Ryan Travers
movie 1988 Blood Street as Boyd
movie 1988 Jungle Heat
movie 1988 Not Another Mistake as Richard Straker
movie 1987 Equalizer 2000 as Slade
movie 1987 Fight to Win as Armstrong
movie 1987 Return of the Kickfighter as Col. Brad Cooper
movie 1986 Foo gwai lit che as Mountain Bandit
movie 1986 Future Hunters as Matthew
movie 1986 Mo fei cui as Karov
movie 1985 American Ninja as MP
movie 1985 Gymkata as Zamir
movie 1985 Xia ri fu xing as Caucasian Assassin
movie 1982 Forced Vengeance as Herb
movie 1981 Force: Five as Ezekiel
movie 1980 The Octagon as Kyo - Seikura's Enforcer
movie 1977 ABBA: The Movie as Himself
movie Double Fury as George Armitage

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de Rick Jacobson avec Michael Dudikoff, Paul Winfield.

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